Monday, January 30, 2012

Darkness Falls by Cate Tiernan

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Immortal Beloved, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the story for you.

“You can run from your past, but it will always catch up.”

Immortal Nastasya is 459 years old but looks and unfortunately has the maturity of seventeen. Trying to rectify her bad girl ways, she has gone to River’s Edge in Massachusetts. With the help of River and the other teachers, Nastasya and the others are learning to use their magick for good while living the farm life. A make out session in the barn with the drop-dead gorgeous Reyn quickly turns into the horrible realization that Reyn and his family terrorized her homeland of Iceland for the first one hundred years of her life. At the age of 470 with the looks of 20, Reyn was known as the Butcher of Winter at the time. He killed everyone in her family after her family killed most of his. To add insult to injury, Nell, who was pining for Reyn unbeknownst only to him, sees them kissing and goes off the deep end. River has to send her away for treatment.

New Years Eve is a time for reflection at River’s Edge and the residents gather for a magick circle. They reflect and release something they no longer need; Nastasya decides to release her darkness. She is beginning to realize that most of her choices in life have been self centered and she is trying to right her wrongs. Feeling a bit insecure, she lags behind and finds herself alone. She is frightened when she hears something and is startled when Reyn comes towards her. He has noticed that she doesn’t like to be alone in the dark. As they are walking back towards the farmhouse, their feelings for one another ignite and they are soon kissing. When they break apart, Nastasya is full of regrets and Reyn is hurt.

One week later, Nastasya feels her life is in total disarray. By casting out her darkness, she thinks she has released he dark magic to cause havoc on everyone around her. Not only does she feel she is hurting those at River’s Edge and the drug store but Nastasya beings seeing her past in a different light. A distraught and emotional, Nas break down to River and then runs out into the night. Crying in the snow in a seldom used field, she hopes that Reyn or someone will at least come looking for her. To her surprise, Incy is her rescuer. Soon he talks her into returning with him to Boston and the good times they had.

What are Incy’s true motives for having Nastasya be a part of his life? Did she make the right choice of going with him and leaving River’s Edge? What will River and the others think when she is discovered missing? And will Nastasya be able to put Reyn out of her mind?

The Immortal Beloved trilogy will conclude with Immortal Light.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crossed by Ally Condie (Matched book two)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read Matched, Stop! I don’t want to ruin one of my favorite series for you!

Cassia Reyes and her family have been relocated from Oria to the Farmlands of Keya Province. Once there, her parents requested she be sent n a three month work detail because she showed signs of rebellion. In reality, she is beginning her search for Key Markham, the boy she fell in love with instead of her Matched mate and best friend, Xander Carrow. She is nearing the end of her work assignment and will soon be sent back to Central to work in one of the sorting centers for the Society. All of the camps she has been sent to work at are in the Tana Province and she is no closer to Ky and the Outer Provinces than when she started. When the weekly messages are passed out among the girls, Cassia receives on from her family but not from Xander. It is the first time he has missed but the Officer tells Cassia to follow her, she has a communication. Cassia wants to refuse but reluctantly follows. To her surprise, there is no communication. Xander has come for a visit.

Since they no longer live near one another, Xander arranged a face to face visit since all the other Matched couples from their month are having their first meetings. They go into town for to visit the local museum with an Official. Cassia attempts to secretly ask for information and is disappointed at first. Upon trading Ky’s compass, she receives a story that provides clues to the rebellion. Xander is hurt that Cassia chose Ky over him but will be leaving for experience in the Border Provinces before his final work position in Central. He lets Cassia know he will be seeing her again even though she is continuing her search for Ky.Ky Markham and the other aberrations are in the Outer Provinces acting as decoy villagers for the Society in their war against the Enemy. They are supposed to act as farmers and in six months they will receive their Citizen status once again. Ky knows that no one lasts six months, but he is originally from the Outer Provinces. Instead of farming, Ky and another boy named Vick are burying the bodies of their fellow aberrations that have fallen from the days fighting. Soon the Society flies Ky, Vick and the remaining boys to a new location. Ky immediately recognizes the area by its prominent landmark, the Carving, a network of interlocking canyons and mountains. Before Ky can tell Vick why he is suddenly happy, a new kid introduces himself as Eli. Ky is struck by how much he reminds him of Cassia’s younger brother, Bram. Ky and Vick make plans to escape their group and flee into the canyons. At the last minute, Ky decides to take Eli and Vick is upset. Ky feels he has to do or he wouldn’t be the person Cassia thought he was. The boys make their escape into the Carving.

