Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Death Cure by James Dashner (Maze Runner book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first two books in the the Maze Runner trilogy, Stop! I don't want to ruin a fantastic series for you.

"The time for lies is over."

It has been almost four weeks since WICKED picked up Thomas, Teresa and the others at the end of the Scorch Trials. In that time, Thomas was alone in a white-walled room with three meals a day and nothing else. On the twenty-sixth day, the Rat Man from WICKED tells him that he has finished his third trial. Everything he and the others have been through up until now has been “to analyze your brain patterns and build a blueprint from them.” The goal of the blueprint is to develop a cure for the Flare, the disease that is eating human minds. Thomas is wary of the Rat Man’s words but his memories are starting to come back to him. He remembers helping to design the Maze with Teresa and took over when the original Creators died. Thomas kept the program going with new recruits. The Rat Man tells Thomas that he and most of the others are immune to the Flare and it is a rarity. The general populace hates people like him.

Rat Man tells Thomas that the next step in the project is to restore everyone’s memories and help complete the blueprint. Eventually everyone but Thomas, Minho and Newt agree to the surgery to restore their memories. Thomas knows that WICKED is still lying to him and he cannot trust them. With Brenda’s help; Thomas, Minho and Newt make plans to escape the WICKED compound. Jorge will fly them out in a Berg but first they must get past the guards. Thomas begins to realize something is off when they encounter very few guards. He wants to attempt to rescue Teresa and the others before leaving. They find Jorge unconscious in the hanger. He tells them Teresa and the others knocked him out before they escaped. Thomas realizes they were left behind. With a final firefight, Thomas and the others finally escape WICKED.
Jorge is able to track Teresa’s Berg to Denver and Brenda is not surprised they went there. As his memories creep back to him, Thomas decides Denver is where they must go as well. What awaits Thomas in Denver? Will his memories be fully restored? Who will Thomas be able to trust? Who are Teresa and Brenda to Thomas? What is WICKED’s purpose? Can a cure for the Flare be found? And will Thomas (and the reader) be able to figure out just what has been going on in this thrilling conclusion to the trilogy.

The Kill Order, a prequel to the Maze Runner trilogy will tell the story of civilization’s fall before WICKED was formed and Thomas entered the maze. The book is due out August 14, 2012.

A short story entitled Thomas' First Memory of the Flare that takes place after The Maze Runner can be found at

James Dashner’s website.

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