Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick (Hush, Hush book 4)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first three books in the Hush, Hush series, Stop! I don't want to ruin the conclusion for you.

“Will love conquer all?”
With Cheshuan starting in less than 72 hours, Nora Gray finds herself in the middle of a brewing war between the Nephilim and fallen angels. Coerced by her biological father into becoming a pureblood Nephil, Nora swore an oath to take over Hank Millar’s army at his death. Failure to comply to lead the Nephilim army will result in not only her death but her mother’s as well. Quickly realizing she has no creditability with the Nephilim and a forbidden relationship with Patch, Nora finds herself turning to her right-hand man, Dante Matterazzi.
Having to walk a fine line between the Nephilim and the archangels, Nora wants to avoid a war and death at all costs. Staging a public break-up with Patch, he and Nora work on opposite sides to bring about the same resolution. But when Nora becomes wrapped up in her newfound power and position, will she get carried away or can she find her way back to Patch?
Book one in the quartet, Hush, Hush is slated to become a movie. Film production will begin in the fall of 2013.

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Check out the first volume of the Hush, Hush graphic novel. A Patch and Nora short story is included in the back.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Eternally Yours by Cate Tiernan (Immortal Beloved book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, Immortal Beloved and Darkness Falls, Stop! I don’t want to ruin a great series for you.

“Ancient evil. How odd that it actually exists. But it does.”

It has been one month since that terrible night in Boston with Incy. Nastasya is back at River’s Edge trying to put the shattered pieces of her life back together. Between unlocking the secrets of her family’s magickal history and shamelessly flirting with the incredibly hot Viking raider Reyn, Nas discovers that she alone has the power to convert her bad girl persona into becoming a better person. Just as she begins her transformation, word comes that someone is killing immortals around the world and Nastasya and her friends at River’s Edge may be next.

Soon River’s older brother, Ottavio, the head of the Genoa house, arrives and voices his suspicions about Nastasya. He is soon followed by the remaining brothers; Daniel, Joshua and Roberto. It is obvious that Joshua and Reyn would like to tear each other's throats out and Nas realizes that Roberto is a face from her past. When it becomes apparent that whoever is targeting the immortals has an inside connection at River’s Edge, Nastasya finds it in herself to fight back. But with Reyn doggedly pursing her, can she also protect her heart?

Told once again from Nastasya’s snarky point of view, long simmering questions are answered in this conclusion to the series.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Promised by Caragh O'Brien (Birthmarked book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first two books in the Birthmarked trilogy, Stop! I don't want to ruin one of my favorite series for you.

The time has come for Gaia Stone to lead some of the people of Sylum back to Wharfton and the Enclave in order to survive. Unfortunately not all of the changes since her departure a year ago have been good. Babies with the right genes are highly prized and sought after while status deeply divides the citizenry. When diplomacy and negations fail, is all that is left terrorist threats? In this gripping conclusion, Gaia finds what matters to her most and what she is willing to sacrifice in order to achieve peace.
Ruled (Book 2.5)
Ruled is an ebook novella that takes place after Prized that offers a glimpse into the mind of Leon Gray and sets up the beginning chapters of Promised.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reached by Ally Condie (Matched book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first two books in the Matched trilogy, Stop! I don't want to ruin one of my favorite series for you.

"All will be sorted."

In this stunning conclusion to the Matched trilogy, Reached allows readers into the minds of not only Cassia Reyes and Ky Markham, but Xander Carrow for the first time. Not wanting to spoil a terrific story for you, just know that Ms. Condie doesn’t disappoint. Fans of the series will have all of their burning questions answered.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Variant books by Robison Wells

Book one - Variant

"Trust no one."

Seventeen-year-old Benson Fisher has been shuffled between thirty-three foster families since he entered the system at the age of five. Some placements last several months. One only lasted a few hours. Currently with the Coles, all of his free time outside of class is spent working in the family owned gas station without pay. Looking for some stability in his otherwise chaotic life, he applies for a scholarship to Maxfield Academy, a private school in New Mexico. Arriving from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Benson is shocked to see that the campus is surrounded by a twelve foot tall chain link fence topped with razor wire and security cameras.

After driving through a thick steel gate set into a tall brick wall, the school representative, Ms. Vaughn, drops Benson off at the main building. She tells him to find Becky Allred and promptly leaves. Walking up the stairs he notices the upper story windows are crowded with faces looking down on him. Some are banging on the windows and shouting, which he cannot hear, but others just stare. He notices that not everyone is wearing a school uniform. Some are wearing old fashion looking outfits while others are dressed like rappers. Suddenly, the front door opens and a boy and a girl run out chasing after Ms. Vaughn’s car. The boy stops are warns Benson not to listen to Isaiah or Oakland when they say “we can’t get out of here.” He chases after the girl leaving Benson behind.

Benson is greeted by Becky who informs him that she conducts all new student orientations. He begins to question Becky about what he has seen so far. He asks about the kids at the windows and she lets him know that they are just excited to meet him. She avoids answering about the runners by linking arms and entering the building. When Benson asks about Isaiah and Oakland, Becky becomes flustered and states that every school has troublemakers. He demands to see the principal but she states that her job is to be the first person to talk with all new students. Everyone at Maxfield has a job and there are no adults around.

Becky takes Benson to the floor where the boys’ dorms are located and drops him at the door. On the other side, the hallway s packed with boys waiting to meet him. They greet him warmly and one leads him into a quiet room and begins to talk about the gangs. Without the gangs, Maxfield would resemble Lord of the Flies. Isaiah’s group believes in being civilized and the other groups operate like gangs. He and Becky belong to the Society, the largest group at school who believes in following the rules.

Someone begins banging on the door and some of Isaiah’s boys try to keep them out. Isaiah tells Benson that one of the other groups, Havoc, is trying to get in. Society’s jobs include administration, teaching and security. Benson is not happy to learn that they are supposed to keep everyone inside the gate. Finally, the boys in the hallway break into the room and their leader is dressed in a hoodie, wearing gold chains. He also sports a tattoo around one eye and looks like he is itching for a fight. He introduces himself as Oakland and says that his gang takes care of their members. He verbally bullies Isaiah and tells Benson not to believe his nice boy act. Joining up with Havoc means they protect one another’s back.

Looking for a way out and not to assimilate, Benson gets into a fight with Oakland. Between the two of them, Benson can hold his own but is quickly outnumbered when other Havoc members join in. Benson is getting a pretty good beating when Oakland suddenly falls. Behind him stands the guy who chased after Ms. Vaughn’s car, Curtis. "He said he doesn’t want to join Havoc or the Society.” Curtis said. “That means he’s in the V’s.” he looked at Benson. “Isn’t that right?” Benson nods his head and with that he is the newest Variant at Maxfield Academy.

