Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan

“Last night my whole world came tumbling down. Now I’m running scared.”

As an immortal, Nastasya (her current name) is disgusted with her party-girl existence when her best friend Innocencio cruelly uses magick to break the back of their cabbie. Leaving him paralyzed in the streets of London, Nastasya becomes sickened not only by friend’s behavior but her own lack of action and begins to reexamine her life. Remembering another incident/accident 80 some years prior with Incy, Nastasya decides to take another immortal she met that night up on her offer. She leaves behind her friends and the life she knows to go to West Lowing, Massachusetts and live with River, if her offer is still available.
Arriving in West Lowing, Nastasya is unprepared for what awaits her; River runs a home for wayward immortals. Currently under the guise of an organic farm to the locals, River’s Edge is a rehab of sorts for immortals looking to make a change, as well as a school and working organic farm. River offers Nastasya a week to decide if she wants to stay and save her own life. Trading in her party-girl ways for organic food and a simplistic lifestyle, Nastasya feels out of place, especially when she runs into “the Viking god”, gorgeous and sexy Reyn. Reyn makes it clear early on that Nastasya has no business at River’s Edge and that she should leave. His attitude causes Nastasya to want to prove him wrong but she realizes that Reyn looks vaguely familiar. When her teacher refuses to waste time on someone who is just going to leave soon, Nastasya runs to Boston and into some old immortal friends. She learns that Innocencio is looking for her but gets a promise that no one will disclose her location. 
In thinking of Innocencio, Nastasya comes to the conclusion that Incy was dependent on her. They were always together. She had thought of him as her best friend, but he caused her to go places and do things she necessarily didn’t want to. Maybe he wasn’t good for her. Nastasya soon feels comfortable at River’s Edge. When she learns the history of the immortal power houses at dinner one night, her world comes crashing down when she realizes the truth about her family and her mother’s amulet. After dinner the next night, river takes a group to the woods for a magick circle. She is interested in why Nastasya gets sick when she performs magick. During the circle, Nastasya recalls a memory from over 400 years earlier in which a Viking raider almost raped her and he looked a lot like Reyn. He has claimed not to be that old.
Nastasya begins to put together the pieces of her past. Why was Innocencio always around her? What is the truth not only about her family’s lives but their deaths? Why did she survive? What is the significance of her amulet and the burn on the back of Nastasya’s neck? What is the deal with Reyn? Is he her worse nightmare or the possible love of her life?
Trilogy will continue with Darkness Falls in 2011 and concludes in 2012 with Immortal Light.

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