Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely: Book One

Since before Aislinn could talk, her grandmother taught her three rules to live by. Rule #3 - Don't stare at invisible fairies. Rule #2 - Don't speak to invisible fairies. Rule #1 - Don't ever attract their attention. She and her grandmother are they only ones who can see them. So when Aislinn begins to notice the fey following her everywhere, she becomes concerned. Her world is turned upside down when she attracts the attention of a powerful fairy who is able to hold a gorgeous glamour even in the presence of iron. Ash is unnerved when she finds that Keenan is hard to resist.

Keenan, the weak Summer King, is the son of Beira, the vengeful Winter Queen. She will do everything in her authority to keep her son powerless. Each of his potential mates have failed Beira's test and are bound to carry her cold until the next girl attempts to become Keenan's queen. When he sees Aislinn, Keenan is covinced she is the one he has been searching for the past nine centuries. Aislinn is determined to avoid him at all costs, but what's a girl to do when Keenan is determined to make her his queen.

When Aislinn confesses what is going on to her friend Seth, he easily accepts the fairy world and offers to help protect her. Aislinn is soon torn between the mortal and fairy worlds. Live a normal life with Seth or become Keenan's queen and stop the continuing spread of winter. What's a girl to choose?

Ink Exchange: Book Two

Ink Exchange picks up after the events in Wicked Lovely. Instead of focusing on Aislinn, Keenan and Seth, this book revolves around Ash's friend Leslie and her attraction to two different fey. Leslie leads a horrible home life. Her mother left her behind to deal with her alcoholic father and drug dealing brother. She dreams of college, escape and a tattoo to reclaim her life. When she finally decides on an image of Rabbit's creation at the Pins and Needles shop, Leslie is happy even though Rabbit questions her choice. She is.

Since Beira's death and Aislinn's assentation to the Summer court, there is upheavial in the fairy realms. Irial, leader of the Dark Court, is struggling to maintain power. With Rabbit's help, the tattoo Leslie chooses will bind her in ways to Irial and the fairy world she never imagined. Kept in the dark about the fey by Aislinn, Leslie begins to experience werid sensations and visions that she believes aren't true. When Aislinn takes notice of Irial's attention towards her friend, Keenan's closest advisor, Niall, offers to protect Leslie, even though her is dangerously attracted to her. Soon Leslie finds herself drawn not only between two different "men", but into the fairy world. Will Leslie be strong enough to survive?

Fragile Eternity: Book Three

Aislinn, now the Summer Court Queen, is the love of Seth Morgan's life. Even a mortal with  powerful connections isn't completely safe in the faery world. Plus there is that whole mortality thing going on. Just how far is Seth willing to go in an attempt to spend eternity with Aislinn?

Radiant Shadows: Book Four

When half-faery, half-mortal Ani, the daughter of Gabriel meets Devlin, she is immediately atrracted. What Ani doesn't know is that years ago Devlin, the High Queen's assassin was sent to kill her. He didn't and now the embodiment of War wants her blood. Cam Devlin save Ani's life and make things right amongst the faeries?

Darkest Mercy:  Book five

The conclusion to Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series.

Death has come to Huntsdale. Keenan has left the Summer Court and the veil to Faerie is closed. Turmoil and upheaval reside with the Dark Court and Seth Morgan once again walks amongst the fearies. With Bananach actively seeking a Declaration of War, fey and alliances are shifting In the thrilling conclusin to the Wicked Lovely series, some live, some die, and life altering decisions are made.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

"What if Live Refused to Die."
Haven Moore cannot wait to leave behind her small hometown of Snope City, Tennessee and get away from her domineering grandmother. From a young age, Haven has experienced visions that she has come to believe tell of a past life she led. The talk of the town, she has one true friend, Beau Decker, her partner in a fashion design business. When Haven sees a troubled young socialite on TV one night, her visions return with a vengence. Only now, Haven realizes that she may have previously lived as a young woman named Constance who died in a tragic fire, along with her boyfriend Ethan.

With the return of her visions, Haven's grandmother decides that she is too unwell to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her mother, fragile since her father's death, shows her a shoebox that her father kept for her. In it, he wrote everything Haven ever said while having the visions as a child. She realizes that he believed in her and didn't think she was crazy. When she discovers drawings that she did as a child, Haven is even more convinced that she is Constance reincarnated who is searching for her soulmate. But when she learns of her father's affair at the time of his death, she realizes how foolish her mother was to believe in true love and how her world came crashing down. Haven decides she needs to slowly make decisions regarding her visions so that she doesn't nake the same mistake as her mother.

Beau does some investigating to an organization that Haven's father wrote to for help years ago, the Ouroboros Society. The Society aims to help people who think they have led previous lives. When Haven has a vision at school, her life is soon in danger. She is no longer safe in Snope City when her home is burned down. She contacts the Society for help.

Is Haven really Constance reincarnated? Will she discover that Ethan is really Iain Morrow? What were the circumstances surrounding Constance and Ethan's death? Can the Ouroboros Society be trusted? Will history repeat itself or can Haven change its course?

Haven's story continues with book two, All You Desire on August 8, 2011.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

"In the beginning, there's a boy standing in the trees ..."

At the age of fourteen, Clara Gardner discovers that she she is part angel, just like her mother. Eventually Clara will learn her purpose, what she was put on Earth to do. She soon begins to have visions after hre sixteenth birthday. A forest fire and a boy about her age, whose face she cannot see, occur to her when she least expects it. While on the phone with her estranged father one night, Clara sees a truck and is able to read its license plate in the vision. Six weeks later, Clara, her mother and younger brother move to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in search of her purpose.

On her first day of high school, Clara sees the truck from her vision in the parking lot. It is not until later in the day does she recognize the boy from behind. Upon walking closer to him, he turns around and their eyes meet. Clara is immediately transported back to her vision and promptly faints. When she awakens, Clara is helped by Wendy, her first real friend in Jackson. Soon the boy comes with the nurse and she finds out his name is Christian and faints again. Clara arrives to her English class late and sits next to Wendy. In introducing the class to one another, Clara learns that Christian has a girlfriend, Kay.

As Clara settles into her new life in Wyoming, everything seems to be falling into place regarding her vision about Christian. Soon Christian and Kay break up and Clara asks him to the prom. When Kay and Christian are crowned prom king and queen, Clara is left out when Kay breaks down in tears. Christian needs to take her home so Wendy's twin brother Tucker offers Clara a ride and she accepts. Clara realizes that Christian is still in love with Kay and that maybe all her vision means is that she is suppose to save his life, not necessarily fall in love.

When all of Clara's friends, including Christian, have plans for the summer away from Jackson, she is feeling abandoned. When Wendy arranges for Tucker to be Clara's tour guide for her birthday, she decides to go along for the adventure. Soon Clara and Tucker are spending every day together and Christian fades to a distant memory. But as fire season approaches, Clara is faced with the ultimate decision she never dreamed she would have to make. Don't fret at the ending, the author is writing book two in the series due out in January 2012.

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