Benson learns that Havoc wants complete rule, the Society thinks that playing by the rules is their ticket out and the V’s consist of everyone else. They aren’t accepting of the situation and are buying their time until they can figure out a way to escape. Everyone at Maxfield is the Benson; no friends, no family, no one to know they are missing. And when Benson comes across the secret behind Maxfield, he realizes that playing by the rules could mean death and escape is nearly impossible.

Is Maxfield Academy a prison, school or laboratory? Who runs Maxfield and what secret does it hold? Will Benson be able to escape and be able to take anyone with him? What is the purpose of holding the students prisoner?

Book two - Feedback

"They are not alone."

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further if you don't want to learn the secrets of Variant and Maxfield Academy if you have not read the first book.

Picking up immediately where Variant left off, the secrets of Maxfield Academy run deeper than Benson Fisher ever imagined!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Irises by Francisco X. Stork

“Two sisters. Three Men. One Decision.”

Eighteen-year-old Kate has dreamed of going to college at Stanford to become a doctor since her mother took her for a visit four years ago. She promises her mother to continue to work hard to earn a scholarship and to keep her dreams a secret from her father, who wants her to go to school in El Paso and her younger sister Mary. Kate continues to work hard for her college dreams even after the accident that left her mother in a vegetative state.

Sixteen-year-old Mary would like nothing more than to stay at home and paint. An aspiring artist, she studies her influences to see how to become a better painter. The two sisters deal with the unexpected twists in their lives, each in their own separate ways. Their minister father has kept his two daughters on a tight leash as they deal with the care of their mother at home instead of removing her from life support. Never having a close relationship, the bond between the two sisters is put to the test when their father suddenly dies, leaving them alone to care for themselves and their mother.
Not only does a new world open up for the girls now that they are no longer living under the strict confines of their father but the pressing responsibilities of caring for themselves and their invalid mother come down. Three men, each offering what they think the girls need, come into their lives in the hopes of swaying their futures. Mary meets Marcos in art guild, a gang member who is trying to better his life and help her out of her shell. Kate's boyfriend Simon offers marriage and stability for the family. And Andy sees Kate's ambition and suggests that she shouldn't throw away her dreams of Stanford. When the question arises of what to do with their mother, the girls become divided on what is best for her.

What will Kate and Mary decide about their mother? Will Kate choose to follow her dreams and go to Stanford or marry Simon to provide for everyones' futures? What part will Andy play in Kate's future? Can Mary find her way back to her love of art and will Marcos help with that endeavor? Will these two sisters find their way back to each other or will their split be permanent?

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (Caster Chronicles book 4)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the third book in the series, Beautiful Chaos, Stop! I don't want to ruin the story for you.

"Is death the end ... or only the beginning."

In the aftermath of the climatic events at the end of Beautiful Chaos, Ethan Wate is forced to leave everyone and everything he had ever cared about behind. On a journey to head back to the girl of his dreams, Lena Duchannes, Ethan must complete a seemingly impossible task.

Back home in Gatlin, Lena must work with her friends, family and even trust long-time enemies to bring Ethan home to those who love him and to rectify the shocking events that occurred during the Eighteenth Moon.

What is the reason for the events that caused Ethan to be separated from those he loves? Can Lena rally those on Gatlin who can help bring Ethan home? And what price will Ethan and Lena ultimately pay?

With twists, turns and unexpected developments occurring up until the end, readers will be satisfied with how the events in Gatlin are wrapped up. The film version of Beautiful Creatures will be out in theaters on February 13, 2013.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Crimson Crown by Cinda Williams Chima (Seven Realms book 4)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first three books in the series starting with The Demon King, Stop! I don't want to ruin one of my favorite series for you.

Raisa 'ana Marianna has ascended the throne as Queen of the Fells but the queendom is far from peaceful. Everyone wants to become Raisa'a consort, including the wizard Micah Bayar. Her father, Lord Averill Lightfoot Demonai hopes to make another clan match with Reid Nightwalker Demonai, his newly appointed heir. The new king of Arden, Gerard Montaigne, has the Fells in his sights as his newest conquest, whether it be by marriage or by force. Raisa's deepest wish is for the Fells to be at peace once again; no more fighting between the wizards, the clans and the Valefolk. Her other wish is to marry for love, not political gain. The former streetlord turned wizard, Hanson Alistair has stolen her heart.

Han Alistair finds himself in a situation he doesn't think he can win. Desperately wanting to be with Raisa as her equal, not as her "down low lover", Han is also busy trying to protect her life from whoever is trying to assassinate her. Discovering a secret that will bring peace to the Fells, Han soon is in a fight to save his own life as he attempts to bring new information to light. On a constant lookout for not only Raisa's safety but his own, Han finds himself in the midst of the battle to be named the new High Wizard against Micah Bayar. And when wizards start turning up dead in Ragmarket, all signs point to Han.

Who is killing the wizards in Ragmarket and why? Can the Fells once again be a peaceful queendom? Whose agenda will win out in the end? Will Han live to unveil the secret he discovered after it has been lost for the last thousand years? What is this secret? What impact will it have on the Fells? Can Raisa survive to be the queen she desperately wants to be? And will Raisa and Han have the happily ever after they deserve?

In this epic conclusion the the Seven Realms quartet, readers will be shocked and well rewarded with the ending to the story of the Fells.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (Raven Cycle book 1)

“Blue Sargent had forgotten how many times she’d been told that she would kill her true love.”

Blue Sargent comes from a family of fortune tellers whose predictions tend to deal with nonspecific items or events but are always accurate. But when Blue would have her readings, they were always the same no matter who gave her the blunt and specific conclusion. “If Blue was to kiss her true love, he would die.” For awhile, this bothered Blue but at the age of sixteen, she decided she just wouldn’t fall in love. But everything changed when her aunt Neeve came to town. Upon opening the front door, Neeve states “You’re Maura’s daughter, this is the year you’ll fall in love.”