Early the next morning, Cassia is awakened early when the Officers come for the aberrations. One of the girls, Indie, is attempting to run away and Cassia sees her chance to get to the Outer Provinces. She makes it aboard the airship just before the Officers catch Indie. Even though there is one extra girl, they decide it doesn’t matter where they are going. Turns out they are going to a village of boys to act as farmers. Cassia asks the boys if anyone knew Ky but no one answers. A boy in the back of the group locks eyes with her and eventually tells her that he and a boy named Vick left them all to die two nights earlier and headed towards the Carving, twenty-five to thirty miles from there. Cassia asks him to take her there and she will make a trade, some of the blue tablets Xander gave her. Indie goes with her and the three run all night and make it by daybreak. He tells them which way to go takes his payment and goes a different direction.

Cassia knows she is close to Ky and holds out hope that they will both survive and meet again. Will Cassia and Ky find each other in the Carving? Who will survive and who doesn’t? What are the blue tablets really for? Will Cassia be affected when she learns Xander packed her notes about him? Is the rebellion still strong in the Outer Provinces or has it died out? And what happens when Cassia’s world is turned upside down?

Cassia story will be concluded with the final book in the trilogy due out at the end of 2012.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Supernaturally by Kiersten White (Paranormalcy book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Paranormalcy, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the series for you.

Evie finally has the normal life she always craved while she lived at the International Paranormal Containment Agency (IPCA). She is attending high school where she even has a locker and spending time with her boyfriend Lend. Unfortunately, normal isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. Lend is busy attending classes at Georgetown and high school is nothing like Evie’s favorite TV series, Easton Heights. So when Raquel offers Evie the opportunity to work part-time at IPCA on her terms, she eventually agrees.

New to IPCA is Jack, a guy around Evie’s age who is capable of traveling the faerie paths without relying on a fey. His job is to take Evie the places she is needed but usually pops up at the most inappropriate places and times, like the girls’ locker room, especially since her gym teacher hates her. Evie quickly realizes that part-time work isn’t simple and each new mission becomes a catastrophe. Lend isn’t happy to find out about Evie’s reemployment but after several brushes with disaster, he helps comfort her.

Soon Evie begins to notice an increasing presence by previously unknown paranormals, especially faery sightings around the diner. Also several air and water elementals, including Lend’s mother Cresseda, have disappeared. When her former boyfriend Reth comes to visit, he drops hints about how the mortal world is not safe for Evie and offers top protect her back at the faery court. She refuses.

Determined to lead as normal a life as she can, Evie focuses on spending time with Lend and applying to Georgetown. But life is far from normal. Who and what is Jack and what are his true motives? What is happening to the elementals? Why is Evie suddenly noticing paranormals watching her? What did Reth mean by his warning to Evie? And does Evie get her dream to be accepted to Georgetown?

Evie’s story and the Paranormalcy trilogy will conclude with Endlessly on July 24, 2012.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Magic of the Moonlight by Ellen Schreiber (Full Moon book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Once in a Full Moon, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the story for you.

“Beware of a bite under the full moon. It will complicate your love life.” – Dr. Camille Meadows

Celeste now has more to worry about than her best friends Ivy and Abby finding out that she dumped uber-popular Nash Hamilton for the new boy who lives on the wrong side of town, Brandon Maddox. She is in love with the handsome and sensitive Brandon, but he carries a dark secret. In rescuing Celeste from a pack of wild wolves, Brandon was bitten under the full moon and is now the infamous Legend’s run werewolf. To make matters worse, Celeste’s jealous former boyfriend Nash knows Brandon’s secret.

Before Celeste and Brandon can admit their true feelings to her popular friends, they must find a cure for Brandon’s lycan disorder. With werewolf rumors swirling around school, Brandon AND Celeste reach out to his scientist father, Dr. Conner Maddox who comes from Europe in an attempt to find a cure. Not realizing Brandon is telling the truth, his father’s horrified to learn his son’s condition. He promises to find a cure but is worried for Celeste’s safety.

