Monday, August 24, 2015

The Boy Most Likely To by Huntley Fitzpatrick (My Life Next Door book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book about the Garrett family, Stop! This book continues the story began in My Life Next Door.

Seventeen year old Tim Mason is the boy most likely to need to turn his life around. He has been suspended from three schools and fired from five of his last seven jobs. His father is kicking him out of the house and giving him four months to straighten out his life. If he hasn’t turned it around by the time he turns eighteen in December, his father has promised to cut off his allowance, quit paying his expenses and transfer his college fund to his twin sister Nan. Since the end of June, he has lived a clean life and diligently attended meetings. He is working at the Garrett’’s hardware store and moved into their garage apartment that eldest child Joel has moved from. The only problem about living at the Garrett's’ is his best friend’s sister, Alice.

It has been nearly a month since Grace Reed ran over her father and left him on the side of the road. In that time, Alice Garrett has been trying to help out her parents and keep the gaggle of Garrett children afloat. Summer is her favorite time of the year and instead of sandy toes, she is struggling to keep it together. The one bright spot she sees in her future is moving out of their crowded house and into the garage apartment that her brother just vacated. When she finds out that Jase has let the self destructive Tim Mason move in, she is furious. When she goes to confront Tim over the apartment, Alice sees the Tim that he has carefully hidden away. Realizing that Tim is truly trying to turn his life around, Alice’s heart softens and her attitude changes.

Not one to cut him any slack, Alice offers Tim the help he doesn’t think he needs or deserves. Seeing his struggles, Alice rethinks her own relationship and breaks up with her boyfriend, Brad. Tim has always had a thing for Alice and being constantly in her orbit means that he is trying hard not to act on his feelings. The night Alice invites Tim to meet her for dinner, both of their worlds come crashing down. Alice’s father has finally been moved to a rehabilitation unit. She is shocked to read her father’s medical records and discover a secret her father is keeping. Tim is getting ready to meet up with Alice when one of his past transgressions shows up on his doorstep. Dinner with Alice is quickly forgotten and the bottom comes out of his world.

Who or what from Tim’s past has come back to haunt him? Will Mr. Garrett ever recover from his accident? Can Alice look beyond Tim’s past to see the new man he is trying to become? Will Tim be able to turn his life around and make amends with his estranged family? What happens when Tim and Alice act on the sparks flying between them? Will the Garret family be able to look beyond Tim’s past?

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