Monday, June 16, 2014

Ruins by Dan Wells (Partials Sequence book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first two books in the sequence, Partials and Fragments, Stop! I don’t want to ruin in the story for you. Beware.

“Humanity’s final hour. Her final stand.”

Dr. McKenna Morgan and her army of Partials are threatening war against the human residents of East Meadow if Kira Walker is not turned over to her. Each day the residents did not surrender her, one of them would be executed. Partials were bred to be stronger and more resilient than humans but they only have a twenty year life span. Dr. Morgan believes Kira, a previously unknown Partial model, holds the key to curing the expiration date. Outnumbered ten to one, the humans lost one of their own every day for over a month before a renegade found an abandoned nuclear warhead. Just as a group of leaders decide their best possible course of action would be to evacuate Long Island before the detonation, the radio message stops. Even if the Partials have Kira, the group decides to move forward.

Kira has turned herself in to Dr. Morgan. Dr. Morgan is working with Dr. Vale to find a cure for the expiration date. Kira has none of the genetic handicaps that the other Partials have, including the expiration date. Dr. Morgan hopes that something in Kira’s genetic code can help save the Partials. All of the Partial doctors and leaders have already died and what remains are the soldier models. Their numbers are steadily dwindling and a new wave is expected to die in just a few weeks. Time is running out for everyone; Partials and humans. Kira has given herself up in the hope of saving everyone.

Samm stayed behind with Heron at the Preserve. Unlike the humans on Long Island with no cure for RM, Dr. Vale kept nine Partials comatose in order to harvest the Lurker pheromone, the basis for the cure for RM. The Preserve humans have been able to have healthy children while those on Long Island have not. Samm is part of the last purchase order of Partials. Their expiration date is in eight months. He knows that Kira left to go help find a cure but Samm wonders if he will ever see her again.

Nandita Merchant created the Partials and RM. She kidnapped four girls and used them for experimentation. She lied to everyone about the girls’ true nature. Ariel, Kira and Isolde are actually Partials. Ariel’s own baby died two years ago and now Isolde’s son Khan is sick with a mysterious disease and it looks fatal. It seems that hybrid children can die as well. They are packing to leave Long Island along with Senator Kessler, Xochi, Madison and her miracle baby Arwen, the first human child to survive in twelve years. Two Partial soldiers almost discover Nandita and Arwen before the group can leave East Meadow. They are planning to head to the Plum Island Disease Research Center, a completely isolated lab where Nandita worked. There, she hopes to study Khan’s illness and find a cure.

Is Kira the key to both human and Partial survival? What kind of Partial is Kira? Why was she built and why was her true existence kept a secret? Can the humans and Partials learn to live and work together? Will the cure to the Partial expiration date be found? Does Nandita’s group make it to Plum Island? Will a cure be found for Khan? Can Samm and Kira find their way back to each other? Will anyone survive?

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