Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Essence by Kimberly Derting (The Pledge book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first book in the series, The Pledge, Stop! I don't want to ruin a great series for you.

“Poor child. Poor, wretched child. You have no idea what you’re up against. No idea how to stop me, do you?”
Charlie is in the fight for her life. Sabara is dead and Charlie is now Queen Charlaina of Ludania. Upon her death, Sabara was able to fuse her essence to Charlie. She is now in a battle of wills, trying to banish Sabara’s thoughts from overtaking her own. The only thing that seems to help is the healing power of her little sister, Angelina. The side effect is that now Charlie’s skin glows. Charlie has kept Sabara’s presence a secret from everyone, including Max.
In an effort to forge a new Ludania, Charlie has made several sweeping changes for the better that hasn’t made everyone happy. When an attempt is made on her life while on a tour of a new school, Charlie’s advisors decide the best thing would be for her to leave immediately for a summit with the neighboring queens. Unfortunately, the only person with the knowledge and power to rule in her absence is Max. he and Xander are left behind in Ludania to deal with the rebellion. Charlie sets out with Brooklynn; commander of her troops, Aron and Zafir; her personal bodyguard. When a layover at a depot in the Scablands goes horribly wrong, Charlie and company are left behind while the train continues on.
What happened for Charlie and the others to be left behind in the Scablands? Who is behind the change in Charlie’s plans? Will she make iot to the summit And accomplish what she hopes to? Can Max squash the rebellion before Charlie returns? And will Charlie be able to quell Sabara’s essence from her body?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first book in the series, Cinder, Stop! I don't want to ruin the story for you.

“The fates of Cinder and Scarlet collide as a Lunar threat spreads across the Earth …”
Scarlet Benoit is stunned when she receives word from the police department about her missing grandmother. Her case has been closed due to a lack of evidence of either violence or foul play. The police believe she either left of her own free will or committed suicide. Scarlet is furious. Deep down she knows something horrible has befallen her grandmother. In an effort to relieve her anger, she begins to hurl tomatoes from her delivery at the back wall of the Rieux Tavern. Gilles, the tavern owner, stops her and she unloads the delivery in the back storeroom. Emilie, a waitress, comes to Scarlet and gushes how acute street fighter has come in every day that week to sit at one of her tables. Emilie sees Scarlet’s face She sheepishly asks about her grandmother.
Waiting to have her delivery slip signed, Gilles has Scarlet take out an order while he completes the paperwork. The order goes to the street fighter’s table. Scarlet sees why Emilie is so taken with him. The two begin to partake in idle chit chat and Scarlet is surprised to see that he has a soft almost vulnerable demeanor. Suddenly, a bar patron draws their attention to the netscreen. The top story is about the Eastern Commonwealth ball hosted by the newly crowned Emperor Kai. A Lunar cyborg infiltrated the ball and it is believed that she was there to assassinate either the Emperor or the visiting Lunar queen. (Sound familiar Cinder fans?) The video shows the teenage cyborg falling down the stairs and losing her foot. The tavern customers are calling for her head when Scarlet blows a gasket. Leaping on the bar top to defend the cyborg,Scarlet quickly draws the ire of everyone but the street fighter. When someone calls her as crazy as her grandmother, Scarlet begins a brawl with the patrons.The street fighter quickly comes to her rescue and Gilles ends up throwing the both of them out.
In the alleyway as Scarlet is repacking her ship, the street fighter reveals himself in the shadows. He offers to buy more of Scarlet’s produce and then asks for a job. She doesn’t need him right then and he tells her his name is Wolf. If she can find work for him, he is staying at the abandoned Morel house. Once back at the farm, Scarlet notices a light in in her grandmother’s bedroom. She quickly races in to find the room ransacked and her almost unrecognizable father. He claims to be looking for something of his mother’s, Scarlet’s grandmother. Not knowing what that might be; Scarlet is shocked to see that her father’s arm is burned, torture-like. Finally getting the story out of him, Scarlet learns he was forced to burn himself while his mother watched. She refused to tell them the information they were looking for. He was released when the kidnappers realized she cared nothing for her son. Scarlet asks her father what they looked like and all he can remember is a tattoo of letters and numbers near a man’s elbow. Recalling that Wolf had a similar tattoo, Scarlet tells her father to comm the police if she isn’t back in three hours from the Morel place.
Once there, Scarlet locates Wolf just before his fight. She confronts him about the kidnappers and torture but he truly has no idea what she is talking about. As he is entering the ring for the fight, Wolf tells her that he is not the only one with a tattoo like that. She is stunned by his answer and then by him winning the fight where he was the underdog. Suddenly, the police arrive and Scarlet and Wolf flee.
Cinder finds herself in the New Beijing prison the morning after the ball. Dr. Erland sneaked into her prison cell to give her a new foot and replace her cyborg hand with a state of the art one. He revealed her true origins and tells her to escape and meet him in Africa. Using her newfound abilities, Cinder persuades the guards to move her to a less secure cell. She is placed next to Carswell Thorne, an ex-Air Force cadet from America from the American Republic. Wanted by several republics, Cinder finds out Carswell still has the stolen hovercraft from America. She is able to talk him into escaping and flying her to Africa. After a close call in the warehouse when Thorne stored the hovercraft, the two are able to escape the Eastern Commonwealth.
The next morning, Wolf shows up at Scarlet’s farm and tells her about his tattoo and why he has it. Frantic about her grandmother, he agrees to help Scarlet find her. Along the way, Scarlet and Wolf run into Cinder and find out that their lives are connected. Who exactly is Wolf? Will he and Scarlet be able to rescue he rgrandmother in time? What secret does she hold? Can Cinder and Carswell stay one step ahead of the Lunar queen? And what happens when Scarlet meets Cinder?
Book three inthe Lunar Chronicles, Cress, aretelling of Rapunzel, is due out in 2014.

