Monday, February 15, 2016

Traveler by Arwen Elys Dayton (Seeker book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Seeker, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the story for you.

“The past is merciless.”

Two weeks have passed since the airship Traveler crashed. Shinobu MacBain has lain unconscious in his hospital bed. Quin Kincaid has been by his hospital bed continuously, even on her seventeenth birthday. Finally regaining consciousness, Quin shows Shinobu the copy of Catherine Hart’s journal that she had made. John recovered the original during the battle on the Traveler. Quin is determined to learn the truth behind the Seekers; why they strayed from their true mission and what happened to the other families. The two don’t have the opportunity to really catch up before two strange boys, using Seeker weapons, appear in Shinobu’s hospital room. They are looking for the Dreads’ athame, which the Young Dread gave to Quin. Soon, Quin’s father, Briac, is there with sparks around his head. He was hit with a disrupter while on the Traveler. He keeps referring to Quin as Fiona, her mother’s name. With no other way out of the room, Quin uses the athame to open a portal to Hong Kong for herself and Shinobu.

Leaving There for Hong Kong, Quin is dismayed to find that her father and the two boys are already there. She finds a place and distracts her rattled father by throwing rocks. The two boys gather up Briac. Quin notices that they move like the Young Dread but are nothing like her. The older boy has no idea how they are going to find Quin in Hong Kong but the young one says that they need to get the others to help. Quin wonders why the want the Dreads’ athame and doesn’t think that the Young read is involved. She realizes that instead of solving the mystery of the Seekers, the two of them have come across a much more dangerous piece of the puzzle.

John Hart was sought out by the Young Dread, Maud, after the fight on the Traveler. She offered to complete his Seeker training when Briac refused to do so. She feels that she is making up for interfering in Catherine Hart’s life. When Briac and the two boys show up at the estate one night, Maud doesn’t know who they are either. She does take note of the athame they are carrying.  Moving like Dreads, they are much too loud to actually be ones. John joins Maud in her hiding spot. John notices that Briac is with them and he takes off, ignoring Maud’s warnings. Briac sees a raging John and orders the boys to use the athame to open a portal. They disappear before John can follow them.

Who are the boys with Briac Kincaid and who do they “work” for? Why are they looking for Quin? What secrets does Catherine Hart’s journal contain? Can Quin discover the truth behind the Seekers? What happened to the other Seeker families? How did the Young Dread interfere with Catherine's life? Will John complete his Seeker training? Can he get past his need for vengeance and redeem himself? Why did the Young Dread give Quin the athame?

After that ending, readers will be left clamoring for Disruptor in 2017.

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