Although Blue isn’t psychic like the other women on her family, she does have the ability to hone the powers of her clairvoyant family. Which is the reason on every St. Mark’s Eve, April 24, at midnight, Blue sits with her mother at the old, abandoned church to await the spirits of those members of the community who will die during the next twelve months. This year Blue is keeping watch with Neeve. While waiting on the parade of those spirits to pass, Neeve asks Blue is she goes to the school she passed on her way into town, Aglionby Academy. Finding humor in the seemingly innocent question, Blue lets her know that it is an all-boys school for the wealthy whose uniform consists of “khaki pants and a V-neck sweater with a raven emblem." Raven boys are easily identifiable during the school week. “Aglionby Academy was the number one reason Blue had developed her two rules: One, stay away from boys, because they were trouble. And two, stay away from Aglionby boys, because they were bastards.”

While transcribing the names Neeve tells her, Blue can actually see a spirit in the graveyard, a young man in slacks and a sweater. Neeve sends Blue over to get a name since he won’t answer her. Knowing that if he steps over the church’s threshold she will never get his name, Blue is shocked to see that he is in the Aglionby uniform. The boy answers “Gansey” and Blue cannot quit staring since he looks so real. He falls to his knees and fades away while Blue and Neeve look on. Blue asks her why she could see him. “There are only two reasons a non-seer would see a spirit on St. Mark’s Eve, Blue. Either you’re his true love,” Neeve said “or you killed him.”

The next morning, Gansey calls his roommate Ronan Lynch to pick him up since his car had stopped on the side of the road. He is stranded after being out all night while scoping out the grotesquely modern Church of the Holy Redeemer with his recorder in an attempt to contact the future dead on St, Mark’s Eve. In playing back the night’s recording, Gansey’s voice can be heard saying “Gansey” followed by a far away female voice asking “Is that all?” Gansey’s voice replies “that’s all there is.” He tells Ronan that nothing, absolutely nothing was happening when the voice were recorded. Knowing that voices from other places and times can be transmitted across the ley line, Gansey’s voice being recorded is a mystery.

Having spent the last four years looking for the straight, supernatural energy path known as a ley line, Gansey has a knack for finding the impossible and doesn’t believe in coincidences. He believes that Own Glendower was brought from Wales to be entombed in Virginia and is eternally sleeping, like the legends of King Arthur. Whoever finds and wakes him is believed to be granted a favor. Knowing that he is onto something, Gansey asks for suggestions on what to do next. His other roommate, Adam hands him the phone number for a psychic. Perplexed, Gansey wants to know what he is going to ask a psychic. Adam says to find out who Gansey was talking to on the recording.

Blue and Gansey’s worlds collide when Gansey and his friends go to Nino’s restaurant where Blue works. Noticing the group of Raven Boys but not knowing who they are, Blue offers to take their table but the other waitress refuses. Later that night, her mother calls to let her know that Gansey schedules a reading for the next afternoon. Blue will take off from work to be there. Blue is then perturbed when the pompous-looking Raven Boy (Gansey) taps her on the shoulder. He asks her if she would do him a favor and talk to his shy friend (Adam). He inadvertently offends Blue. After her shift is over, Blue finds Adam waiting for her in the parking lot to apologize for the actions of his friend. After talking a while, Blue notices that Adam is unlike his friends, there is not an air of wealth about him. She gives Adam her phone number and he promises to call the next day and leaves. Then her manager catches her to ask if she knows who left behind a strange journal. Having an inkling, she says she will locate the owner but is immediately enthralled with what she finds inside; Gansey’s ramblings about Glendower and the ley line.

The reading with Gansey, Adam and Ronan is eventful to say the least and Blue’s mother is furious that she and Gansey have already met. Disobeying her mother, Blue soon finds herself wrapped up with the Raven Boys. Will Blue help the Raven Boys find the ley line? Why does Blue’s mother not want her involved with Gansey and his friends? What favor does Gansey wish to ask Glendower? Is Gansey Blue’s true love and is he truly destined to die the next twelve months? Will Blue really kill him? What part does Blue’s attraction to Adam play in the future? Will Blue confess what she knows about Gansey’s future?

The Raven Boys begins an epic quartet that will sweep readers into the happenings of Henrietta, VA. The author is currently working on the second book in the series.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Coraline Jones and her parents have moved into a new flat. They live in the middle of the converted house. Two elderly ladies, Miss Spinx and Miss Forcible, live on the ground floor. Above Coraline, beneath the roof, lives a crazy old man who said he was training a mouse circus. No one can see the mice because they aren’t ready. All three call her Caroline even after she corrects them.
Coraline began exploring soon after. For two weeks, she searched the garden and grounds. Then it began to rain and Coraline was stuck inside. Bored, her father suggests that she explore the flat. She counts everything blue (153), the windows (21) and the doors (14). Thirteen of the doors could open and close. The fourteenth door was locked. It was a “big, carved, wooden door at the far corner of the drawing room.” When she asks her mother about the door, she tells her that it goes nowhere. Coralline doesn’t believe her until she finds the door key and unlocks it. On the other side is a brick wall. Her mother explains that there is an empty flat still for sale on the other side. Coralline comments that her mother didn’t lock the door back. Her mother tells her that there is no need.

Later that night, almost asleep, Coraline hears a noise. She climbs out of bed to investigate. Seeing nothing more than a shadow, she follows it to the drawing room where it darts to the far corner. Turning on the light, the only thing there is the old door from earlier that is now slightly ajar. Remembering that her mother closed the door, Coraline opens it to the brick wall and shuts it again. Going back to sleep, she dreams of “little blacks shapes with little red eyes and sharp yellow teeth.” They sing to her in a whiney, whisper voice that makes Coraline uncomfortable.

The next morning while exploring the garden, Coraline runs into the crazy, old man. He tells her that the mice have a message for her. “Don’t go through the door" and wonders if she knows what it means. She says no and leaves. Later in the day, a bored Coraline goes downstairs to visit Miss Spinx and Moss Forcible. They sit down for tea sand Miss Spinx offers to read Coraline’s tea leaves. She tells her that she is in terrible danger. Miss Forcible asks to see them. She agrees with what Miss Spinx saw and neither of the elderly ladies can tell her what she is in danger from.

After a morning of shopping for new school clothes, Coraline and her mother come home at lunch time to an empty refrigerator. Her mother runs back out for some food while Coraline stays behind. After a bit, Coraline decides to go back to the drawing room with the key to the door. This time when she unlocks it, the brick wall is gone. Instead she finds a duplicate of her own flat but with a strange, musty smell and things don’t seem quite right. Soon she runs into someone who looks like her mother but she doesn’t look quite human. Her eyes are big black buttons. She introduces herself as Coraline’s other mother and her other father is in his study. At lunch, they let her know that they have been waiting for her for a long time.

