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Persuasion by Martina Boone (Heirs of Watson Island book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book the series, Compulsion, Stop! I don’t want to ruin one of my favorite series for you.

Barrie has returned to Watson's Landing after spending four days in San Francisco to retrieve her Godfather's ashes. What Seven and Eight Beauford neglected to tell her while they were gone is that reporters and ghost hunters have been hanging around since the story about the boat explosion made the news. Pru and Seven decided to close up the tea room over concerns of unwanted visitors. Barrie is upset because she doesn't know how to keep Watson’s Landing safe if she doesn't know what is going on. Seven reassures her that the excitement will die down after Cassie’s hearing and Wyatt's funeral. He believes that everything can go back to normal then.

Eight and Barrie go outside to steal some time together. Eight states that he would like to be rid of his gift but Barrie has embraced hers, even though she develops migraines upon leaving Watson’s Landing. Her gift ties her to the house. Eight says that things would be simpler if she was free of her gift. Barrie just wants the reporters and ghost hunters to quit looking for the Fire Carrier. She is afraid someone else will get hurt. Eight tells her that Wyatt and Ernesto chose to be drug runners and their death is the result of their choices. Barrie is broken when she realizes that the whole time they were in California making plans for their future restaurant, Eight knew they wouldn’t come to fruition. She wishes that they had more time together before he leaves for college. Eight drops the bomb on Barrie that he turned down his baseball scholarship to USC to stay in South Carolina and be close to her. Barrie wants to know if he is staying because he wants to or because of his gift of knowing that she wants him to. They get into an argument over his change of heart over leaving the island. When the implications of what Eight is assuming over a possible future between the two of them, she gets scared. She runs off, leaving a miserable Eight behind.

Barrie’s not mad at Eight, just all of the circumstances that have come their way. Rounding the corner of the house, she realizes that the yunwi are agitated and try to get her to leave. Her gift pulls her to a green object on the ground. Barrie bends over to pick up the token and sees that there is a raven on the backside. She looks for the person who dropped it but doesn’t see anyone at first. Then a man in a dark suit with dreadlocks materializes. Barrie realizes that it is the same man she thought she saw on on the wall the day she came home.  He remarks that he wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t witnessed it, saying that he didn’t think the gift would still be around after all this time. Barrie wants him to leave but he tells he that she has no reason to be afraid of Obadiah. She tries to scream but finds that she cannot. Obadiah tells her that he isn’t there to hurt her and that the Beaufort boy isn’t needed. He overheard their argument earlier and is there to help. He knows Eight wants to be rid of his gift gone. Barrie finds that she can let out a muffled scream and Obadiah is gone. Eight comes running and asks what is wrong. She tries to tell him about Obadiah, but the harder she tries to recall her memories, the hazier they become. Barrie finds that she cannot remember him.

Later, Seven has a chat with Barrie. He wants her to make sure that Eight leaves Watson’s Island while he still has the chance. It is up to her to convince him that she no longer wants him. Barrie is stunned to discover that Eight doesn’t know that his gift will tie him to the island. His father refuses to tell him and won’t answer any of Barrie’s questions. Seven does tell her that a future together with Seven isn’t in the cards. Each will be tied to their respective family homes. If they live together in the future, one would always be in pain. Barrie is left with seeing Seven in a new light and wondering what the future holds.

Who is Obadiah? Can he really take away Eight’s gift? What did he mean when he realizes that Barrie still had the Watson gift of finding things? Why does Barrie have issues recalling any memories of Obadiah?  Is there buried treasure at Coleworth Place? Will Barrie be able to convince Eight to leave Watson’s Island before his gift ties him to Beaufort Hall? What isn’t Seven telling either Barrie or Eight about the family gifts? Do the ghost hunters finally leave Watson’s Island? Is there a chance that Barrie and Eight can have a future together?

Barrie’s story will conclude with Illusion due out on October 25, 2016.

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