Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Sisters Scarlett and Rose March have always been extremely close. In fact, they believe that they started out as the same person. Scarlett wanted to be born, so she took half of their heart and Rose followed later with the other half. So when the strange man arrived at Oma March's cottage that day selling citrus fruits, Scarlett protected her younger sister Rose from the man who changed into a Fenris or werewolf when he killed their grandmother. Scarlett paid a heavy price in killing the Fenris by losing her right eye and becoming heavily scarred. In the seven years since, Scarlett and Rose have learned how to lure and hunt the Fenris who come to their small town of Ellison, Georgia. Red cloaks and perfume work well to draw the Fenris from his human form.

Scarlett lives to hunt the Fenris. Wearing her cloak and carrying a hatchet, she vows to keep other young girls safe and kill all of the wolves. Rose also hunts the Fenris and her bond with Scarlett is strong. But what happens when Rose dreams of a life outside of hunting the wolves? And how will Scarlett react when Rose finds herself drawn to Silas Reynolds, a young woodsman who is Scarlett's hunting partner and only friend?

Told in alternating points of view between the March sisters, this modern day twist on the Little Red Riding Hood story will have you on trhe edge of your seat.

Sweetly, a companion to Sisters Red debuts June 2011.

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