Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Life for seventeen-year-old Emerson Cole is more complicated than other people. An orphan, she left boarding school for financial reasons and is back home in Tennessee with her older brother and his wife. Since just before her parents’ death four years ago, Emerson began seeing ghostly apparitions only noticeable to her. After an argument in the school cafeteria her freshmen year, Emerson has been in mental hospitals and on medication. Secretly off her meds, Emerson has learned a few tricks to deal with the people only she can see. Her well-meaning brother has brought in several specialists/quacks to no avail. So when he announces he is bringing in another consultant, this time from the Hourglass a secretive organization, Emerson decides to give it one more choice.

When Emerson first lays eyes on Michael Weaver, the attraction between the two of them is instantaneous. After all the other failed attempts, Emerson finds she is leery of Michael’s promises of help until she realizes that he can see the same things she does. She finds herself pulled to Michael until he tells her to stop researching for information on the Hourglass.  Emerson pulls away and soon both of them are miserable. Michael finally tells her that he is only trying to protect her. She sees the past but he sees the future and he has met the Emerson of the future. He knows how their paths will cross and wants to shield her from knowing too much, too soon.

Who is Michael Weaver and why is he so secretive? Why does it seem like there is an electrical charge between the two of them? What is the Hourglass and its purpose? And why does Michael need Emerson to help him travel back in time to stop a murder that should have never happened? Equal parts mystery and romance; join Emerson in her journey to discover not only who she is but who Michael is as well.
This is the BEST book I have read in a very long time!! I loved every minute of it and couldn't put it down. Lots of twists and turns with spine-tingling, nail-biting action at the end. Cannot wait to see what else Myra McEntire writes in the Hourglass realm.

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  1. Thank you for the review! (PS - Send your mailing address to myra mcentire at gmail and I'll ask Egmont to mail you a poster of the cover if you want one!)