Afterwards Coraline’s other mother send her to her bedroom to play with the rats. There the rats form a pyramid and sing a creepy song in a whispery voice. The crazy old man comes to collect them. Coralline also meets the other Miss Spinx and Miss Forcible and the weirdness ensues. Finally her other parents ask her to stay and be a family with them. Coraline leaves back through the door and into her own flat. She locks the door.

Coraline’s mother isn’t back from the market yet so she makes herself some toast. Neither of her parents is home for dinner or at her bedtime. They weren’t at home the next morning either. Alone the entire day, Coraline goes to bed but wakes up crying in the middle of the night. She falls back asleep in her parents’ bed only to be woken up later by a cat. The cat takes her to her parents but they are only reflected back to her in a mirror. Their only communication is HELP US written in their side of the mirror.

Coralline decides to be brave and go back through the drawing room door. Face to face with her other parents, they tell her that her real parents don’t want her. Knowing that it is a lie, she refuses to believe her other parents. Angry, her other mother locks the door, trapping her inside the other flat.

What does Coraline’s other parents really want her for? Will Coraline not only be able to escape herself but free her parents? And what part do the rats play in everything?

There is a very detailed graphic novel version as well.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson (Fire and Thorns book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Stop! I don’t want to ruin one of my favorite series for you!

When an animagus appears in the city during Queen Lucero-Elisa’s birthday parade, Joya d’Arena is thrown into turmoil. The animagus declares that Elisa, the only living bearer of the Godstone, belongs with them. Fear ripples through her citizens as rumors of another invasion by Inviernos begin. Locked out of the palace by one of her Quorum members in the ensuing panic, Elisa and her private guard, Hector, sneak back in through a hidden passageway. Once back inside, her right hand men all claim someone else made the decision to close the gates.

Elisa is seen by some of the Quorum as being too young and inexperienced and talk of a regent soon turns towards a political marriage. Knowing she is being set up and deciding to play along, Elisa goes to Alejandro’s tomb in the catacombs to pray in solitude. Unfortunately, she is attacked by an unknown assailant and left for dead. Barely alive when she is found, Elisa recovers quickly from the injury because her Godstone deflected the knife and speeded her recovery. Determined to uncover who in the palace is undermining her efforts, Elisa quickly realizes there are few people whom she can trust; Ximena, her nurse, Mara, her lady-in-waiting and Hector, her personal guard and friend whom she is slowly developing feelings for.

Trying to rebuild her country, Elisa is faced with the possibility that her prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. Ximena believes that the gates or paths of the enemy and of life are real places that she must go. As she continues to meet with an Invierno defector from the Wallows named Storm, he tells Elisa of the legend of the place where the Earth’s magic flows near the top and is easily tapped. Only those chosen by God can find the gate of life and pass through. Elisa knows that Storm speaks the truth because her Godstone flares to life, bringing her to her knees. Storm knows she will go searching for it and asks to go along.

Under the pretense of betrothal negotiations, Elisa, Hector and some of the others head off for the southern islands in search of zafina, the legendary gate of life. Soon after their departure into the desert, they discover that someone is following them. Who want Elisa dead and what are their political reasons? Will Elisa be able to fulfill her destiny and tap into her magic or is she setting herself up for failure? Can Elisa rise to be a great queen? What happens when Elisa realizes that one of her closet advisors doesn’t have her best intentions at heart?

With spine chilling action and a dramatic cliff-hanger in the final chapter, readers will be left clamoring for the dramatic conclusion to Elisa’s story in The Bitter Kingdom out in the fall of 2013.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Endlessly by Kiersten White (Paranormalcy book 3)

"The clock is ticking on the entire paranormal world. And it's fate rests solely in Evie's hands."

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first two books in the series, Paranormalcy and Supernaturally, Stop! I don't want to ruin a fun series for you.

One month has passed since the events that occurred in Supernaturally. Evie found out that her father is a drunken faerie. Jack abandoned her in the Faerie Paths and she found her way back to Lend. Evie is determined to live her life in the moment and is currently happy. She is not happy when Anne-Laurie LeFevre, her new supervisor at IPCA, turns up on her doorstep one night. It turns out Raquel is no longer her supervisor and Evie is to report back to work at IPCA immediately. She slams the door and flatout refuses to speak to anyone but Raquel. Evie arranges to meet with Raquel who asks her to come back to IPCA in a formal capacity. Agitated and in a hurry, Raquel offers her time to think about it and says she will see her again at the end of the week.

For her birthday, Lend throws her a fabulous surprise masquerade ball with all her friends from school in attendance. Thinking that the lights out by the pond is a part of Lend’s continuing surprise, Evie finds that most of the paranormals she knows, including Lend’s missing mother Cresseda. Cresseda lets her know that it is time to take her path and follow the prophecy pertaining to letting the souls go. Evie states that she has already completed it with Vivian but Nona lets her know that she can open a gate to send them all back. They are only here on Earth because the faeries brought them here. Evie runs back to Lend’s house.

Lend and his father speaks with Evie and gets her to meet with Nona and talk. Evie is adamant that she doesn’t want to rectify the damage the faeries did. When Reth steps through a faerie door, Evie throws her hands up. He is there because the Dark Queen has discovered their intentions. She is there for Evie. A battle ensues and several of Evie’s paranormal friends fall. Wanting to keep any more of her friends from dying, Evie agrees to go with her. With Reth holding her back and silencing her voice, Lend kisses Evie goodbye. He changes his glamour to replicate Evie and turns himself over to the Dark Queen.

Things get even worse for Evie when she is arrested by the IPCA. Depending on Reth and Jack to escape, Evie is determined to rescue Lend. Will she be able to get Lend away from the Dark Queen before she learns of the deception? Can she trust and be able to work with Reth and Jack? Will Evie have the ability to send the paranormals through the gate? What is happening at IPCA? And will Evie ever get to live the normal life she craves?

Kiersten White has a new book, Mind Games, coming out on February 19, 2013.

Forever by Judy Blume

"Is there a difference between first love and true love?"

Katherine Danizer meets Michael Wagner at a New Year's Eve party. Seniors at neighboring high school, it is not long before love blooms between the two. As their emotional relationship heats up so does the physical aspect. When a summer forces them apart and college looming on the horizon, can Katherine and Michael be together forever or will it be a bittersweet ending to first time love?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hidden by Sophie Jordan (Firelight book 3)

“A dangerous journey. Shattered bonds. Undying passion.”

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the second book in the series, Vanish, Stop! Vanish ended with a true cliffhanger. I wouldn’t want to ruin the story for you.

