Friday, March 15, 2013

Delirium Stories by Lauren Oliver

Annabel - book 0.5, Hana - book 1.5 and Raven - book 2.5

Three short novellas that giver pertinent background information on three important woman in the Delirium trilogy. The first, Annabel, is the story of Lena's mother. The time frame is before Delirium takes place. The story alternates between her time in the Crypt, leading up to her escape with how she met her husband and the realization that the cure didn't work for her. Hana details her life from when her match is made to the events in Portland leading up to her wedding to the mayor's son. Raven offers a glimpse in her life during the ending events of Pandemonium with Julian's escape/rescue. And the shocking development at the end will have an impact in Requiem.

Each book is available separately as ebooks but the set has been published in a paperback edition.

There is also a short story from Alex's point of view in the first printed edition of Requiem. It reveals details about what happened at the end of Delirium as well as insights about some of his intentions with Lena before they are separated.

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