Friday, May 18, 2012

City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare (Mortal Instruments book 5)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read any of the previous four books in the Mortal Instruments series, Stop! I don't want to ruin one of my favorite series for you. Go back and read them along with the Infernal Devices series as well. For maximum understanding, read Ms. Clare's books in publication order.

When Maryse Lightwood went to the roof to see the remains of Lilith’s ritual to bring Sebastian back to life, what she found is not what she expected. Jace was gone. So was Sebastian. His glass coffin was shattered and blood stains covered the area. The Shadowhunters begin the search for Valentine’s son while Clary collapsed from her loss. Two weeks have passed with no signs of either boy and Clary has undergone extensive testimony before the Clave holding the Mortal Sword. Isabelle has been Clary’s staunchest supporter. When the Clave finds Clary broke no laws in asking the Angel Raziel to save Jace’s life, she is ready to join the search for Jace. Alec stops her by saying the Clave is pulling back on the search for Sebastian to deal with some important wards being down. With no clues to be found and other matters to be dealt with, the Clave is waiting for Sebastian to make the next move.

Clary and her friends decide to take matters into their own hands to find Jace. Using the bell the Seelie Queen sent her, Clary goes to see if she can tell her where Jace is. Never one to just give away information the Queen asks Clary to return a set of faery rings the Shadowhunters have. She agrees knowing exactly where they are. Clary sneaks into the Institute’s library to retrieve the rings while everyone is in a Clave meeting. While on the balcony, Jace and Sebastian suddenly appear out of thin air looking for a book. Clary notices that both boys look well and is concerned when they seem to be getting along. They leave before Clary is spotted.

Everyone is stumped by Jace’s behavior but all agree not to tell the Clave for fear they would kill him. Asleep at Luke’s house, Clary has a dream about the two boys and awakes to find Jace in bed with her. He is there with Sebastian and tells Clary and tells Clary that he wants her to come with them. Before she can give an answer, Jocelyn and Luke discover the three of them. A confrontation ensues and two critical things happen; Sebastian stabs Luke in the chest and Clary realizes the extent of the bond between the boys. The two are now connected; hurt one and you hurt both of them. If the Clave were to kill Sebastian, Jace would also die.
Devastated by the news, Clary will stop at nothing to save Jace, even if it means her own. Going against everyone’s wishes, Clary does the unthinkable and leaves with Jace and Sebastian. Is Jace truly lost to Clary? Can the connection between Sebastian and Jace be severed? Will Luke’s life be saved? What is Sebastian up to and can he be stopped? And what will become of Clary?

Cassandra Clare’s next book, Clockwork Princess, the final installment of the Infernal Devices trilogy is due out March 13, 2013 while the Mortal Instruments series will be completed with the publication of City of Heavenly Fire on March 19, 2014.

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  1. I finally finished the first book and I LOVED IT!!!

  2. So glad you did. The movie comes out this time next year and I cannot wait!

  3. Oh my goodness, I really hope the movie is as good as the book.