Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Countdown by Kimberly Derting (The Taking book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, The Taking and The Replaced , Stop! I don’t want to ruin the story for you.

“How do you stop something you can’t control?”

“She may no longer be human…but she’s their only hope.

In the concluding book in the otherworldly Taking trilogy, Kyra struggles to understand who she is as she races to save the world from complete destruction.

Every morning since she was abducted and then returned to Earth, Kyra Agnew has felt a searing pain in her gut. It’s as unavoidable as the dawn and comes like clockwork. Too busy running from a shady government agency and rescuing Tyler, the boy she loves, Kyra hasn’t had enough energy to focus on what the strange, stabbing sensation could mean. Then Kyra is captured by an unexpected enemy who knows exactly what the pain is: a signal that time is running out. The aliens are coming, and Kyra fears they will destroy everyone in their path.
As much as she hates to admit it, technically, Kyra is an alien too — they replaced all of her human DNA with their own. But in doing so, the aliens gave her supernatural gifts, like incredible healing, enhanced eyesight, and telekinetic powers. Now Kyra has to wonder... are her new abilities actually a curse? Is she, as her captors believe, meant to play some key role in helping the alien invasion? Is it programmed into her, something inescapable? Or can she fight that destiny?
No matter what the truth is, Kyra is sure of one thing. She just got Tyler back and she is not going to stand by and let anyone hurt him or her friends. Whatever it takes, Kyra will do everything in her power to save the world... even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice. - from the front flap.
Three days have passed since Kyra found Tyler in the Utah desert. He was drawing strange symbols and chanting in an unknown language. Then he said, “The Returned Must Die.” She hasn't found the courage yet to ask him what he meant. Kyra and Tyler aren't Returned, half alien and half human. The two of them are Replaced; full-on alien DNA with only their faces and memories to remind them of their human past. Unfortunately, Tyler has a gap in his memories of the time he and Kyra fell in love. He sees the two of them as only friends. Now, along with Kyra’s father, they are on the run since the Blackwater Ranch was attacked by Agent Truman and his Daylight Division. Truman has his sights set on Kyra.

Kyra feels guilty that she didn't know her blood was toxic to Tyler and the only way to save his life was to allow the aliens to abduct him from Devil's Hole. She has been unable to confess to him about her role in his abduction. Kyra also awakes each day in searing pain and hears a number inside of her head; like a countdown. But when the three of them are suddenly on the run, the unthinkable happens, Kyra is abducted once again. Held in a strange place by people from her past, she realizes that she can trust no one.

Why is Kyra hearing numbers each morning? Is it really a countdown and to what event? Can Tyler forgive her for her choices regarding his life? Will his memories of the two of them together resurface? What happens when Agent Truman finally catches up with Kyra?

Fans of The Taking trilogy will speed through this final book to find out how Kyra’s story ends.

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