Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Wicked Within by Kelly Keaton (Gods and Monsters book 3)

"No one is safe for her fury."

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first two books in the series, A Beautiful Evil and Darkness, Stop! I don't want to ruin the series for you.

Two weeks have passed since Ari stabbed the goddess Athena during their battle in the ruins. With just three and a half years until her twenty-first birthday, Ari is desperate to stop the centuries old curse on her family and becoming a gorgon forever. For the first time in her life, she no longer feels lost and alone. Ari has found a home and family in New 2.

With Henri and Violet, they travel to the swamp to visit the River Witch. He tells Ari that she must locate the Hands of Zeus or everything she holds dear; her family, friends and New 2 will be destroyed by the wrath of Athena. The destruction of New Orleans by her hand fifteen years earlier will be child's play compared to what she will unleash. The Hands of Zeus are actually Athena's child, frozen in stone. It will be their only chance at survival. Athena wants Ari to resurrect her child but she also knows that Athena would not spare her life. If Ari finds the Hands and brings them to him, the River Witch will lift Ari's curse. It is known that Josephine Arnaud, a Novem council member, head of the Arnaud family of vampires and Sebastian's grandmother, has knowledge of the whereabouts of the Hands. It seems that Josephine has something against Athena. The River Witch knows too much about the situation for Ari to trust him, but he did teach Violet some things when she was younger. Before they leave, the River Witch tells Violet that her day is coming and to face fear head on. Ari is frightened by his words.

Sebastian has changed as well since Athena turned him to stone and Ari resurrected him. Now that he has drunk blood and turned towards his vampire side, he has withdrawn from Ari and the rest of the kids at the GD house. Now he will always need blood to live. Part vampire and part witch, his powers have manifested since he was brought back to life. Not wanting Ari and his friends to see how the blood lust has changed him, he has lied to and kept things from them. Sebastian is determined to help Ari and find the Hands of Zeus, especially when Athena offers the Novem a deal. Knowing where the Hands are, it is not long before they are found to be missing. The race is on to find the Hands before someone else's agenda can be fulfilled.

Can Ari find the Hands of Zeus before Athena or someone else? Are the Hands really Athena's child frozen in stone? Why did Josephine hide the Hands and what does she have against Athena? How is the River Witch connected to Athena and the curse? Will Ari know her destiny when the time comes? What is Violet's part in the ultimate showdown? Will Ari be able to break free from Athena's curse? Can Sebastian accept what he has now become? Can Ari and Sebastian live happily ever after?


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