Thursday, December 4, 2014

Unmarked by Kami Garcia (The Legion book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in The Legion series, Unbreakable, Stop! I don’t want to ruin Kennedy’s story for you.

“Kennedy Waters lives in a world where vengence spirits kill, ghosts keep secrets, and a demon walks among us … a demon she accidentally set free.”

Nineteen days have passed since Kennedy Waters last saw the other four members of the Legion. They believed the Shift was a weapon to destroy Andras, Author of Discords. Instead, it was the key to release the demon, who had been imprisoned for over a century. Out of the hospital, Kennedy’s aunt didn’t want to deal with a troubled teenager, so she sent her to Winterhaven Academy, the last stop for the troubled daughters of wealthy East Coast families.” A loner, Kennedy scours the news for information about the outbreak of violence that points to Andras. On the fifth day after his release, girls started disappearing; one a day. Kennedy begins to keep track and notices that the girls are similar in appearance to her. While in her room as her neighbor is blaring music, Kennedy hears a scratching noise. She realizes that in sound is coming from her room. Lines are being cut from the inside of her mirror to form the words, “He is coming for you.” Knowing that she is being hunting, Kennedy has a meltdown wanting to know why Andras is waiting. She stops when she hears a knock on her door. Opening to a girl she recognizes, the two spar until the girl gives her a message. A boy wandering behind one of the buildings gave her a note for Kennedy. She quickly opens it to see that it is from Jared. Kennedy runs to find him.

After a brief reunion, Jared is ready for Kennedy to leave with him. Kennedy feels that she doesn’t belong with them since she isn’t a member of the Legion. It’s her fault Andras escaped and she is afraid others will be hurt or worse. Jared doesn’t care because Kennedy belongs with him. He reveals that her mother’s death was an accident and Kennedy was right all along. Her mother was never a member of the Legion. Reeling, Kennedy listens as Jared admits that he made a grave mistake. Andras only killed her mother because he had written her name on the list. Lukas found out that the fifth member of the Legion is still alive. They are a member of her family. Devastated that it could only mean her father, Jared tells her that it is not him. Her father has a sister who is the fifth member in hiding. Kennedy is stunned. Jared also informs her that they now know what Andras wants now that he is freed, the gates of Hell. Kennedy refuses to leave with him, afraid he will get hurt because of her. News flash! He is distracted wondering if she is safe. He mentions the missing girls who look like her. They would be safer with each other. Kennedy rejoins the four members of the Legion who have also brought along her best friend Elle.

Why did Kennedy’s father leave when she was five? Is her aunt really the lost fifth member of the Legion? How can they find her? Will Kennedy become the a member of the Legion? Why are girls who resemble Kennedy disappearing at the rate of one a day? How can Andras be stopped? Can her relationship with Jared survive? What happens when Kennedy’s world is turned upside down?

Readers will be eagerly awaiting the final book due out Fall 2015.

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