Miram has been captured by the enkros and even though she is partly to blame for her predicament, Jacinda feels guilty. Now bonded with Miram’s brother Cassian, Jacinda is experiencing his emotions over her disappearance. In a desperate attempt to rescue her, Jacinda talks Cassian and Will into allowing the enkros to capture her. With her bond to Cassian, he and Will should be able to locate her in the laboratory. But once Jacinda is inside, things are not what she expected and they quickly spiral out of control.

Will Jacinda be able to save not only herself but Miram as well? What secrets does she uncover while being held prisoner? Can she discover any information about her father? And who will Jacinda ultimately decide to be with; Cassian or Will?

In nonstop action from the first page, the Firelight trilogy is neatly concluded for fans of Jacinda.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Unnaturalists by Tiffany Trent

Vespa Nyx is joking around with a stuffy patron when the paralytic field suspending a sphinx in New London’s Museum of Unnatural History is suddenly disabled. She later claims to her father, the head of the museum, that she was pushed from behind. This time the field was much stronger than the one she took down at Miss Marmalade’s Seminary for Young Ladies of Quality that led to her expulsion a year earlier. Working for her father at the Museum ever since, Vespa prefers the life of a Scientist. She secretly desires to be the first female Pedant in several generations rather than to become a wife and mother as is expected of her. When she is aided by the unfamiliar Pedant Lumin, she is shocked to discover her father dislikes him even more than she does.

Not wanting to leave Vespa alone after her incident, she goes with her father and his creepy assistant, Charles Waddingly. Nicknamed The Wad by Vespa, she feels hurt that her father has replaced her. When she awakens during the carriage ride and doesn’t remember the trip, her father brushes off her concerns. Soon the carriage is stopped by a small gang of highwaymen who demand all of their valuables and ask for the strongbox. Vespa steps forward, trying to put on a brave face, and tells them that they will be sorry if they take it. A voice calls out saying that she is right and a small clan of Tinkers emerges from the other side of the road. The highwaymen scurry off and the Tinkers come forward. Stating that they know what is in the trunk and that they can have all the Waste if they really want it, the Tinkers demand payment for their rescue. When a Tinker, Syrus, spies the jade frog that Vespa carries in her purse to remind her of her mother, he takes it and leaves the money behind. Vespa vows to get her frog back and to find out what exactly is in the chest.

When some unnaturals escape in the laboratory, The Wad stays behind while Vespa goes off in search of a containment unit. Struggling to get it to a lift, Vespa runs into Pedant Lumin. He offers to take the unit upstairs while Vespa goes off to get her father. Vespa is told by the receptionist that her father is not to be disturbed. She forces her way into his office and stumbles upon several Pedants and museum directors in protective gear with the strongbox open. It is full of the Waste from the forest and Vespa slowly backs her way out to keep from contaminating anything else.

Vespa makes her way back to the laboratory and finds Pedant Lumin with only one sylphid, who he has trained, where there should have been a roomful; of them. Confused, Vespa studies Lumin and her thoughts turn to whether or not he is going to kiss her and if that is what she wants. What she doesn’t expect is for him to reveal that he is an Architect of Athena (a warlock) and that he believes Vespa is a witch!

Elsewhere, the Empress’ guards come to the abandoned rail yard to Cull Tinkers to work in the refinery. Syrus is the only member of the reed clan to escape. He goes to visit the Manticore deep in the forest. He laments that he wishes the Manticor4e could do something to protect the Tinkers who protect her. She says that she always thought there was nothing she could do but realizes that she was mistaken. The Manticore tells Syrus to bring her the witch and they will be able to free his family.

Is Vespa Nyx a witch and what does this mean for her future? Just who is pedant Lumin and is he truly a warlock? What secret does Charles Waddingly hide? Why is Vespa’s father experimenting with the Waste? Will Syrus be able to help the Manticore and save the forest and the clan families? And will Vespa be able to rise about it all when the situation calls for it?

A book with tons of action and adventure set in a steam punk, fantasy realm with a splash of romance, readers will be clamoring for more of Vespa Nyx. Ms. Trent is currently working on book two.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Miles Halter has a thing for famous last words. A social outcast at his public high school in Florida, he decides to begin his junior year at his father’s alma mater, Culver Creek Boarding School in Alabama. Hoping to start anew, Miles soon meets his new roommate, Chip “the Colonel” Martin who promptly states that he is not going to be Miles’ ticket to popularity at the Creek. The Colonel slowly shows Miles some of the ropes around campus and a friendship develop. One person the Colonel introduces Miles to turns out to be Alaska Young.

Smart, beautiful and incredibly sexy Alaska captures Miles’ attention immediately. Alaska is faithful to her boyfriend away at college but hangs out with Miles, the Colonel and their friend Takumi. Soon Miles finds himself tangled in Alaska’s labyrinth and doesn’t want to escape. With each chapter heading counting down to the unknown, the reader is left wondering what looms on the horizon.

Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan (Sky Chasers book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Glow, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the series for you.

“Once the embers are glowing, it only takes one small breath to ignite the spark …”

Things are far from normal since Waverly Marshall and the girls from the Empyrean barely escaped from Anne Mather and her congregation on the New Horizon. Having to leave their parent behind as prisoners, most of the children blame Waverly while a few see her as a hero. Her days are spent working on farm equipment where she is in relative solitude. Seth Ardvale spends his time in solitary confinement in the brig as punishment for his failed attempt to overthrow Kieran Alden, the Captain of the Empyrean. His only consolation is the hope that Waverly might visit him again, but he is not holding his breath. Waverly is well known to be Kieran’s girlfriend.

Kieran’s Sunday morning congregation has dwindled to about half of the ship’s crew. Everyone is waiting the day that the Empyrean will catch up to the New Horizon and rescue their parents. When a blast rocks the ship during Sunday morning services, everyone aboard is thrown into a panic. Kieran and his top officers discover that someone has tampered with the computer navigation software and the blasts where really thruster bursts. It is not long before Kieran discovers that Seth has escaped fr5om the brig. It is revealed that Waverly visited Seth in the brig a month earlier. Kieran asks her why she is undermining his authority. While talking, Kieran realizes that their relationship is fractured beyond repair. With 250 lives in his hands, Kieran realizes that there aren’t many people he can trust.

Hiding on the ship, Seth soon realizes that someone on board has tampered with the surveillance system. He goes to find his friend Max for some more information. Even thought he is drunk, Seth realizes that Max has been poisoned. He carries him to the elevator and sends it to the infirmary. Max is found unconscious and he dies the next morning. Seth begins to suspect that someone from the New Horizon is on board to sabotage their efforts. He investigates and finds conclusive evidence of someone on board. Seth is able to get a message to Kieran to alert him of the situation.

