Sunday, July 22, 2012

Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout

Katy and her mother have left Florida behind for West “By God” Virginia in an attempt to start over after her father’s death three years earlier. Without an Internet connection to work on her blog, “Katy’s Krazy Obsession” a book review blog, there is not a lot to do in the unincorporated hamlet of Ketterman. Her mother works all of the time in an effort to deal with her husband’s death and Katy is left alone most of the time. Her mother tells her about the kids around her age next door and lets her know that the boy is a hottie. Slightly embarrassed, Katy says she will go over with the intent of asking about the nearest grocery store.

Knocking on the neighbor’s door, Katy is speechless when a gorgeous boy her age opens it. Turns out he is a condescending jerk and the exchange begins one-sided. He picks on her and Katy gets angry and storms off. In the grocery story, she is startled when a girl calls out her name. She introduces herself as Dee, Daemon’s sister, the neighbor. Turns out Daemon called Dee and gave her Katy’s description and location. Dee has wanted to introduce herself. Katy says she thinks that daemon doesn’t like her but Dee says that he is just moody. Turns out Daemon ad Dee are twins and from the locals’ reaction in the store, they are terrified of them. After they part in the parking lot, Katy feels like she is being watched by a man who looks like he stepped out of a Men in Black film.

Katy and Dee’s friendship quickly flourishes but Daemon is still a bit nasty to her. One evening, Daemon knocks on Katy’s door and invites her to go swimming. Turns out Dee went out of town and hid his car keys. She will give them back when he plays nice with Katy and she has a good time. Katy agrees and he takes her to a secluded spot he likes. Sunning herself, she realizes she cannot find Daemon. He has been underwater awhile and she is ready to go for help. Daemon surfaces and tells her he wasn’t under as long as she thought. They head home and a strange car is parked in Daemon’s driveway. A man he refers to as Matthew walks out of the house and an argument ensues over what appears to be Katy. The weather turns nasty quickly and Daemon follows Matthew into the house. The weather suddenly clears and Katy heads home.

Several days later, Daemon comes over to ask Katy if she would like to go on a hike. They take some old Indian trails behind their houses and Daemon tells her some of the history behind the Seneca Rocks, which are made of quartzite. They are beta rocks which some believe hold abnormal powers. Katy and Daemon encounter a bear as a storm rolls through. The next thing Katy knows is that she is sitting a porch swing in Daemon’s arms. He lets her know that the storm scared the bear away, she passed out and he carried her home. Tensions build and sparks fly. Just when Daemon decides to kiss Katy, Dee steps upon the porch. The moment is broken.

Sitting around one night with Dee, Katy mentions heading into town to go to the library for some new books. See tells her she would like to go with her but she already has plans for that night. Katy says she is fine going alone but Dee insists. There are a couple of girls missing in the area. Dee leaves and Katy is lonely. After dinner with her mom, Katy heads out to the library. The town is deserted when during the day it is quite bustling. Katy loses time in the stacks and night has fallen. Unfortunately se has a torrential rainstorm. As she gets the car door unlocked, a frail looking man asks if she has a tire iron, he has a flat. With her head screaming don’t do it, Katy has a hard time saying no. she is looking in her trunk when the man attacks her. He doesn’t seem so frail now. He asks her where they are and comments she has their scent. Katy has no idea what he is talking about. She is beaten pretty badly before Daemon arrives on the scene and chases the man away. He tries to help Katy but she eventually refuses. The police come and she is treated and released from the hospital. Daemon and Dee take care of her while her mother has to work an emergency, even though Katy has taken some pain medication, she is curious about the twins’ conversation about the attack.

Why are the people of Ketterman scared of Daemon and Dee? What is happening to the missing girls in town? What was Katy’s attacker meaning when he said she was carrying their scent? Why is Daemon so distant with Katy one minute and attentive the next? What is lurking in the town of Ketterman? And what if Daemon and Dee are not from this world?

Katy and Daemon’s story is continued in Onyx due out August 14, 2012. Book three, Opal will be out in December 2012.

Shadows, a prequel to Obsidian.

The story of Dawson Black, Daemon and Dee’s brother and Bethany Williams’s short relationship. From their first meeting, sparks fly and the two become inseparable. Shadows provides some great background on the Black and Thompson families and gives insight into why Daemon is so hostile to Katy when she first moves in. the events depicted in Shadows take place before Obsidian but could be read either before or after book one.

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