Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve

"Her name is Fever."

Fever Crumb is the youngest member of the Order if Engineers and the only female. Dr. Crumb found her one evening in a basket by the road on his way home from consulting on an archaeological dig. Although it was well known that females were not capable of rational thought, it was decided that she should stay with the Order. She might make a useful engineer if she was raised in the Order. And her appearance would cause concern if she went to live in London where the rule of the Scriven was still fresh in the minds of its citizens. Her eyes are two different colors; one dark brown and the other a soft lichen gray.

A minor archaeologist named Kit Solent has requested an engineer to come live with him at his home on Ludgate Hill and help him study artifacts from a new dig that he has discovered.  The engineer he requested is Fever. Fever is excited and a bit nervous about her first assignment. She has never left in her home in Godshawk's Head and visited the city itself. Soon after stepping off the tram, Fever gets lost and finds herself at the Stragglemarket where her looks attract a lot of unwanted attention.

Kit Solent believes he has found a seret vault that belonged to Auric Godshawk, the last Scriven overlord. Scriven were not human and were killed in an overthrow by the people. Kit cannot unlock Godshawk's vault but thinks that Fever can. Fever soon finds herself having memories and recalling vivid details from a past time. Meanwhile someone is following Fever with the intent of elimatinating her based on the fact that she looks different. Soon the question that Fever and everyone else is asking is Who or What is Fever Crumb?

Fever's story will be continued in A Web of Air in April 2010.
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