Chasing Seth down on one of the storage bays, Kieran has it out with him. Seth claims someone unlocked his cell. Kieran is doubtful and the two boys soon exchange words over Waverly. Kieran says that Seth will never be with her. Hurt, he leaves. The next thing everyone on the Empyrean hears is an announcement by Kieran. He informs them of a stowaway on board from the New Horizon and that Seth Ardvale is helping them. Waverly is stunned and Seth knows that he is in trouble.

Who is attempting to sabotage the Empyrean? Will they ever be able to catch up to the New Horizon and rescue their parents? Will Seth be able to prove his innocence? Can Kieran maintain control of the Empyrean? Will Waverly patch things up with Kieran or will she start a new relationship with Seth? And will either ship make it to New Earth?

The next installment in the Sky Chasers storyline will be available in the Summer of 2013.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Immortal Hearts by Ellen Schreiber (Vampire Kisses book 9)

SPOILER ALERT! This is the ninth and final book in the Vampire Kisses saga!

“I will love you for all of eternity.” – Alexander Sterling

For Raven Madison, life in Dullesville is almost perfect. She is dating the vampire of her dreams; the incredibly handsome Alexander Sterling has fabulous Underworldly friends and has a sensational nightclub to dance in until dawn. The only thing missing is the fact that Alexander has yet to make Raven a vampire. Alexander’s best friend Sebastian has recently dodged Luna Maxwell’s clutches when she attempted to trick him into a commitment ceremony. Raven’s vampire friends, Scarlet and Onyx, have their sights set on guys, including Raven’s arch nemesis, Trevor Mitchell. Even though she isn’t interested I Trevor, Raven is still uneasy about him possibly dating a vampire. To top off everything, Raven’s best friend, Becky Miller, discovered he truth about vampires living in Dullesville and is slowly accepting it.

Now that life is somewhat perfect for Raven, she and Alexander are awaiting the arrival of his younger sister, Athena “Stormy” Sterling. For Raven, she is excited to finally meet her and see what being a vampire is really like. On the other hand, she is terrified that Stormy will not be accepting of her. Will Raven and Stormy hit it off or will they be at adds, with Alexander caught in the middle?

In this final chapter in the Vampire Kisses saga, will Raven’s dreams of becoming a vampire and being Alexander’s for all eternity come true or will she decide that giving up her humanity isn’t worth it?

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Once by Anna Carey (Eve book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Eve, Stop! I don’t want to ruin a fantastic series for you!

“When you’re being hunted, who can you trust?”

Three months have passed since Eve left an injured Caleb behind to live at Califia, the all-female settlement on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin to escape her future in New America. Having been promised to the King as his wife and the mother of his heirs, she is in hiding as he continues to search for her. Locked behind the walls of the City of Sand is what is in store for Eve if she is caught. Settling into her new life, Caleb is never far from her mind. When an unknown person is spotted on the bridge, Califia is on high alert fearing it is one of the King’s soldiers. Eve is surprised to spot her friend Arden who has finally reached the settlement.

Later that night, both girls awake to the sounds of the settlement’s founders talking downstairs. Several of the women are ready to kick Eve out because of the threat she poses to their way of life. Some of the others want to use her as a bargaining chip with the King to save Califia if it comes to that. Eve and Arden keep quiet about what they found out and begin to make plans to leave. At dinner one night, someone tells Eve that they heard word on the outside that Caleb is hurt and hiding at an IKEA store. The girls decide it is time to leave.

Eve trips and screams as they get to the end of the bridge during their escape attempt. Running for their lives, they soon reach the IKEA. Eve goes off in search of Caleb without waiting for Arden. She soon realizes that it is a trap and three soldiers await her. Both girls put up a valiant effort but are captured any way. Shortly, they find themselves at the gates to the City of Sand, the one place Eve worked so hard to avoid. From the outside, the city doesn’t live up to the girls’ expectations. Once the gate opens, they realize that they are back at their old school. Arden is quickly strapped to a gurney. Eve is given very little time to say good-bye and notices her friend Ruby. Asking about Pip, Ruby doesn’t react and Eve is loaded back on to the truck for the City of Sand.

Finally arriving at the City gates, all of Eve’s expectations are met as she enters the City. She voices her displeasure to Sergeant Stark about her treatment and he states he did what was necessary to bring her to the King. All of her suffering will never make up for Eve killing his friends. At the King’s residence, Eve looks for a way to escape but comes up empty-handed. When the King enters, Eve states that she will never bear his children. That is not what he wants and when the King reveals his true motive, Eve’s world is turned upside down.

What does the King really want Eve for? Will she ever find Caleb again? Can she rescue her friends from school? And what is in store for Eve in the City of Sand?

The Eve trilogy will conclude with Rise due out on April 2, 2013.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore (Lorien Legacies book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first two books in the Lorien Legacies, I am Number Four and The Power of Six, Stop! I don't want to ruin the series for you.

The Rise of Nine is told from three different viewpoints. Four tells the story of tracking Sam in the U.S. and the story of locating Eight is alternated between Six and Marina (Seven). Three different type faces are utilized to help keep track of the various viewpoints.

Since the battle with the Mogadorians at the lake in Spain and at their base in West Virginia, the known Lorien Garde has split up to prepare for their next battle. Six, along with Marina (Seven), Ella (Ten) and Ella’s unofficial Cepan, Crayton, are on a flight to India in search of a possible member of the Garde. Residing in the Himalayan Mountains, Crayton believes the boy may be the one to possess all of the Legacies like Pittacus Lore and be the only chance to defeat the invincible and powerful Mogadorian leader, Setrakus Ra. His impending arrival on Earth is a sign that the remaining six members of the Lorien Garde are now a viable threat as they are coming into their Legacies. Six would rather head back to West Virginia and meet up with John Smith (Four) and his friend Sam than go on Crayton’s hunch.

Four is slowly recovering from his battle in the Mogadorian hideout to take back his chest. Having to leave Sam behind, Four is with Nine and the two are not getting along. Four has a dream that Setrakus Ra is holding Sam hostage and will let him go if Four comes back to fight him. Nine believes that the two of them need to rejoin Six and the others to train for their fight against Setrakus Ra. But Four is unwillingly to let his friend Sam be tortured and when Bernie Kosar lets him know that they aren’t that far from the compound.