Ivy and Abby decide to take Celeste back for a reading with Dr. Meadows at Penny for Your thoughts to see who her true love is. Celeste is very reluctant. When Dr. Meadows tells her to “beware of a bite under the full moon, it will complicate your love life, she becomes haunted. When meeting Brandon at a local park during the full moon, she runs into Nash and trouble ensues when he is bitten by a wolf. Unbeknownst to Celeste, her troubles are just beginning. Will Nash become the next werewolf in Legend’s Run? Can Dr. Maddox find a successful cure for Brandon? Will Celeste fall under Nash’s spell now that he is being the boyfriend he never was when they dated? Can Ivy and Abby accept Brandon and Celeste’s relationship? And what happens when at the Moonlight Ball, not one but two werewolves arrive and vie for Celeste’s attention?

The author is currently working on the third book in this series.

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Surrender by Lee Nichols (Haunting Emma book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first two books in the series, Deception and Betrayal, Stop! I don't want to ruin the series for you.

In the aftermath of the deadly battle with Neos at the Knell headquarters in New York, Emma Vaile and Bennett Stern are the only two ghostkeepers with enough power to defeat Neos. But when two ghostkeepers fall in love, the weaker one slowly loses their powers. In an attempt to keep this from happening, Bennett has begun taking the ghostkeeper drug Asarum, even though it is slowly killing him. He feels it is his duty to banish Neos for his sister Olivia’s death, even if he sacrifices his relationship with Emma.

Soon Emma sees the ghost of her Aunt Rachel even though that should be impossible. Come to find out Rachel was also in love with Neos and sacrificed her life to further his cause. She tells Emma that the one thing they need to destroy Neos, his ashes, are somewhere at Thatcher Academy. Armed with this new information, Emma begins her search only to discover that some evil ghosts are starting to possess the students and teachers at Thatcher. If this keeps happening, even a powerful ghostkeeper like Emma will not be able to stop them.

Even though she loves Bennett with all her heart, she gives him an ultimatum; Asarum or her. Bennett leaves and Emma knows she must stop Neos once and for all before she loses Bennett forever. Will Emma be able to find Neos’ ashes and banish him for good? Can Bennett stop his addiction to Asarum? And can Neos be defeated without Emma or Bennett losing their powers?

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

For the past five thousand years, the same one million souls have continuously been reborn. The night Ciana died, the temple flashed dark for the only time. Five years later, Li and her lover Menehem welcomed a daughter into the world. She was expected to be Ciana’s reincarnation but when the Soul Tellers pressed the newborn’s hand into the soul-scanner, no match was found. The soul had never been born before. Everyone wondered where did it come from and what had happened to Ciana’s soul?

On Ana’s eighteenth birthday, she left the only home she had ever known for a journey of self-discovery to find out who and what she was. Having been what was called the nosoul, Ana had a very unhappy upbringing. Her mother Li was cruel to her and blamed Ana for Menehem leaving them behind. She decides to go to the city of Heart to beg the Counsil for research time in the great library to see if she could uncover her existence. On the first night of her journey, she runs into trouble with a sylph and ends up in an icy lake. Just when she realizes she will drown, a mysterious stranger rescues her.

Freezing cold, Ana wakes up in a tent in the arms of the stranger. After a bit of a struggle, Ana realizes her rescuer is her age. Sam willingly accepts Ana even after she tells him she is the nosoul. Having never known acceptance, Ana is leery at first, but slowly opens up to Sam. He tells her that she is a newsoul and takes care of her when she is injured saving his life during a sylph attack. Several days are spent at his cabin caring for her burns. Then they leave together to go to Heart.

But not everything is smooth sailing in Heart. In order to gain admittance into the city, Sam agrees to be Ana’s guardian/teacher and many citizens stare and whisper about her. Soon Ana discovers who Sam truly is and her world is turned on its side. Who is Sam and why is it important to Ana? Can she find acceptance when everyone but her has known each other for thousands of years? What happened to Ciana’s soul when she died and why was Ana born with a new soul? Will Ana find acceptance in herself? Can she and Sam fight their mutual attraction? And what happens when Li comes to Heart?

