Sunday, July 22, 2012

Conclusion of Fallen series by Lauren Kate

Book Three - Passion

“What if you find your soul mate … at the wrong time?”

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, Fallen and Torment, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the story for you.

Over the course of her many lives, Lucinda Price has died over and over again for the love of her live, fallen angel Daniel Grigoi. But there is something different about her current life that has enabled her to live longer than any of her previous lives. With Daniel or anyone else unable to tell her any of the details of the curse, it is up to Luce to figure it out on her own before her current and possible future lives are over. Stepping through an Announcer to visit her past lives in search of answers, everyone is determined to find out and stop Luce but none more than Daniel before she inadvertently rewrites history. In a race against time throughout the course of their shared lives, Luce revisits some of them in an attempt to discover answers with Daniel frantically chasing after her.

Will Luce be able to find the answers she desperately needs to have a life with Daniel? What is the curse that causes Luce to continually die and be reincarnated? Will Luce and Daniel ever be allowed to live a long and happy life together?

Book Three.Five – Fallen in Love

“True love never says goodbye …”

The story of Luce and Daniel’s past lives during the Middle Ages in England on Valentine’s Day. Joining this glimpse into their former lives are Shelby and Miles who fallout of an Announcer on their way back to Shoreline and discover their feelings for each other. Roland, who is searching for the past Daniel, stumbles upon Shelby and Miles and revisits the one true love of his life. A glimpse into the past life of Arrianne is revealed. And concludes with the story of the only Valentine’s Day Daniel and Luce ever get to spend together.

Book Four – Rapture

“She will dieShe will never pass out of adolescence – will die again and again at precisely the moment when she remembers your choice.” – Daniel’s curse from the Throne and Lucifer for choosing Lucinda instead of a side in the angel’s fall to Earth.

SPOILER ALERT! Since Lucifer was unable to trick Luce into severing her soul and ending her lives, he has taken his revenge by rewinding time back to the fall of the angels. The entire history of the world and existence of humans would become a clean slate. 7000 years gone. The only way to stop Lucifer’s plans is to figure out where the fallen angels will land on Earth in nine days. Can Luce, seven angels and two Nephilim stop him in time to save humanity’s existence? What happens when Luce uncovers the entire truth of the curse that surrounds her existence?

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