Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

“Juliette hasn’t touched anyone in exactly 264 days.”

For the past 264 days, seventeen year old Juliette had lived in isolation in an asylum since she accidentally touched someone and killed them. Her parents agreed with the reestablishment; the group in charge of reconstruction the declining world, and locked her away for her own good. A cold concrete cell with sparse bedding is now her life with brief glimpses of the outside world through a small window. Even though the environment has deteriorated and humans are struggling to exist, Juliette still longs to be outside amongst the chaos. Between writing in her stolen notebook and hoping to see a long forgotten bird through the window, Juliette longs for a normal existence.

On day number 265, her cell door opens and a boy her age is shoved in. Not knowing what to think, Juliette attempts to educate him in the ways of their shared existence, as simple as they are. He is cruel to her at first but after their first night together; he immediately warms up to her out of pity. Juliette will not look him in the eye but quickly realizes she knows him from somewhere. Eventually, they exchange names and Juliette remembers she first met Adam in the third grade. Out of fear for Adam’s safety, Juliette tries to distance herself as he attempts to get closer to her. She desires his touch even though she knows she shouldn’t.

After two weeks alone with Adam, their cell door is thrown open for several guards with guns drawn to enter. Juliette quickly realizes that they are there for her and that Adam has kept his true reasons for being there a secret. Adam is a soldier with the reestablishment and he was sent to spy on her. She is taken to Warner, a leader in the Reestablishment who desires to use Juliette and her power as a weapon.

Who did Juliette touch to be locked away? How does she know Adam and what is their connection? Are Warner’s plans for Juliette strictly platonic? Can Juliette escape and make a life of her own? And will Juliette ever get the human touch, love and acceptance that she carves so much?

Book two in the series, Unravel Me, will be published Feb. 5, 2013. Loved how and where the book ended and cannot wait for Unravel Me to see how Juliette grows as a person. Ms. Mafi’s writing is fantastic, lyrical and to me ranks right up there with Holly Black and Lauren Oliver as one of my favorite authors to read.

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