Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

"What if Live Refused to Die."
Haven Moore cannot wait to leave behind her small hometown of Snope City, Tennessee and get away from her domineering grandmother. From a young age, Haven has experienced visions that she has come to believe tell of a past life she led. The talk of the town, she has one true friend, Beau Decker, her partner in a fashion design business. When Haven sees a troubled young socialite on TV one night, her visions return with a vengence. Only now, Haven realizes that she may have previously lived as a young woman named Constance who died in a tragic fire, along with her boyfriend Ethan.

With the return of her visions, Haven's grandmother decides that she is too unwell to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Her mother, fragile since her father's death, shows her a shoebox that her father kept for her. In it, he wrote everything Haven ever said while having the visions as a child. She realizes that he believed in her and didn't think she was crazy. When she discovers drawings that she did as a child, Haven is even more convinced that she is Constance reincarnated who is searching for her soulmate. But when she learns of her father's affair at the time of his death, she realizes how foolish her mother was to believe in true love and how her world came crashing down. Haven decides she needs to slowly make decisions regarding her visions so that she doesn't nake the same mistake as her mother.

Beau does some investigating to an organization that Haven's father wrote to for help years ago, the Ouroboros Society. The Society aims to help people who think they have led previous lives. When Haven has a vision at school, her life is soon in danger. She is no longer safe in Snope City when her home is burned down. She contacts the Society for help.

Is Haven really Constance reincarnated? Will she discover that Ethan is really Iain Morrow? What were the circumstances surrounding Constance and Ethan's death? Can the Ouroboros Society be trusted? Will history repeat itself or can Haven change its course?

Haven's story continues with book two, All You Desire on August 8, 2011.

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