Monday, January 30, 2012

Darkness Falls by Cate Tiernan

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Immortal Beloved, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the story for you.

“You can run from your past, but it will always catch up.”

Immortal Nastasya is 459 years old but looks and unfortunately has the maturity of seventeen. Trying to rectify her bad girl ways, she has gone to River’s Edge in Massachusetts. With the help of River and the other teachers, Nastasya and the others are learning to use their magick for good while living the farm life. A make out session in the barn with the drop-dead gorgeous Reyn quickly turns into the horrible realization that Reyn and his family terrorized her homeland of Iceland for the first one hundred years of her life. At the age of 470 with the looks of 20, Reyn was known as the Butcher of Winter at the time. He killed everyone in her family after her family killed most of his. To add insult to injury, Nell, who was pining for Reyn unbeknownst only to him, sees them kissing and goes off the deep end. River has to send her away for treatment.

New Years Eve is a time for reflection at River’s Edge and the residents gather for a magick circle. They reflect and release something they no longer need; Nastasya decides to release her darkness. She is beginning to realize that most of her choices in life have been self centered and she is trying to right her wrongs. Feeling a bit insecure, she lags behind and finds herself alone. She is frightened when she hears something and is startled when Reyn comes towards her. He has noticed that she doesn’t like to be alone in the dark. As they are walking back towards the farmhouse, their feelings for one another ignite and they are soon kissing. When they break apart, Nastasya is full of regrets and Reyn is hurt.

One week later, Nastasya feels her life is in total disarray. By casting out her darkness, she thinks she has released he dark magic to cause havoc on everyone around her. Not only does she feel she is hurting those at River’s Edge and the drug store but Nastasya beings seeing her past in a different light. A distraught and emotional, Nas break down to River and then runs out into the night. Crying in the snow in a seldom used field, she hopes that Reyn or someone will at least come looking for her. To her surprise, Incy is her rescuer. Soon he talks her into returning with him to Boston and the good times they had.

What are Incy’s true motives for having Nastasya be a part of his life? Did she make the right choice of going with him and leaving River’s Edge? What will River and the others think when she is discovered missing? And will Nastasya be able to put Reyn out of her mind?

The Immortal Beloved trilogy will conclude with Immortal Light.

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