Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gone series by Michael Grant

"One minute the teacher was telling about the Civil War.
And the next minute he was gone.
No 'poof'. No flash of light. No explosion." - Ch. 1
Gone - book one

At first Sam Temple thinks he is just imagines Mr. Trentlake disappearing. Then his fellow classmates start to question his disappearance as well as that of a fellow classmate. No he just poofed, confirms another classmate. The classroom door opens and in walks Astrid Ellison, the school genius. Astrid says that something weird is happening because her teacher and all the other members of her math study group have disappeared. "They're gone. They all just ... disappeared." Soon those who are left in Perdido Beach realize that much more is wrong. No one over the age of fourteen year of age is left in the school. Telephones, TVs and the Internet are not working as well.

Later that afternoon, Sam, Astrid and Sam's best friend Quinn happen upon a fire that is next door to the daycare and hardware store. Knowing that the hardware store could be vital in the coming days, 'School Bus Sam' springs into action and quickly organizes a make-shift fire department. Sam earned his nickname in the seventh grade when he guided a school bus to a stop after the driver suffered a heart attack. Soon Sam hears a child calling "Mommy" and goes in to save her. When Sam locates the child, she is frightened of him and shoots fire from her tiny hands towards him. Sam reacts by raising his own hand at her and shoots out a "flash of light, bright as an exploding star." The neighboring buildings are saved but the little girl dies. Sam realizes that maybe he is not the only person in town who can do weird things.

Astrid is worried about her younger brother, Little Pete, who is autistic. Sam, Quinn and Astrid each check on their homes and realize their parents aren't there, they head towards Clifftop Resort where Astrid's mother was playing tennis that day. After scouring the resort without finding Little Pete, the three teens find an impenetrable barrier that cuts the tennis courts in two. Sam receives a shock when he touches it but his skin is not burned. The wall goes up higher than they can see and after Edilio digs down to the bedrock, they can find no bottom. The teens decide to go in search of Little Pete at the Perdido Beach Nuclear Plant where Astrid's father works. On the way, they find out that the barrier blocks the highway and see a mutated sea gull.

On the way to the PBNP, the four teens run into Orc and his gang of bullies. After a minor squirmish, the teens find out no one has volunteered to be 'in charge' since Sam had disappeared during the night. All the kids in the town plaza had kept asking for Sam. Now Orc is running the FAYZ, the Fallout Alley Youth Zone. Perdido Beach earned the nickname "Fallout Alley" after a meteorite struck one of the plant's reactors. At the plant, Little Pete is found. Sam has an unexplained chocking fit and once again light shoots from his hand. The teens are terrified and decide to walk back into town. Along the way, Edilio and Quinn confront Sam and Astrid is forced to admit that Little Pete is capable of moving people form place to place.

The next morning all of the kids in the plaza start moving to a church where four dark, expensive cars are moving parade-like through the town. the cars contain students from Coates Academy. There has always been a rivalry between the wealthy, difficult Coates students and the kids in town. They have come into town in an attempt to deal with the situation they have been dealt with. What exactly is going on in Perdido Beach and what has happened to everyone over the age of fifteen? Can everyone get along or will it be every kids for themselves? And why do some kids like Sam and Little Pete have extraordinary powers? Just what is going on in thne FAYZ?

Check out Michael Grant's website or The FAYZ.

Hunger - book 2 of the Gone series

It has been three months since the end of Gone and the inhabitants of the FAYZ are going hungry. Animals are still mutating and strange things are occurring in the environment. The story of the children left behind at Perdido Beach and Coates Academy and their daily struggles continue. Along with the evil thing that lurks in their backyard.

Lies  - book 3 of the Gone series


The further saga of the lost children of the FAYZ that will keep you on the edge of your set until the very end as a glimpse of what is going on outside of the wall of the FAYZ is revealed or is it true?

The story of the FAYZ continues in 2011 with Plague and Darkness in 2012. The Gone series will be completed with book 6 in 2013.

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