Book 1.5 - The Queen's Army
An ebook short story that provides a background into Wolf.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead (Bloodlines book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first two books in the series, Bloodlines and The Golden Lilly, Stop! I don't want to ruin a great series for you. It also helps greatly if you have read all six books in the Vampire Academy series as well.

“Blood doesn’t lie …”
Sydney Sage is entering a crossroads in her life. Adrian Ivashkov proclaimed his love for her and she struggles with her Alchemist teachings and what her heart feels. Ms. Terwilliger is pushing Sydney to learn more about her magical powers. Her sister is currently draining the life out of young women gifted with magic and she fears that Sydney could become her next target if her abilities are discovered. Wanting to protect herself and find Ms. Terwilliger’s sister before she can harm another girl, Sydney realizes that she will need Adrian’s help and magic.
With the Alchemists continue to keep Sydney on a need to know basis, her desire to locate Marcus Finch comes to the forefront. Hoping he will have the answers she seeks, what she doesn’t expect is that he is looking for her as well?
Just who is Marcus Finch? Whay did he leave the Alchemists and what does he want with Sydney? Will Sydney be able to stop Ms. Terwilliger’s sister before it’s too late? Can Sydney figure out where she stands with the Alchemists? And will she be able to sort out her feelings for Adrian?
Book four in the Bloodlines series, The Fiery Heart, will be out November 19, 2013.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Boundless by Cynthia Hand (Unearthly book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first two   books, Unearthly and Hallowed, in the series, Stop! I don't want to ruin the story for you.

“The past few weeks held more surprises than part-angel Clara Gardner ever could have anticipated.”
For part-angel Clara Gardner, her life is never going to be normal. She leaves Jackson Hole and Tucker Avery behind to go to Stanford to keep Tucker safe from her world. With a new terrifying vision haunting Clara that once again involves Christian Prescott, she begins to realize that the Black Wings will be relentless in their pursuit of her and others like her. Clara and Christian begin preparing themselves for the battle they foresee in their joint vision while her conflicting feelings for both Christian and Tucker cause problems with Christian. When Angela reveals what is going on in her life, Clara and Christian figure out the meaning of Angela’s vision. Determined to fulfill her vision, Angela sets in motion the epic showdown between good and evil.
What does Angela’s vision pertain to and how does it intertwine with Clara and Christian? Will Clara and Christian be able to survive the events of their vision? Can Clara sort out her muddled feelings for both Tucker and Christian to choose the boy she is meant to be with? Will Clara ever be able to live the normal life she desires?
In this thrilling conclusion to the Unearthly trilogy, Clara Gardner discovers what her purpose on Earth is.
Radiant – book 2.5
A short ebook novella that takes place between Hallowed and Boundless that tells the story of Clara and Angela’s summer in Italy before starting school at Stanford. Without reading this, readers may be confused by some of the events in Boundless but will figure out the details before the end of the trilogy. Definitely worth the read!

Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari

“The world has ended … What comes next?”

Ninety-nine percent of the world’s population was decimated by the smallpox plague. Then the floods and drought dramatically changed the landscape of New York City that Lucy Holloway loved so much. Now surviving on her own in the wilds of Central Park, Lucy is barely scraping out an existence. When she runs into a pack of wild dogs, Lucy finds a savior in the tree above her. Handsome, smirking Adian helps her climb the tree to safety. Stuck up in the tree for hours, Adian is the first real human interaction she has had in awhile. He tells her about the group of survivors he lives with. Aidan believes the dogs are actually a pack tracking her for the Sweepers and will keep her treed until they arrive. Taking a bloody bandage from her hand, Adian leads the dogs on a wild goose chase so that Lucy can escape.

With Aidan never far from her mind, Lucy goes back to her camp for the night to wait out a storm. Waking up the next morning to an eerie calm, Lucy takes a walk on the beach. She soon notices that the tide is out way too far and realizes that a tsumani is imminent. She races back to her camp, retrieves what she can and runs for the highest point before the wave comes crashing ashore. Lucy barely reaches safety. With her home destroyed, Lucy begins walking uptown and eventually her path leads her to Aidan’s camp.

Looking down at the encampment, Lucy sees other humans for the first time in a long while. She finally spots Aidan and attempts to work up the courage to approach. But before she can, a caravan of vans arrive. She realizes that they are Sweepers out hunting for survivors. Lucy howls like a wolf to warn them and they quickly realize the danger. Putting up a failed fight, she watches in horror as some of the survivors are taken after a struggle. After the vans disappear and the camp attempts to return to normal, Aidan spots Lucy on the hilltop and waves her down.

What will Lucy find when she joins Aidan’s community? Can she fit in back in human society? Whty are the Sweepers still hunting for survivors and what are they doing with them? Will sparks fly between Lucy and Aidan or does his heart belong elsewhere? What happens when Lucy realizes that the Sweepers are looking for her and why?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Shades of Earth by Beth Revis (Across the Universe book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first two books in the series, Across the Universe and A Million Suns, Stop! I don't want to ruin one of my favorite series for you.

“Fueled by lies. Ruled by chaos. Almost home.”
Picking up where A Million Suns left off, Shades of Earth finds Elder and Amy attempting to form a new colony on Centauri-Earth. Amy thaws out her parents and the remaining citizens from Earth, things quickly sour when Amy’s father, Colonel Martin. Refuses to see Elder as a leader and takes charge. With flying monsters and an unknown world outside, the shuttle suddenly begins a lockdown sequence. Immediately it becomes apparent that in order to survive, everyone must vacate.
A lack of time together, an eager young soldier from Sol-Earth and interference from Amy’s parents become issues for Amy and Elder outside of the Godspeed. Soon, people begin disappearing and then turning up dead, the two return to the shuttle to see if Orion will provide any answers. Finding him on the verge of death, Orion gives them one last clue. Amy uncovers the book he is talking about and begins to ponder the possibilities. Elder begins to wonder what secrets Colonel Martin is keeping from everyone. They quickly realize that they are not alone on Centauri-Earth.
What secrets does Centauri-Earth hold? Will Colonel Martin reveal what he knows before it is too late? Who is murdering the new inhabitants, how and why? Can Amy and Elder survive and possibly find their happily ever after?
In this stunning conclusion to the Across the Universe trilogy, readers will be gripping the edge of their seat until the last page.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi (Never Sky book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first  book in the series, Under the Never Sky, Stop! I don't want to ruin one of my favorite series for you.

“When the aether strikes, no one is safe. The world is in chaos, who do you trust?”

