Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fear by Michael Grant (Gone series book 5)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first four books in the Gone series, Stop! I don't want to ruin the story for you.

“It’s been one year since all the adults disappeared. Gone. Despite the hunger and the lies, the kids of Perdido Beach are determined to survive.”

It has been four months of relative quiet in the FAYZ since the events that occurred in Plague. Sam, as well as Edilio, Dekka and some others has set up a new community along the shores of Lake Tramonto. Astrid is spending some time alone, beating herself up over her decision to sacrifice Little Pete during the beetle attack on Perdido Beach. Caine, along with Albert and Quinn, stayed behind in the town. Sadistic Quinn is lying in wait in the liar of the gaiaphage. Lana is living in the Clifftop resort along with Sanjit and his siblings. Diana realizes that her pregnancy is progressing too quickly and fears that her unborn child may be evil. The peace in the FAYZ crumbles as the inhabitants discover that the barrier is changing as a dark stain begins to grow up the walls of the dome.

As the darkness falls across the FAYZ, the fear begins to set in. What is the mission the gaiaphage has sent Drake/Brittany on? Will chaos come to the FAYZ or will Sam and Caine be able to work together? Can Astrid find her way back? What really happened to Little Pete? Why is the darkness covering the dome? And what is going on with Diana’s baby?

Fear is the creepiest book yet in Michael Grant’s Gone series and fans finally get to see a glimpse of what is going on outside the dome. The series will conclude in 2013 with Light.

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