Soon they realize that the federal government is working with the Mogadorians when their hideout is raided. The two are able to escape but not before learning some truths. The government has Sam and Sarah, who never sold Sam out. Only with the knowledge that they are in the western part of the U.S., the two boys hitch a ride on a freight train to begin their journey.

Upon their arrival in New Delhi, their taxi is soon commandeered by what at first glance seems to be rebel forces until they notice the number eight painted ion all of the doors. The leader, Commander Sharma, states that they are expected and to come with him. Deciding to take a chance, the Lorien head out with the caravan, soon they run into trouble and find themselves fighting for their lives. Six, Marina and Ella use their Legacies to ensure the opposing forces retreat. Commander Sharma tells them they must climb the mountain before dark to reach Vishnu.

Waiting together, they reach the top to find a lake with a statue of Vishnu in the center. Commander Sharma tells the three Garde members they must pass a test before speaking to him. Using their legacies, Six, Marina and Ella each prove their worth and to Sharma’s disbelief, Eight shows his true form. Telling Sharma that he no longer needs his services, Eight joins the three Garde members to begin training for their fight with Setrakus Ra.

Will Four and Nine be able to rescue Sam and Sarah? Is Eight as powerful as Pittacus Lore as Crayton believes or is it someone else? Where in the world is Five hiding and what are their Legacies? Can the seven remaining Lorien Garde join together to save Earth and themselves from Setrakus Ra?

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Lux book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Obsidian, Stop! I don’t want to ruin one of my favorite series for you.

Katy Swartz and Daemon Black now share a connection since he saved her life. Not sure what the connection means, Katy is attempting to stay away from Daemon while he is actively pursuing her. Wanting the kind of love that her parents had, Katy is having a hard time believing that Daemon is actually interested after the way her treated her in the beginning. Playing cat and mouse, he bets her that by New Year’s Day, she will have admitted her true feelings for him.

On top of everything that is going on with Daemon, something just isn’t right with Katy. Since being ill, strange things have been occurring with Katy, like her locker opening on its own or a glass falling out of the cabinet. After telling Daemon about her unexplainable abilities, he warns her to keep a low profile. But when the new kid in school, Blake Saunders, shows an interest in her, Katy cannot help but wonder what a relationship with a human boy might be like. And Daemon is deeply hurt.

What is going on with Katy and her newfound abilities? Can she have a relationship with Blake or will her feelings for Daemon win out? Who exactly is Blake and what secret is he hiding? Can the two boys put aside their dislike for one another to keep Katy safe from the Department of Defense?

Even better than the first book in the series, Daemon and Katy’s story continues in Opal out December 11, 2012.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Child prodigy, Colin Singleton, likes a specific type of girl. To him, appearances do not matter, but every girl he has ever dated has been named Katherine. Never a Katie, Kathy, or even Catherine, nineteen girls named Katherine in fact. And all nineteen have dumped him. When Katherine the Nineteenth breaks up with him, Colin is devastated. In an attempt to cheer Colin up, the only friend he has ever made, Hassan Harbish, decides that the two of them need to take a road trip. Their parents reluctantly agree and the boys head off for destination unknown in Colin’s car, Satan’s hearse.

After traveling a few days, Hassan is unable to bring Colin out of his funk. They soon see a roadside sign promoting the tomb of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Hassan persuades Colin to see just what exactly they might have. Two boys from Chicago; one part Jewish, the other Sunni Muslim, soon find themselves in the small, backwoods town of Gutshot, Tennessee and in the presence of “paramedic in training” Lindsey Lee Wells.

When Lindsey’s mother Hollis offers the two boys jobs for the summer, Hassan jumps on the opportunity and Colin sees it as time to mathematically figure out where his relationships have gone wrong. Soon the two boys are fitting into small town life. Is Colin really a washed up child genius? Can he get past his hang ups about girls named Katherine? Will he be able to open his heart to love where he least expects it?

  Oh John Green, why have I waited so long to discover your books! Humorous to the point I laughed out loud, this is one book not to miss.

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Rift by Andrea Cremer (Nightshade prequel book 1)

Reading Alert: Even though Rift takes place in the Nightshade world, you don’t have to read the trilogy in order to understand this book. Rift will provide Nightshade fans with the background information on the Witches’ War.

“She can battle darkness, but she can’t fight love.”

AD 1404 Scottish lowlands

Sixteen-year-old Ember Morrow dreams of a life in which “she could live by her sword and her courage.” The daughter of a nobleman, a life of marriage and motherhood lies before her. Her only hope of escape is the debt of her life her father owes to the Conatus. When her birth didn’t progress as it should have and both mother and child were near certain death, their lives were saved by the sudden appearance of a Conatus trained midwife. Unfortunately her services came with a price. Ember was pledged to the Conatus during her sixteenth tear and her arrival at their keep “is considered a harbinger of the Order’s future. One way or the other.”

When her old friend Alistair Hart arrives with Barrow Hess to escort Ember to the Conatus’ keep at Terrmunn, Lord Morrow tries his best to delay her inevitable journey. After a fight with Morrow’s best three men, Hess prevails and preparations are quickly made to leave within the hour.

Upon their arrival at Terrmunn, they are greeted by the Conatus and a neighboring lord named Mackenzie. Ember is relieved to be out of the carriage and is slightly worried about her older sister Agnes, who was ill throughout the trip. Lord Morrow is thrilled to learn that Lord Mackenzie has a bachelor son. He hopes to work out a deal that will satisfy the Conatus and secure a husband for Ember. Alistair tells Ember she will have to undergo a trial but he is unable to provide any details. Ember just hopes that she will be able to choose the path she wishes to take.

The morning of the trials, the initiates meet Father Michael who explains the process. Every person will choose which path they wish to follow; craft, knowledge or war and must pass the test to continue or they will be asked to leave. Even after seeing all of the books of knowledge, Ember knows that war is the path she must follow. With the Guard watching, Barrow leads Ember to the beginning of her path and gives her a lantern and a dagger. Finding herself in the wine cellar, she quickly realizes she is not alone. Ember kills the revenant and sees the way out of the cellar. Father Michael greets her at the end and lets her know she was the only initiate to choose the path of war. He tells her a bit about the mission of the Guards and offers to answer any questions. He then takes her to the barracks to begin her new life.

