Friday, December 13, 2013

Snakeroot by Andrea Cremer (Nightshade Legacy book 1/Mightshade series book 6)

Even though it would seem that this book is the start of a new series, it is actually a continuation of the Nightshade world. It greatly helps if you have read the first three books in the Nightshade trilogy and the Nightshade prequels. I wouldn't want you to get lost reading one of my favorite series.

"Return to the world of Nightshade."

Adne has suffered from nightmares about her mother's death. They were replaced by something much worse on the day of the Searchers' greatest victory when the Rift was closed. Now each night, Bosque Mar is waiting for her and she goes to him when beckoned. Never in the same place but the nightmare is always the same. Mar has been banished for. The human world but the harbinger still visits Adne's dreams. Logan Bane sent two men to take things from the library at Rowan Estate. One got away with books on the beginnings of the Keepers and the family tree. The second man was stopped and he had a box containing some relics from keeper history. The surviving Searchers realize that Logan is going back to the beginning of Keeper history for something. Adne decides that whatever Logan is looking for, she must find it first.

Logan Bane has lost everything in life; his standing, his inheritance, his pack. He tried to play both sides. Rebellion from afar looked good, but up close it was bloody. With his father dead, Calla made him call Bosque Mar out of the Rift so that Shay, the Scion, could close it and trap Mar forever. One of the few Keepers to survive the war, Logan has been on the move constantly to keep from being found by the Searchers. Now he is obsessed with the history of the Keepers and the books he had stolen from Rowan Estate have pointed him in the direction of the Roth twins, Chase and Audrey or rather their father's personal library. Without Mar, the Keepers will age and no longer look youthful. Logan is looking for a way to release Bosque Mar from the Rift.

With the help of the Roth twins, Logan is able to cast a spell that calls forth someone unexpected, Ren Laroche. Killed by his father in the battle at Rowan Estate, he is trapped as a spirit between the human world and the Nether. Unable to find answers on his own, he is able to answer any question Logan asks him and learns more about what he has become. Then, Ren recognizes Adne's cries and finds himself back in the garden at Rowan Estate. He howls and this time, the Haldis pack answers him. Ren smells blood and sees a dark shadow standing over something lying on the ground. The closes he gets he finds Basque mar standing over an unconscious Adne. Ren shifts to human form and Mar tells him they are both alike, they can walk across the eons. He hasn't hurt Adne. Show him the loyal that he shows his newfound sister and Mar will teach Ren everything he needs to know. Shay, as a wolf, shows up and Ren shifts back to show him how to drag Adne to the rear of the house for help. Sarah, Shay's distraught mother, watches from a window and believes that her son hasn't lost his humanity. She is determined to bring her son back to her as a human. Other than being unconscious, there is nothing wrong with Adne.

What is happening to Ren? Why is he caught between worlds? Can he eventually cross over? Why is Bosque Mar haunting Adne's dreams? What does he want with her? Why does Logan need the box of artifacts left behind at Rowan Estate? What will going back to the beginning of Keeper history tell him? Can he find a way to open the Rift back up to allow Bosque Mar to escape? Will Sarah find a way to turn Shay back into the boy she misses?

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