Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spell bound by Rachel Hawkins (Hex Hall book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the Hex Hall and Demonglass, Stop! I don’t want to ruin one of my favorite series for you.

The end of Demonglass finds Sophie Mercer’s magic inaccessible thanks to the binding spell performed by the Casnoff sisters. Unfortunately, her father’s magic was removed and he and Archer Cross were locked in a cell in the basement of Thorne Abbey when the attack came. Cal attempts to rescue both of them but not before putting Sophie in the Itineris to find her mother. Cal lets Sophie know that her mother is with Aislinn Brannick. She knows that the Brannicks are “scary Irish monster hunters” dedicated to ridding the world of evil and she is the daughter of a demon purposely going to look for them.

When Sophie emerges from the Itineris, she finds herself in a forest where she is soon attacked by a girl younger than herself with red hair. Sophie tells the girl her name and that she is looking for her mother and the girl, Isolde Brannick, is shocked. Suddenly, a werewolf attacks and Sophie is without her powers. She starts to feel werid and realizes that her deceased frenemy, Elodie Parris, has possessed her body and is channeling her magic to rid them of the werewolf. Sophie passes out when Elodie leaves her body.

Sophie awakens in a strange bed to miraculously find her mother taking care of her. She learns that she was stuck in the Interis for seventeen days. In questioning her mother, Sophie learns that basically everything in her life was a lie. With a war brewing, Aislinn Brannick is extremely disappointed to learn that Sophie is powerless. She was to be the Brannicks’ secret weapon.

Why exactly did Call tell Sophie to go to the Brannicks? What happened to her father, Cal, Archer and Jenna after she fled Thorne Abbey? Can Sophie find her way back to any of them? With a war brewing on the horizon, what happens when Sophie finds herself back at Hex Hall with Mrs. Casnoff?

Join Sophie on her journey to stop the Casnoff sisters from raising their demon army as she keeps he snarky comments coming to leave the reader rolling in the aisle.

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