Monday, January 24, 2011

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

"A hidden truth. Mortal enemies. Doomed love."

When Jacinda and her friend Az sneak out early one morning to fly, they know they are breaking the rules of their pride. Jacinda and Az are draki, descendants of dragons, who are able to elude hunters by shifting into human form. When they encounter a group of hunters, things quickly go down hill for the pair. Az panics and Jacinda, the faster of the two, decides to draw the hunters to herself. Jacinda is injured and forced to hide in a cave along the shores of a deep pool. When one of the hunters, a gorgeous young boy her age comes looking for her, she never expects him to let her go. Even more surprising is what Will whispers when her touches her, beautiful.

Soon the hunters leave and Jacinda goes to look for Az. She is shocked to learn Az made it back to the pride and an alarm has been sounded. There hasn't been an alarm since her father's disappearance years ago. But Jacinda isn't an ordinary draki. She is the first fire breather in her pride in four hundred years and faster than Cassian, the alpha draki's son who has his eye on her. When her mother, who no longer manifests into draki form, decides to take her daughters away from the pride, Jacinda is crushed. Her twin sister, Tamra, who never manifested and is human, is thrilled to be leaving, especially since her crush on Cassian will never be reciprociated. Their mother takes them to the desert where her own draki dried out years earlier.

Tamra is enjoying their new life while Jacinda is miserable. Jacinda knows her draki is doomed until she feels a dangerous presence in her midst. She knows it is Will before she even sees him. It takes everything Jacinda has not to manifest in the school hallway. Tamra tells her to stay away from him, which becomes impossible when he sits next to her in study hall. Soon two other dangerous boys begin talking to Will. He intorduces Jacinda to his cousins Xander and Agnus and Jacinda realizes that they are hunters as well. Will tells her he is not a good  guy and leaves when the bell rings.

Jacinda feels her draki withering in the dry heat of the desert, except when it threatens to erupt around Will. Jacinda is desperate to get back to her pride, even though she realizes that her mother has been less than truthful about the pride and will become Cassian's mate. Will she risk everything to be with Will in an attempt to keep her draki alive even though he is her natural enemy? And what will happen when she realizes she is in love with Will and Cassian finds where they are hiding?

Jacinda's story continues in Vanish. 

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