The Guard commander, Lukasz, begins by asking who amongst them will become Ember’s mentor. Sorcha, the only woman in the Guard, is about to offer when Lord Morrow comes barreling through the door. Infuriated by her choice, he begs her to reconsider and marry. When Ember refuses, he accuses Conatus of bewitching her. Barrow steps forward and say that he is going to be her mentor and orders Morrow to leave. He does and Ember fears Barrow offered to make her father depart. Having never been a mentor before, he says it is time to become a teacher and will train Ember. She is thrilled.

Having dinner one last time for the foreseeable future with her family, Ember feels that she is at her own funeral. Agnes continually sobs and her father attempts a last ditch effort to forge a marriage contract with Mackenzie, only to be shot down. Making a drunken scene, Morrow accuses Conatus of being witches and dinner is over. Ember tells Agnes goodbye and Alistair offers to show her to her room. Barrow stops him and says that Ember is his responsibility.

Showing her to her room, Ember notices its sparseness and that her life is finally changing. Sorcha will have to show Ember some things about dressing and Barrow leaves her for the night. Her past is now her past and her future is with the Guard. Setting into her new life, Ember begins her training with a passion. But as she discovers what Conatus is really about, Ember knows that she made the right decision.

Will Ember make it as a member of the Guard? What happens when the secrets of Conatus are discovered by someone who will hold it against them? What are Alistair Hart’s true motives regarding Ember? Will Ember finally lose her heart to love and will her feelings be reciprocated? And what choices must be made when a member of the Guard invites dark magic in and sides must be chosen?

In this thrilling prequel to the Nightshade trilogy, the beginnings of the Witches’ War is told. Ember’s story is concluded in Rise out on January 8, 2013.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Kill Order by James Dashner (Maze Runner prequel)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the three books in the Maze Runner trilogy, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the story for you.

The Kill Order begins with the events that occurred when the solar flares struck Earth and destroyed one half of the world’s population. All of this transpires thirteen years prior to Thomas entering the Glade in The Maze Runner. The story is about a small group of survivors who fled New York for the Appalachian Mountains outside of Asheville, N.C. and what happens when the Flare is released into the world. Very few questions are answered and no new information about Thomas and Teresa’s roles with WICKED is provided.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Glitch by Heather Anastasiu

With the nuclear destruction of the Earth, what is left of humanity now lives in subterranean communities. Everyone at birth is implanted with a port that connects with a V-chip located at the base of the brain. The V-chip connects each person with the Link. With no emotions, thoughts or actions of their own, humans are nothing more than mindless robots. Order first, order always is the motto everyone lives by. Anomalies are rare and almost always fixable. In extreme cases where anomalies cannot be repaired, humans are deactivated.
Zoe has been experiencing glitches with her connection to the Link for two months now. Vowing each day to report the problem to a Regulator, her unknown view of the world around her is too stimulating to give up. While waiting on a subway train one day, Zoe sees a young girl starting to fall from the platform onto the tracks below. Unable to stop herself, she is able to save the young girl from certain death by levitating her back onto the plat5from. Zoe fears the secret of her glitching and the power of telekinesis is out when she sees a green-eyed boy watching her.
While in class at the Academy, Zoe experiences another glitch. She is almost caught when the teacher asks her why she is not responding to her page. Gathering her things, she reports to the room where an older man waits for her. She knows her gig is up when the man informs her that he is there to check her Link. He is starting the test when the green-eyed boy comes into the room. After subduing the man, he flees into the hidden tunnels with Zoe. Climbing up a long flight of stairs, Zoe and Adrien come to a door that leads to the surface. Adrien is about to open the door when Zoe panics. All of her live she has been told that the world above ground is too toxic for humans. Adrien tells her that it is all a lie and most of the Community government buildings are above ground. When Adrien mentions the Resistance is comprised of people with gifts like hers, he lets her know that is able to see the future and that is how he was able to locate her. Zoe is still terrified and wants to turn herself in. Adrien lets her know that painful experimentation not deactivation will be her life.
With time running out, Zoe realizes what her options really are. She could go back to the Community to face deactivation or head to the surface with the possibility of dying in the toxic environment. “Or just maybe, having a chance to escape.” Zoe decides to go with Adrien.
Can Adrien be trusted? What is really on the surface? Why has the Community lied about everything and kept its citizens numb through the Link? Who exactly is the resistance and what is their purpose? How man y others have special gifts like Zoe and Adrien? What happens when Zoe has to assimilate herself back into the Community? Who notices that Zoe is glitching and what does she do when they reveal their gift? And what happens when Zoe remains disconnected from the Link and begins to not only experience human emotions for the first time but finds herself in the midst of a love triangle?

Book two in the Glitch trilogy, Override is due out February 19, 2013.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King

"Is it okay to hate a dead kid? Even if I loved him once? Even if he was my best friend? Is it okay to hate him for being dead?"

Vera Dietz has secretly been in love with her best friend/next door neighbor Charlie Kahn most of her life, even though he betrayed her twice. First he humilated Vera in front of his detention center/loser friends and second by dying. Haunted by her unresolved feelings and knowing the true circumstances behind his death, Vera attempts to come to grips with what has happened not only with recently with Charlie but her dysfunctional family life.

When Charlie starts haunting Vera, begging her to clear his name, will she be able to do the right thing not only for Charlie's memory but herself?

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scarlet by A. C. Gaughen

“No one really knows ‘bout me. I’m Rob’s secret, I’m his informant, I’m his shadow in dark places. No one ever takes me for more than a knockabout lad, a whip of a boy. They never really see …”

In a retelling of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men, Will Scarlet is hiding a secret. He is really a she and only Rob and his gang know the truth. By helping to steal from the rich to give to the poor, Scarlet tries to play the tough guy and refuses to divulge anything about her previous life. Always threatening to leave, deep down she stays with the band of thieves to help the people of Nottingham. It doesn’t hurt that her heart picks up speed when Rob glances her way.

While on a mission to rescue a young lad from the palace jail, Scarlet discovers that Prince John has ordered the Sheriff of Nottingham to rid the town of Robin Hood and his band of thieves. What really unsettles her is that the thief taker hired for the job is Lord Gisbourne. Having last seen him four years earlier, Scarlet has been running from Gisbourne ever since. “Now it seemed fate’d run straight back around to slam our lives together.”

With tax day looming and Gisbourne looking for the “Hood”, the pressure is on Scarlet, Rob and the others to protect not only the citizens of Nottingham but themselves. What other secrets is Scarlet keeping from the others? Who is Lord Gisbourne and why is Scarlet terrified of him? Will the “Hood” be able to escape the wrath of the Sheriff of Nottingham? And what happens to Scarlet at the end?

Scarlet was written as a standalone novel.

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