Friday, March 18, 2011

Once in a Full Moon by Ellen Schreiber

"Beware of a kiss under the full moon. It will change your life forever."

The town of Legend's Run is famous for its werewolf stories. It is also a place where cliques reign the town, the Eastside with it's affluent suburbs and the blue-collar, rural town of the Westside. The high school cafeteria is the same, subdivided by were you live. Celeste Parker lives on the Eastside and ngs out with her two best friends, Abby the athlete and Ivy the fashion plate. Their small clique is rounded out by their respective boyfriends. Celeste and Nash, the school jock, date but Celeste doesn't feel a connection.

In late October, a newcomer arrives at the high school. Celeste's friends raise quite a stink when Brandon Maddox sits at her desk in English class. Celeste wishes they would let it go and when he looks at her, she is completely smitten. When assigned a research paper on American folklore, Celeste decides on werewolves while Abby considers witches. One of the boys suggests seeing the witch doctor in Westside. In the end a bet is made to see if the girls are brave enough to go.

After school, the girls head to Penny for Your Thoughts to have their fortunes told by Dr. Meadows. After Ivy and Abby have generic readings in Celeste's opinion, Dr. Meadows turns her attention to Celeste. She is silent as she grabs Celeste's hand and warns her of the woods, sounds of howling and outsiders who turn under the glow of a full moon. The girls decide to leave but Dr. Meadows gives Celeste a final warning, "Beware of a kiss under the fill moon. It will change your life forever."

Abby realizes she is going to be late for practice so Celeste decides to walk home along the bike path. Soon she encounters a blizzard and becomes lost in the woods. With no cellphone coverage, Celeste begins to hear the howl of a wolf. She begins calling out for help when she realizes that a small pack of wolves has her cornered. Celeste feels a presence behind her and is shocked to discover that Brandon has come to her aid. Celeste is grateful and uses her scarf to bandage his bleeding hand. He walks her home but quickly disappears when she tries to thank him.

Celeste soon finds herself attracted to Brandon and even more disillusioned with Nash. Soon Celeste breaks up with Nash and decides it is finally time to thank Brandon properly. After spending some time together, Celeste craves a kiss from Brandon that she has wanted from the first time she saw him. But when the moment presents itself, Celeste flashes back to Dr. Meadows' prediction and wonders it's meaning. Soon afterwards, something goes horribly wrong from Brandon. Is Brandon transformed into a werewolf by her kiss under the full moon ir is it just a trick of Celeste's eyes?

Celeste and Brandon's story will be continued in Magic of the Moonlight.

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