Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Irises by Francisco X. Stork

“Two sisters. Three Men. One Decision.”

Eighteen-year-old Kate has dreamed of going to college at Stanford to become a doctor since her mother took her for a visit four years ago. She promises her mother to continue to work hard to earn a scholarship and to keep her dreams a secret from her father, who wants her to go to school in El Paso and her younger sister Mary. Kate continues to work hard for her college dreams even after the accident that left her mother in a vegetative state.

Sixteen-year-old Mary would like nothing more than to stay at home and paint. An aspiring artist, she studies her influences to see how to become a better painter. The two sisters deal with the unexpected twists in their lives, each in their own separate ways. Their minister father has kept his two daughters on a tight leash as they deal with the care of their mother at home instead of removing her from life support. Never having a close relationship, the bond between the two sisters is put to the test when their father suddenly dies, leaving them alone to care for themselves and their mother.
Not only does a new world open up for the girls now that they are no longer living under the strict confines of their father but the pressing responsibilities of caring for themselves and their invalid mother come down. Three men, each offering what they think the girls need, come into their lives in the hopes of swaying their futures. Mary meets Marcos in art guild, a gang member who is trying to better his life and help her out of her shell. Kate's boyfriend Simon offers marriage and stability for the family. And Andy sees Kate's ambition and suggests that she shouldn't throw away her dreams of Stanford. When the question arises of what to do with their mother, the girls become divided on what is best for her.

What will Kate and Mary decide about their mother? Will Kate choose to follow her dreams and go to Stanford or marry Simon to provide for everyones' futures? What part will Andy play in Kate's future? Can Mary find her way back to her love of art and will Marcos help with that endeavor? Will these two sisters find their way back to each other or will their split be permanent?

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