Incarnate is the first book in a trilogy with book two to be published in winter 2013 and concluding in the winter of 2014 with book three.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky

Charlie tells about his freshman year in high school in a series of anonymously written to unknown "friend". Caught on the fringe of life, Charlie is a quiet observer as he deals with first love, family life and the death of his two closest companions with the help of two seniors, Patrick and Sam. Profane language is used as well as lots of references dealing with sex, homosexuality and substance abuse. really for more mature readers but will rank as one of my all-time favorite books.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer (Nightshade book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first two books in the series Nightshade and Wolfsbane, Stop! I don’t want to ruin one of my favorite series for you!

“Calla has always welcomes war.”

With Monroe’s death and the realization of the truth behind Ren’s motives, Calla’s world is turned upside down. All she knows is that she must rescue Ren from the Keepers in Vial and bring him to the Searchers, even if it incurs Shay’s wrath. In the midst of gearing up for the war, Calla must also deal with Shay and Ren fighting to become her alpha mate. Her own feelings for both boys confuse her as well. In order to succeed in getting all the pieces of the Elemental Cross and going to war, Calla stands alone as the lone alpha wolf of her pack. But in the end, “is love worth the ultimate sacrifice?” How the war end and what will become of Calla when it’s over?

A two book sequence that’s a prequel to the Nightshade trilogy that details why the Keepers and Searchers went to war will begin with Rift on August 7, 2012 and will be followed by Rise in 2013.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

“Blood doesn’t lie …”

SPOILER ALERT! Does contain some information from the final Vampire Academy series book, Last Sacrifice. Beware!

It has been approximately one month since the concluding events of Last Sacrifice. Moroi Queen Vasilisa Dragomir’s hold on the crown is tenuous at best with her new found illegitimate sister Jillian Mastrano Dragomir as her only living family member. If Jill dies, Lissa would no longer be queen under the ancient Moroi laws. When an attack is made on Jill’s life, the decision to place her in hiding is made.

Eighteen-year-old Alchemist Sydney Sage is still feeling the fallout over her involvement with Rose Hathaway’s daring escape from the Moroi Court. Initially blackmailed by Rose’s father, Abe Mazur, Sydney eventually sets aside her distaste for the vampire races and comes to respect Rose for the strong person she is. When Queen Lissa turns to the Alchemists for help in hiding and protecting Jill, Sydney’s younger sister Zoe is their father’s first choice for the assignment. Knowing what kind of life an Alchemist leads, Sydney doesn’t want that for Zoe, who has yet to have cheek tattooed with the Alchemist lily. She talks her way into the assignment and hopefully back into everyone’s good graces again by saying she has experience living among the vampires they all distaste. The Alchemist higher ups agree and Sydney is relieved but Zoe is angry with the outcome. Only when the territory post agent arrives and is furious Sydney is going. She begins to doubt her decision.

Twenty-three-year-old Keith Darnell is in charge of the Palm Springs post where Sydney will be assigned. Keith lived with the Sage family for awhile where Sydney’s father took him under his wing and treated him as the son he never had. But something occurred during that time that Sydney could hold over Keith’s head. Eventually, he relents to allow Sydney on the mission due to pressure from the higher ups but neither is excited to be working together.

Just what is the assignment? Sydney and Jill will be posing as sisters at Amberwood Prep, a human boarding school. Joining them on campus as Sydney’s twin brother will be disgraced guardian, Eddie Castile. Keith will pose as their older brother/pseudo guardian as their “parents” live in South Dakota. One of Sydney’s responsibilities will be to take Jill to see a feeder who is being provided by a Moroi recluse by the name of Clarence Donahue. A loner, Clarence distrusts the Moroi government over the death of his niece by the hands of what he calls vampire hunters. Jill’s identity will be unknown to him. Adrian Ivashkov is also making the journey to be Jill’s moral support and will be living with Clarence. Upon their arrival, Sydney and Keith are surprised to learn Clarence’s college-aged son will be around part of the time.

