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Wonderous Strange trilogy by Lesley Livingston

Wondrous Strange – Book One

Seventeen-year-old Kelley Winslow’s acting dream comes true when she is suddenly thrust into the role of Titania in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Nights Dream. The only problem is that opening night is only ten days away. Thrilled at the opportunity, Kelley flubs most of her lines during rehearsal and is chastised by the director. Kelley decides to study that night in the Shakespeare Garden in Central Park. While reciting her lines, Kelley becomes frustrated and stubs her toe. Unbeknownst to her, someone is watching and decides to present her a beautiful rose. He disappears before she can thank him.

It turns out Kelley has caught the eye of Sonny Flannery. Sonny is a changling and has been raised by Auberon, the Unseelie Court and Winter King, to be a member of the Janus Guard. The Janus are an elite group of changelings, mortal children taken by Faeries, who guard the Samhein Gate located in Central Park. The Gate is a gateway between the mortal world and Faerie Otherworld that opens for several days a year around October 31. Later that night after a skirmish with some minor fey trying to breach the gate, Sonny notices something disturbing at the Lake. While Sonny was occupied, a Kelpie crossed through the Gate and signs that Kelley was involved, including her lost script, are found.

Sonny and his friend Maddox, who is also a member of the Janus Guard, decide to track down Kelley, based on notes written on her script, at the theater. Sonny believes if he finds Kelley, he will find the kelpie. What he doesn’t expect is that Kelley is able to see him through his veil. When Maddox realizes that the actor portraying Puck is really a very old and powerful faery, he tells Sonny the story about the stolen faery child of the Winter King and a dire warning about the kelpie. Sonny later encounters Kelley in Central Park at dusk. Soon he realizes the danger when a Black Shuck slips past through the gate and goes for Kelley. Sonny is injured in the fight but realizes that Kelley may not be exactly what she seems.

Soon it seems that war is brewing in the faery world. Who or what is Kelley and how is she connected to the faery world? Can Sonny protect Kelley or will he lose not only his heart but his head? And just what is Puck’s warning about?

The book begins with a copy of the first page of Kelley’s script that the reader can refer back to see the notes she has written that are mentioned in the script.

Darklight – Book Two

It has been six months since the horrific events in Central Park on the night of Samhein. Kelley is in rehearsal for the Avalon Grande’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Sonny was called back to the otherworld by Auberon to kill the remnants of the Wild Hunt so that Mabh can once again be contained. Being in two separate worlds isn’t very healthy for Kelley and sonny’s relationship. When a faery monarch falls ill and is dying their reunion is brief. Can Kelley and Sonny save the mortal world and the faery realm as well as find their way back to each other? A few shocking twists and turns will leave the reader eagerly awaiting the third book.
Tempestuous – Book Three

Tempestuous begins immediately where Darklight ends. In order to keep Sonny safe, Kelley gives the performance of her life. She lies and says she never loved him. Both devastated Sonny retreats to a Lost Fae haven deep underneath New York City. Meanwhile Kelley is left to solve several dangerous mysteries. Who is using Janus Guards to murder innocent faery? Who is after Sonny’s magick? Will Kelley learn how to use her own? What is causing Auberon’s illness? And can Kelley rebuild the Avalon Grande Theatre, her one true family? Will Sonny and Kelley find their way back to one another or will the Fennrys Wolf come between them?

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