Monday, April 4, 2011

Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann

Cryer’s Cross, Wyoming, population 212, is the home to Kendall Fletcher. Kendall suffers from compulsive-obsessive disorder (OCD) and it controls her life. When Tiffany Queen disappears without a trace in the spring, Kendall’s life is disrupted. Order is a necessity in her life and only her childhood friend/boyfriend Nico Cruz knows her secret. When Kendall and Nico’s senior year begins, Kendall is relieved to have a sense of normalcy back in her life. As the only girl her age at school, Kendall is surprised to learn that two new students will be attending her school, Marlena and Jacian Obregon.

Jacian is also a senior and angry to be in a new school where he feels his life has been turned upside down. Even worse, he was questioned in Tiffany’s disappearance since he was new in town. When Nico becomes distant towards Kendall and then disappears, the town is once again in an uproar that quickly dies down. Kendall’s life is spirally out of control, especially when soccer is cancelled due to not enough players. The sheriff implements a curfew for the young people and no one is to be alone. With Nico missing, Kendall is paired with Jacian, much to her dismay. But they soon find out they have a lot in common.

Who or what is causing the young people of Cryer’s Cross to disappear? And can Kendall figure it out before she becomes the next victim?
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