It’s been five months since Aria learned of her mother’s death while working at Bliss. Five months have passed since she last laid eyes on Perry. Her time was spent with Roar recovering at Marron’s; he with a leg wound and her with a deep wound to her heart and soul. Now Aria finds herself being blackmailed by Counsel Hess to find the rumored Still Blue. He is holding Perry’s nephew Talon hostage. Heading north in her search, Aria stops by the Tides’ compound to reunite with Perry first.

Perry is now the Blood Lord of the Tides after killing his cruel older brother Vale over selling his son Talon to the Dwellers. Seen by some in his tribe as rash and inexperienced, Perry’s hold as Blood Lord is tenuous at best. When Roar returns and lets him know that Aria is on her way, Perry and his guard go to meet her. Deciding to keep their relationship a secret from the tribe, Aria finds her presence is unwelcome and few trust what they perceive to be a Dweller mole. Perry’s leadership is questioned when he takes up for Aria.

When a trader/gossip monger visits the Tides compound the night of Aria’s Marking ceremony, all hell breaks loose and secrets are inadvertently spilled. Word comes that Sable may have found Liv and taken her back to the Horns compound. Roar and Perry are furious and Roar is ready to go get her right then. Perry’s sense makes him realize that something is wrong with Aria. She is in pain and sick. Discovering that the ink is poisoned with hemlock, Perry scopes her up and rushes her to a healer. Heartsick, he doesn’t leave her side the entire night. Perry wakes up and he senses that Aria will recover. Going out to meet with his personal guard, tempers soon flare when one of them realize that Perry is rendered to Aria. Then a commotion breaks out in the compound that draws Perry's attention away from his guard. Having banished Aria’s prisoner the night before, about a quarter of the tribe’s members decide to leave over their dissatisfaction with Perry’s leadership and his relationship with an outsider. While dealing with the turmoil outside, Aria and Roar slip away unnoticed to head for Sable and the Horns, leaving Perry behind.

What happens when Perry discovers that Aria and Roar have left him behind? Will he be able to retain his role as Blood Lord of the Tides? Does the Still Blue exist? What will Aria and Roar find when they arrive at the Horns’ compound? Will Liv be there? Can Aria and Perry find their way back to each other?

Liv and Roar - book 0.5

For Vale, the situation has gotten desperate. As Blood Lord of the Tides, the aether storms have damaged much of their farmland and he has negotiated a deal with Sable, the northern Blood Lord of the Horns. His sister Liv is to marry Sable in exchange for a dowry of food for the year for the Tides. Liv and Perry are both angry at the eldest brother’s decision but their friend Roar is absolutely devastated. A transient until he and his grandmother settles with the Tides, Roar has always considered Perry and Liv his family. But over the years the feelings between Roar and Liv have grown and the news is heartbreaking. Seeing no other way out, this is the story of their journey to Sable and the outcome those readers of Under the Never Sky already know.

Rise by Andrea Cremer (Nightshade prequel book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first book in the series, Rift, or the NIghtshade trilogy, Stop! I don't want to ruin one of my favorite series for you.

“Can dark magic turn her, or will love keep her true?

The knights of Conatus are in upheaval over Lady Eira throwing her lot in with the mysterious but evil Lord Bosque Mar. Ember Morrow along with Barrow, Kael and Lucasz barely escape the keep at Terrmunnn with their lives. Reaching France, the quartet soon discovers that Eira and Mar’s reach is widely felt as those who oppose their suppression are few in number. When all else fails, Ember knows that the only hope of stopping Eira and Mar is to return to Terrmunn and beg for Alistair’s forgiveness and reciprocate his love.

Can Eira and Bosque Mar be stopped? Will Ember survive her return to Terrmunn and what will happen upon her arrival? And can Ember and Barrow find their way back to one another or will Alistair thaw their plans?

In this stunning conclusion to the Nightshade prequel, readers discover the background and beginnings of the Witches’ War and the creation of the wolves that encompass the Nightshade world.

The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa (Iron Fery - Call of the Forgotten book one)

“Don’t look at Them. Never let Them know you can see Them.”

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read The Iron Fey series, Stop! You will be lost in Ethan’s story if you don’t know his sister Meghan’s. For fans of the series, you will be delighted to catch up on some favorite characters.

