Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dust Lands Trilogy by Moira Young

Book one - Blood Red Road

“In the Dustlands, you fight or you die.

Eighteen year old twins Saba and Lugh are complete opposites, right down to their looks. Lugh is fair like their dead mother while she is dark like their father. The three of them liv with their younger sister Emmi live along the shores of Silverlake, or what's left of it. Rain hasn't fallen in a long time and its shoreline has shrunken. Pa believes that he can read the future in the stars but no matter what he ritual he does, the rain doesn't come. Frustrated, Lugh is ready to leave him behind and Saba will follow her twin anywhere. Before they can make any real plans to leave, a terrible dust storm cuts across the lake and heads their way. Lugh and Saba race towards the storm cellar where their father and Emmi await them. Looking for her pet crow, Nero, the twins have to crouch down to keep from being struck by lightning. Saba is thrown off of her feet and Lugh helps her get up. The storm passes and leaves a red haze. Then out of the haze comes five men riding horses.

One of the men is Procter John, their neighbor who briefly visits once a month. They asks him if Lugh was the one born at midwinter and Procter tells them yes and that he has been looking after him like they had asked. The man asks Lugh how old he is and he answers eighteen. The twins know that something is wrong. The man pulls out a bolt shooter and fires at Procter John, striking him dead. Lugh tells Saba to go fetch their Pa but she won't leave him. Go, he yells and heads for the lake while Saba runs to the storm shelter. Pa asks her if they have come and she realizes that he has seen this day in the stars. She runs into the shanty looking for her crossbow and comes out and shakes her Pa. He finally comes to his senses and she sees the old Pa from before her mother died. He tells her that his time is nearly up. He has only been able to see glimpses of the future but that she must stay strong. Lugh, Emmi and others will need her and not to give up. The horsemen have caught up to Lugh and have surrounded him. Saba and Pa take up their crossbows and run to Lugh. They fire and miss while two of the riders have lassoed Lugh. They dismounted and bound his wrists and ankles. Saba and Pa take aim again and another rider turns and fires his bolt shooter. Pa falls and Saba realizes the bolt has gone through his heart. Pa is dead. She runs towards Lugh but her arrows fly wild in her anger. One of the riders fires a bolt that strikes her in her hand. Bound, the riders hoist Lugh onto a horse. Saba screams and begs them to take her as well. Lugh tells her to go back and take care of Emmi. Saba promises Lugh that she will find him as the men ride away with her brother. Emmi runs out of the shelter and takes in the death and destruction left behind. She runs to Pa and Saba falls to the ground. The skies open up and rain finally falls.

Why did the horsemen come after Lugh? What was so special about him being born at midwinter? Will Saba be able to keep her promises to Lugh and Pa? Can she find Lugh? What happens to her and Emmi?

Book two – Rebel Heart
“No one is safe.”

Book three – Raging Star
Loyalty and betrayal. Lovers and enemies.

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