Friday, February 1, 2013

The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa (Iron Fery - Call of the Forgotten book one)

“Don’t look at Them. Never let Them know you can see Them.”

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read The Iron Fey series, Stop! You will be lost in Ethan’s story if you don’t know his sister Meghan’s. For fans of the series, you will be delighted to catch up on some favorite characters.

Twelve years have passed since Meghan Chase became the Iron Queen and her duties have prevented her from seeing her mortal family. Her younger brother Ethan is now seventeen and misses his older sister. He attempts to avoid the Good Neighbors at all costs. Once they realize he has Sight, the fey pester and cause major problems for him. The Chase family left the pig farm behind for a more populated area in an attempt to avoid detection, unfortunately, Ethan is never able to stay at any school for any length of time because of his run-ins with faeries have labeled him a troublemaker. His only outlet is kali, a Filipino fighting style using knives and sticks that he studies in order to defend himself from faery attacks.

Hoping to make a fresh start at another new school to make his mother happy, Ethan runs into trouble before the day is finished. First, he attracts the attention of a beautiful girl, Kenzie St. James. She is relentless even when Ethan is downright rude to her. Then he encounters the football quarterback bullying a student in the hallway who happens to be half fey. Against his better judgment, he helps out Todd and ends up in an altercation. Todd realizes that Ethan knows his true identity and is blamed by the principal for the fight based on his reputation. Kenzie is unmerciful in her pursuit to talk with Ethan. When he discovers that is a reporter for the school newspaper and not a cheerleader, he is shocked and intrigued. Soon she has him roped into an interview about being the new student.

Todd shows up at Ethan’s door that night. He is in trouble with the faeries and needs help. Ethan reluctantly agrees to help if Todd agrees to leave him alone. They spend all night going over everything that Ethan knows. The next day Ethan goes to the library after school to meet up with Kenzie and realizes that a faery is following him, not wanting to drag his friends into his mess. He bypasses the library and goes out behind the football field. There, a faery unlike any his has ever seen reveal themselves and warns Ethan not to interfere with what will happen. Don’t involve the Iron Court and his family will remain safe. He asks what it is and the faery replies that they are nothing, they are the forgotten. Ethan is not to interfere with their return or else. It throws down a pixie that dies as he watches. The faery ponders that they half breed may be stronger and leaves. Suddenly Kenzie appears and apparently has overheard the conversation. She took notes and wants to know who he was talking to. Blowing her off, he races to look Todd. He finds his discarded jacket by an open library window and a note. It says that he is running, for his parents not to worry and sorry for dragging Ethan into this mess. He talks Kenzie into not going to the authorities right away.

Knowing Todd is in trouble, Ethan realizes that the only way to help him is to contact his sister. He pulls out an old letter from Meghan. Inside is a token with directions on how to travel to the Nevernever. He pockets it and sneaks out to visit a neighborhood park. Finding only a solitary dryad, she tells Ethan that things are bad. He must visit the Iron Queen to inform her of their plight. Ethan doesn’t want to get involved; he is just looking for information about Todd. The dryad will have answers the next night, the night of his kali demonstration. He gets the suspicion he won’t see her again.

The day of the demonstration, the police question Ethan about Todd’s disappearance. He doesn’t let on about what he knows and his mother is disappointed he has become involved with the fey once again. Angry, his thoughts continue to stray to Kenzie. He decides to leave for the demonstration early and takes Meghan’s token with him. Ethan arrives and finds put that he will get to do the live weapons demo. He is thrilled but runs into Kenzie who is there for the school paper. Ethan’s demo is flawless and Kenzie is impressed. They begin talking and soon she asks if he believes in faeries. He tries to play it off but Kenzie isn’t buying it. She tells him that she is only trying to help.

Ethan tells her no one can help him and he doesn’t want to involve her. Leave him alone and suddenly the forgotten fey make themselves known. He grabs Kenzie and runs. Not being able to see Them, she doesn’t know what is going on. With no way to escape, Ethan decides to use Meghan’s token and ends up taking Kenzie with him. Once in the Nevernever, they find themselves in a cave with Grimalkin. He says that he wondered when Ethan Chase would finally show up.

Who are the Forgotten? What happened to Todd? Will Kenzie be able to accept the truth about faeries and the Nevernever? Can Ethan put his hostility towards Meghan aside and help save the half breeds and exiles in the mortal world? What happens while Ethan and Kenzie are in the Nevernever and who do they meet? Will trust and romance bloom? Will it ever be safe for the two of them to return to the mortal world?

Book two (Book six of the Iron Fey) of the Call of the Forgotten, The Traitor Son, is due out in 2013.

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