Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series by Heather Brewer

Eighth Grade Bites: Book One
Thirteen-year-old Vlaidimir Tod is in the eighth grade at Bathory Junior High. Vlad is unlike his best friend Henry or any of his classmates for that matter. He is half vampire and lives with his "Aunt Nelly", his mother's closest friend. Both deceased, Vlad's mother was human while his father was a vampire. Vlad is bullied by his classmates while secretly harboring a crush on Meredith. Things begin to change when Vlad's English teacher, Mr. Craig, disappears around Halloween and is replaced by the mysterious Mr. Otis. Unbeknownest to Vlad, someone is looking for him and Mr. Craig has met his demise at the hands of a vampire.

Mr. Otis Otis is an odd man who until recently taught mythology at Stokerton High. He will substitute for Mr. Craig's English composition class but infuse a study of mythological and supernatural creatures. Class goes well until the day Mr. Otis assigns a written essay and oral report on a supernatural creature that each student will draw from a hat. Vlad prays he will not pull out "vampire". He is quite relieved to see "werewolf" until Mr. Otis clenches his fist as Vlad stares in disbelief and the letters rearrange themselves to say "vampire". "Vampire?" he says as Mr. Otis slyly tells Vlad he "looks forward to reading your perception of vampires."

Vlad takes it upon himself to not only investigate the disappearance of Mr. Craig but the mysterious death of his parents. What does he discover when he reads his father's journal? Just who is Mr. Otis, why does he have a mysterious tattoo and hangs around Mr. Craig's house? And who is D'Ablo and what is his connection to Mr. Otis? Is Vlad's secret close to being discovered and is someone out to kill him?

Ninth Grade Slays: Book Two

If Vladimir Tod thought middle school sucked, just wait until high school. Tom and Bill still bully him, he can't get the nerve up to talk to his crush Meredith and best friend Henry's cousin Joss is new in town. Soon things begin to pick up when Vlad and Joss become friends and Meredith makes her move. Even better his uncle is taking him to Siberia over winter break to learn more about his vampire powers. The flip side of the coin is that fellow classmate and newspaper photographer Eddie Poe is out to discover exactly what Vlad is and there is a vampire slayer in Bathory looking for him.

Tenth Grade Bleeds: Book Three

Sophomore year of high school brings more of the same for Vladimir Tod. Eddie Poe bought a new camera and is determined to find Vlad's secret. Otis is searching for a ritual to save Vlad and D'Ablo is still trying to find a way to rid the world if him. Plus a hired killer is looking for revenge. But other things have changed for the better. Meredith is now Vlad's girlfriend. He hangs out with the Goth gang and Henry is pulling away from Vlad and no longer wants to be his drudge. On top of all of this, Vlad's thrist is spinning out of control. Will Vlad survive hi sophomore year?

Eleventh Grade Burns: Book Four
Things are still not looking any better for Vladimir Tod. All summer he has moped sround over his split from Meredith. School is starting and not only on his mind is the girl of his dreams but best friend Henry informs him that his vampire slayer cousin Joss is coming back to town. Otis' trial hyas been set and D'Ablo's secured a lucrative seat on the vampire council. And the one vampire who may be able to save Otis has a desire to drink Vlad's half vampire/half human blood. Will Vlad be able to survive his junior yuear of high school?

Don't miss the final installment of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod; Twelfth Grade Kills due out September 21, 2010.

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