For Sydney, this assignment is her chance to get back into the good graces of the Alchemists and get the opportunity to experience a formal education, even if she must live with a vampire. But very quickly, things do not go as planned. Just why is Lee suddenly at home with his father? What is the connection Sydney notices between Adrian and Jill? Why is Adrian in Palm Springs? What is going on with Jill that she doesn’t make it through the first day of class? What secret does Sydney know about Keith? And when it comes down to it, can Jill be kept safe?

This book is a definite read for those Vampire Academy and Team Adrian fans. Needless to say, the last four words of Bloodlines will leave you hanging for book two, The Golden Lily due out on June 19, 2012.

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Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

“Love and loyalty run deeper than blood.”

Book OneVampire Academy

“Only a true best friend can protect you from your immortal enemies …”

After being on the run for the past two years, Vasilisa Dragomir, aka Lissa, a Moroi princess and her best friend and guardian-in-training Rosemarie Hathaway, aka Rose, are captured by Dimitri Belikov and returned to St. Vladimir’s Academy. Located in remote Montana, Rose quickly realizes that there is no chance of escape. They are paraded before the entire school before arriving at Headmistress Kirova’s office. Before the lecture can begin, Lissa is reunited with her “whole” prince Victor Dashkov, who is gravely ill. Even though Lissa takes the blame for the girls leaving school, Kirova punishes Rose by kicking her out of school. Lissa protests that her parents wanted rose to be her guardian before their deaths but Kirova stuns the girls when she announces that Guardian Belikov is now the princess’ sanctioned guardian. In a twist of fate, Dimitri takes up for Rose by saying he immediately realized she had a bond to Lissa and it is a gift to be nurtured. The best guardians have a bond. He eventually gets Kirova to relent but only if he tutors Rose with extra training sessions. Rose is also banned from all social activities.

Rose is a dhamper; half human, half vampire, who is in training to become a guardian, like her famous mother is. Moroi, or mortal vampires, are a dying breed being hunted by the Strigoi, who are immortal and evil vampires. Dimitri begins Rose’s additional training with conditioning exercises. Sore in the beginning, it doesn’t take Rose long to quickly gain strength, but Dimitri’s respect is another matter. After catching her making out with a Moroi male, Dimitri gives her a lecture on respecting herself and being dedicated to becoming Lissa’s guardian. Hurt and ashamed, Rose throws herself into her training.

Lissa on the other hand becomes withdrawn, especially when someone places a dead fox in her bed. Rose attempts to run interference but soon find Christian Ozera coming to her aid as well. A loner, Christian is osterized because his parents became Strigoi and were killed because of it. Rose is alarmed when she feels through her bond with Lissa that she is growing closer to him. Rose doesn’t trust Christian.

Rose does begin to find her feelings for Dimitri growing even though she knows she shouldn’t. She continually finds herself drawn to him. Despite constant troubles for both Rose and Lissa, Rose attempts to discover the mystery of Lissa’s powers and the bond between them. What really happened two years earlier at St. Vladimir’s that caused Rose and Lissa to run away? What is the extent of Lissa’s powers and is someone out to use her? Can Christian be trusted? Will Rose be able to fight her growing attraction to her mentor, Dimitri? And When Lissa finds her life in danger; will Rose be strong enough to protect her?

Book Two Frostbite

“When love and jealously collide on the slopes, winter break turns deadly …”

Rose Hathaway is going to take her Qualifier; part exam, part interview, which all novice guardians take during their junior year at St. Vladimir’s Academy. Since she was on the run with Lissa, Rose missed hers so Dimitri is taking her to a guardian off campus to administer the test. Arthur Schoenberg is one of the greatest Strigoi slayers in guardian history and was the former head of the Guardian Council and he will be giving Rose her Qualifier. Arthur is now retired and protecting the Bodicas, a royal Moroi family. Rose and Dimitri realize something is wrong upon their arrival. Dimitri finds the door ajar and tells Rose to stay in the car. Disobeying, she soon finds a silver stake in the yard and broken glass from a rear door. They discover the bodies of Arthur and the Bodica family inside and Rose and Dimitri slowly realize that humans may be helping the Strigoi.