Twelve years have passed since Meghan Chase became the Iron Queen and her duties have prevented her from seeing her mortal family. Her younger brother Ethan is now seventeen and misses his older sister. He attempts to avoid the Good Neighbors at all costs. Once they realize he has Sight, the fey pester and cause major problems for him. The Chase family left the pig farm behind for a more populated area in an attempt to avoid detection, unfortunately, Ethan is never able to stay at any school for any length of time because of his run-ins with faeries have labeled him a troublemaker. His only outlet is kali, a Filipino fighting style using knives and sticks that he studies in order to defend himself from faery attacks.

Hoping to make a fresh start at another new school to make his mother happy, Ethan runs into trouble before the day is finished. First, he attracts the attention of a beautiful girl, Kenzie St. James. She is relentless even when Ethan is downright rude to her. Then he encounters the football quarterback bullying a student in the hallway who happens to be half fey. Against his better judgment, he helps out Todd and ends up in an altercation. Todd realizes that Ethan knows his true identity and is blamed by the principal for the fight based on his reputation. Kenzie is unmerciful in her pursuit to talk with Ethan. When he discovers that is a reporter for the school newspaper and not a cheerleader, he is shocked and intrigued. Soon she has him roped into an interview about being the new student.

Todd shows up at Ethan’s door that night. He is in trouble with the faeries and needs help. Ethan reluctantly agrees to help if Todd agrees to leave him alone. They spend all night going over everything that Ethan knows. The next day Ethan goes to the library after school to meet up with Kenzie and realizes that a faery is following him, not wanting to drag his friends into his mess. He bypasses the library and goes out behind the football field. There, a faery unlike any his has ever seen reveal themselves and warns Ethan not to interfere with what will happen. Don’t involve the Iron Court and his family will remain safe. He asks what it is and the faery replies that they are nothing, they are the forgotten. Ethan is not to interfere with their return or else. It throws down a pixie that dies as he watches. The faery ponders that they half breed may be stronger and leaves. Suddenly Kenzie appears and apparently has overheard the conversation. She took notes and wants to know who he was talking to. Blowing her off, he races to look Todd. He finds his discarded jacket by an open library window and a note. It says that he is running, for his parents not to worry and sorry for dragging Ethan into this mess. He talks Kenzie into not going to the authorities right away.

Knowing Todd is in trouble, Ethan realizes that the only way to help him is to contact his sister. He pulls out an old letter from Meghan. Inside is a token with directions on how to travel to the Nevernever. He pockets it and sneaks out to visit a neighborhood park. Finding only a solitary dryad, she tells Ethan that things are bad. He must visit the Iron Queen to inform her of their plight. Ethan doesn’t want to get involved; he is just looking for information about Todd. The dryad will have answers the next night, the night of his kali demonstration. He gets the suspicion he won’t see her again.

The day of the demonstration, the police question Ethan about Todd’s disappearance. He doesn’t let on about what he knows and his mother is disappointed he has become involved with the fey once again. Angry, his thoughts continue to stray to Kenzie. He decides to leave for the demonstration early and takes Meghan’s token with him. Ethan arrives and finds put that he will get to do the live weapons demo. He is thrilled but runs into Kenzie who is there for the school paper. Ethan’s demo is flawless and Kenzie is impressed. They begin talking and soon she asks if he believes in faeries. He tries to play it off but Kenzie isn’t buying it. She tells him that she is only trying to help.

Ethan tells her no one can help him and he doesn’t want to involve her. Leave him alone and suddenly the forgotten fey make themselves known. He grabs Kenzie and runs. Not being able to see Them, she doesn’t know what is going on. With no way to escape, Ethan decides to use Meghan’s token and ends up taking Kenzie with him. Once in the Nevernever, they find themselves in a cave with Grimalkin. He says that he wondered when Ethan Chase would finally show up.

Who are the Forgotten? What happened to Todd? Will Kenzie be able to accept the truth about faeries and the Nevernever? Can Ethan put his hostility towards Meghan aside and help save the half breeds and exiles in the mortal world? What happens while Ethan and Kenzie are in the Nevernever and who do they meet? Will trust and romance bloom? Will it ever be safe for the two of them to return to the mortal world?

Book two (Book six of the Iron Fey) of the Call of the Forgotten, The Traitor Son, is due out in 2013.