Wednesday, June 2, 2010

White Cat: The Curse Workers series by Holly Black

Curse workers have the ability to change someone's emotions, luck or memories with the touch of their hand. Nowadays curse work is illegal so most workers are part of one of the six big worker families. Cassel Sharpe comes from a family of curse workers, only he isn't a worker. What Cassel is good at is faking and lying. He is trying to live a normal life. That is as normal as can be for someone who killed their best friend three years ago and doesn't remember doing it.

One night Cassel wakes up on the roof of his dorm. He was sleepwalking while dreaming of a white cat that bit his tongue out. He is kicked out of Wallingford Preparatory and is sent to live with his brother Philip since his mother is in prison for doing curse work. Soon Cassel's Grandad comes to take him home. The house is trashed since Cassel's parents were hoarders. No one has lived there in three years since Cassel's father died and his mother went to prison. He and his Grandad start to clean up the mess.

While at home, Cassel notices a stray white cat, the same one from his dreams. It seems as if the cat is trying to tell him something. And being back around his brothers he notices that they are keeping secrets from him and his memories have been altered. Soon Cassel realizes that his life is not what it seems and he has a few secrets of his own.

Cassel's story continues in Red Glove out May 2011 and picks up about six months after White Cat ends.

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