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The Iron Fery Series by Julie Kagawa

"Meghan Chase has a secret destiny - one she could have never imagined ... "

Book One - The Iron King

Iron. Ice. A love doomed from the start.

On Meghan Chase’s sixth birthday, her father disappeared. He had taken her to the park and they were feeding the ducks at the pond. When Meghan heard the bells on the ice cream truck, she begged for a Creamsicle. He gave her some money and that was the last time she ever saw him. All that was found were his shoes at the edge of the pond and nothing else. The police turned up nothing and not long after, she and her mother moved to a small hick town in Louisiana.

Fast forward ten years later and Meghan Chase knows that her sixteenth birthday will not hold anything special for her. She and her mother live on a pig farm with her step-father Luke and her four year old brother Ethan. Luke completely dotes on Ethan but seems pretty oblivious that Meghan is around. With a technology is evil attitude from Luke and clothes from the Goodwill, Meg feels like a backwoods hick at school. Her only true friend is her neighbor, Robbie Goodfell, who lives two miles away.
The day before her birthday, Ethan seeks Meghan’s help with the man in his closet. He doesn’t want her to leave him behind. She comforts him and leaves for school. Her day goes from hopeful anticipation to downright awful when her crush of two years is out to get her, the school computers seem possessed and she sees monsters at every turn. Robbie offers to bring a bottle of champagne by her house the next night to celebrate her birthday.
Meghan’s life really takes a nose dive when her parents take the family dog to the pound for attacking Ethan. Ethan tells her that Beau was just trying to protect him from the man in the closet. Her crush humiliates her in front of everyone at school the next day. She overhears a strange conversation between Robbie and the school nurse while resting in the clinic. On the bus ride home with Robbie, she sees a handsome boy on horseback that Robbie refers to as Ash. He tells her not to worry about him. Walking into her house, she sees her mother lying on the floor.
Her mother says she is fine; she just slipped and doesn’t need to go see a doctor. When Luke gets home, he takes her to the hospital and Meghan is left on her sixteenth birthday to care for her little brother instead of getting her learner’s permit. It is not long before she realizes that something is wrong with Ethan and he viciously attacks her. Robbie arrives and Ethan hides. He helps Meghan bandage her leg and tells her that Ethan is not really Ethan. He is a changeling, as in faery and Robbie slips by saying he didn’t expect them to go after her family. He hands he a bottle of mistwine and says that the old saying is true, “ignorance is bliss.” Meghan is determined to retrieve the real Ethan and Robbie suspects that he was taken by the Unseelie Court, the sworn enemies of King Oberon and Queen Titania. “Wait”, say Meghan, as in A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Yes, he says and then informs her that he is really Robin Goodfellow or Puck. Meghan is in disbelief.
Against his better judgment, Robbie agrees to take Meghan into Faery to look for her brother. Meghan is woefully unprepared for the environment and what she discovers while there. What is Meghan Chase’s true identity? Why was Puck sent to be Meghan’s friend? What happens when they enter Nevernever? Will Meghan be able to rescue Ethan and find any clues related to her father’s disappearance? What happens when Meghan discovers the truth about her parentage? And who is the mysterious, incredibly handsome Ash and why was he spying on Meghan?
Book 1.5 - Winter's PassageA short story that bridges the events at the end of book one leading up to the begining of book two.

Winter's Passage can be found in The Iron Legends volume of short stories taking place in the Iron Realm.

Book Two - The Iron Daughter

"Love & betrayal. A faery world gone mad."

In an attempt not to spoil the events that occur with Meghan, Puck and Ash in the first book, The Iron King, I will just outline the reading order of the series. This is a must read for those who love fantasy, adventure and romance!

Book Three - The Iron Queen

"Summer fades. Ice melts. Here's what's left."

Book 3.5 - Summer's CrossingA short story that bridges the events at the end of book three leading up to the begining of book four.

Summer's Crossing can be found in The Iron Legends volume of short stories taking place in the Iron Realm.

Book Four - The Iron KnightThe conclusion of the Iron Fey series but this time told from Ash's point of view. Fans of the series will be thrilled to see him on the fron of the cover and flip to find Puck on the back.

"Soulless. Banished. But Never Forgotten."
 Book 4.5 - Iron's Prophecy

A short story that occurs at the end of book four.

Iron's Prophecy can be found in The Iron Legends volume of short stories taking place in the Iron Realm

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