Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Lux book 5)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first four books in the series; Obsidian, Onyx, Opal and Origin, Stop. I don't want to ruin the ending of the series for you.

"They'll need each other to survive..."

It turns out that Daedalus was right, the Luxen have come to Earth with the intent to take over. Katy is in a cabin in Idaho with Beth and two Origins; Archer and Luc, wondering why Daemon and his family left to join the newly arrived Luxen. She has no idea when or if he is coming back. So far, the Luxen have been silent since their arrival. When she is the last to discover that Dawson's girlfriend Beth is pregnant, Katy and Archer head to town to a supermarket for some supplies. While there, the unexpected happens. Super strong Luxen arrive who are able to take over human bodies. Trying to save a frightened child, Katy knowingly draws the Luxen's attention. Archer isn't happy and these new Luxen don't know what to think of a hybrid and an Origin. Battling their way out, they notice that the store and outside look as if the zombie apocalypse without the zombies has arrived. Before they can get out of the store, Katy feels a pull and Archer is unable to stop her. Thinking that she has found Daemon, Katy is blown away when it is Dawson instead. Then, Katy's world goes dark.

Dawson has taken Katy back to the mayor's house where the Luxen have set up base. The Luxen is charge has assimilated into the mayor's body and goes by his name, Rolland. The Luxen who invaded seem to know a lot about Earth but they had no idea about the hybrids or Origins. Dee is more than happy to inform Rolland all about Katy including the fact that her and Daemon's lives are not intertwined. Rolland is counting on families like the Blacks to help them out. Rolland leaves and Daemon asks Dee about Katy. Supposedly she is alone and still unconscious two days later. He wants to know why she didn't tell Rolland about Beth. Dee says that Beth is weaker than Katy and is probably long gone. That secret needs to buried for now. Daemon makes his way to the room where Katy is and becomes furious to find that she is not alone. After a confrontation, the other Luxen leaves and Daemon is devastated over Katy's condition. Haphazardly laying on the bed, Daemon is moved to help her. Touching her brings him to his knees and he begins to heal her. He stops before he is completely done, knowing that she will soon wake up and leaves.

Katy wakes up to Dee in the room. Having last seen her two days earlier, Katy cannot believe the change in his attitude. Dee states that they have seen the error of their ways since the others have arrived. She is to bring Katy downstairs when she wakes up. Walking into an office, Katy sees Rolland, a couple of other Luxen and Daemon, who won't look at her. Walking towards him, it isn't until she is directly in front of him that he looks at her. Daemon places his hands on her shoulders and moves her away from him. Rolland asks Katy if she expecting a more personal greeting. With her mind warning her, Katy says that she doesn't know what to think. Sadi, beautiful red head, says that she isn't impressed with her and trails a hand down Daemon's chest. Katy becomes unglued. Another Luxen, Quincy, goes to touch Katy and she reacts to defend herself. Rolland asks Daemon to restrain her and he does. Katy is shocked and hurt but even more so when Quincy lays a hand on her chest like she saw happen at the supermarket. The room is surprised when Quincy says that he cannot assimilate with her like other humans. Rolland wants to know what else is different about Katy and the other hybrids. Daemon tells him several things but both he and Dee lie through omission. Neither mentions that Katy and Daemon can communicate like other Luxen when he is in his true form. Katy wonders what is really going on when Daemon and Quincey get into a fight.

Why are Daemon and Dee acting aloof towards Katy? What is the real reason the Luxen have invaded Earth? Who is their leader? What will happen to Beth, Lux and Archer? Will Daedalus be able to stop the Luxen or will it be someone else? Will Katy ever see her mother again? Can life ever return to some normalcy for Katy? And will Daemon be a part of her life?

This thrilling conclusion to the Lux series ties up all of the loose ends.

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