In the aftermath of the attack, the Vampire world is too afraid to travel for the Christmas holiday. So the day after Christmas, a huge Moroi family-owned ski lodge in Idaho is being opened to the Academy students, their families and any other Moroi who wish to go. With everyone in one place with lots of guardians, it figures to be a safe place. Rose is a little excited to get away until her rarely heard from guardian mother, Janine Hathaway arrives at St. Vladimir’s for the holiday. Christian’s aunt, Natasha Ozera also arrives and Rose cannot help but admire her. Rose is a bit rattled to realize Tasha and Dimitri know each other, seemingly well.

At the lodge, Rose attempts to make things work with Mason while trying to put thoughts of Dimitri out of her mind. That proves difficult when her mother lets it slip that Tasha Ozera has requested Dimitri be reassigned to her and become possibly more than Moroi and guardian. Depressed, Rose soon finds that trouble arrives in her life in the form of one Adrian Ivashkov, a wealthy Moroi royal whose reputation precedes him, just as her own does.

Who is behind all the attacks in the Moroi? Can everyone be safe at the ski lodge? Will Rose be able to have some sort of relationship with her mother? Can Rose put all thoughts of Dimitri out of her mind and seriously start dating Mason? What exactly is going on between Dimitri and Tasha? And is Rose playing with literal fire when it comes to Adrian Ivashkov?

Book ThreeShadow Kiss

“What if following her heart means Rose could lose her best friend forever?”

MAJOR SPOILER ALERTS from here on out. Beware!!!

It has been three weeks since the terrible tragedy in Spokane. Sure Rose not only made her first two Strigoi kills but Mason lost his life. Rose is feeling tremendous guilt not only in her perceived role in his death but the fact that she could not reciprocate his feelings. Everyone assumes they were romantically involved. Now it is time for the senior guardians to undergo their filed experience in order to graduate from St. Vladimir’s. Rose is incensed that she is assigned Christian to guard instead of Lissa. After a heated discussion, Rose slowly understands the reasons even though she is not happy. Unfortunately, Christian is the least of her worries. Rose begins to see Mason around campus as a ghostly apparition and it seems he is trying to tell her something. The icing on the cake is that Victor Dashkov’s trial is impending and neither Rose nor Lissa is called to testify.

Adrian Ivashkov is staying at St. Vladimir’s to work with the spirit magic he shares with Lissa and he is not letting up in his flirtations with Rose. Dimitri is determined to stand by and support Rose during her trying times. But as graduation looms, Rose is becoming conflicted about her future plans. All her life she was told the Moroi always come first, but Dimitri tells Rose that it doesn’t have to be that way. What happens when Rose has to choose between her best friend or following her heart?

Book FourBlood Promise

“Dimitri’s heart has gone dark.”

Following Dimitri’s “death”, Rose drops out of St. Vladimir’s Academy and heads to Russia in an attempt to fulfill a promise. Once there, Rose goes on a quest of self-discovery that unveils an important piece of her past, tries to rectify the present and sets her future course. Also the minor character of Sydney Sage, the Alchemist, is introduced who becomes the main character in Richelle Mead’s new series, Bloodlines.


Book Five Spirit Bound

“Rose’s life will never be her own.”

Rose has returned to St. Vladimir’s after her heart wrenching journey to Russia. It is not until her arrival back in the United States does she learn she wasn’t successful and Dimitri has promised to find her. Reenrolling in school, Rose sets out to graduate and become a promised guardian. Meanwhile Lissa dreams of college and reconciling with Christian. But once outside the confines of St. Vladimir’s, Rose and Lissa embark on a dangerous mission to provide that Dimitri’s soul isn’t lost. Can Rose and Lissa figure out how to turn Dimitri back to a dhamper before someone gets staked?

Book SixLast Sacrifice

“It all comes down to now.”

Rose Hathaway has always been the strong one, the one to be loyal to her friends and would sacrifice her life for that of her best friend, Lissa Dragomir. Unfortunately the unthinkable has happened. Queen Tatiana id found murdered and someone has framed Rose. With an execution date looming, Rose will have to switch roles when her friends decide to protect her for a change and find the true culprit before she loses her life

Vampire Academy Graphic Novel

This is a graphic novel retelling of the first book in the popular Vampire Academy series. True to the novel version, this version is a delight for fans. Plans are underway to bring to manga form the remaining five books in the series.


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