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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first book in the series, Cinder, Stop! I don't want to ruin the story for you.

“The fates of Cinder and Scarlet collide as a Lunar threat spreads across the Earth …”
Scarlet Benoit is stunned when she receives word from the police department about her missing grandmother. Her case has been closed due to a lack of evidence of either violence or foul play. The police believe she either left of her own free will or committed suicide. Scarlet is furious. Deep down she knows something horrible has befallen her grandmother. In an effort to relieve her anger, she begins to hurl tomatoes from her delivery at the back wall of the Rieux Tavern. Gilles, the tavern owner, stops her and she unloads the delivery in the back storeroom. Emilie, a waitress, comes to Scarlet and gushes how acute street fighter has come in every day that week to sit at one of her tables. Emilie sees Scarlet’s face She sheepishly asks about her grandmother.
Waiting to have her delivery slip signed, Gilles has Scarlet take out an order while he completes the paperwork. The order goes to the street fighter’s table. Scarlet sees why Emilie is so taken with him. The two begin to partake in idle chit chat and Scarlet is surprised to see that he has a soft almost vulnerable demeanor. Suddenly, a bar patron draws their attention to the netscreen. The top story is about the Eastern Commonwealth ball hosted by the newly crowned Emperor Kai. A Lunar cyborg infiltrated the ball and it is believed that she was there to assassinate either the Emperor or the visiting Lunar queen. (Sound familiar Cinder fans?) The video shows the teenage cyborg falling down the stairs and losing her foot. The tavern customers are calling for her head when Scarlet blows a gasket. Leaping on the bar top to defend the cyborg,Scarlet quickly draws the ire of everyone but the street fighter. When someone calls her as crazy as her grandmother, Scarlet begins a brawl with the patrons.The street fighter quickly comes to her rescue and Gilles ends up throwing the both of them out.
In the alleyway as Scarlet is repacking her ship, the street fighter reveals himself in the shadows. He offers to buy more of Scarlet’s produce and then asks for a job. She doesn’t need him right then and he tells her his name is Wolf. If she can find work for him, he is staying at the abandoned Morel house. Once back at the farm, Scarlet notices a light in in her grandmother’s bedroom. She quickly races in to find the room ransacked and her almost unrecognizable father. He claims to be looking for something of his mother’s, Scarlet’s grandmother. Not knowing what that might be; Scarlet is shocked to see that her father’s arm is burned, torture-like. Finally getting the story out of him, Scarlet learns he was forced to burn himself while his mother watched. She refused to tell them the information they were looking for. He was released when the kidnappers realized she cared nothing for her son. Scarlet asks her father what they looked like and all he can remember is a tattoo of letters and numbers near a man’s elbow. Recalling that Wolf had a similar tattoo, Scarlet tells her father to comm the police if she isn’t back in three hours from the Morel place.
Once there, Scarlet locates Wolf just before his fight. She confronts him about the kidnappers and torture but he truly has no idea what she is talking about. As he is entering the ring for the fight, Wolf tells her that he is not the only one with a tattoo like that. She is stunned by his answer and then by him winning the fight where he was the underdog. Suddenly, the police arrive and Scarlet and Wolf flee.
Cinder finds herself in the New Beijing prison the morning after the ball. Dr. Erland sneaked into her prison cell to give her a new foot and replace her cyborg hand with a state of the art one. He revealed her true origins and tells her to escape and meet him in Africa. Using her newfound abilities, Cinder persuades the guards to move her to a less secure cell. She is placed next to Carswell Thorne, an ex-Air Force cadet from America from the American Republic. Wanted by several republics, Cinder finds out Carswell still has the stolen hovercraft from America. She is able to talk him into escaping and flying her to Africa. After a close call in the warehouse when Thorne stored the hovercraft, the two are able to escape the Eastern Commonwealth.
The next morning, Wolf shows up at Scarlet’s farm and tells her about his tattoo and why he has it. Frantic about her grandmother, he agrees to help Scarlet find her. Along the way, Scarlet and Wolf run into Cinder and find out that their lives are connected. Who exactly is Wolf? Will he and Scarlet be able to rescue he rgrandmother in time? What secret does she hold? Can Cinder and Carswell stay one step ahead of the Lunar queen? And what happens when Scarlet meets Cinder?
Book three inthe Lunar Chronicles, Cress, aretelling of Rapunzel, is due out in 2014.

Book 1.5 - The Queen's Army
An ebook short story that provides a background into Wolf.

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