Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fragments by Dan Wells (Partials Sequence book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Partials, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the story for you.

“Their world ended. Their war didn’t.”
Kira Walker discovered the cure for RM but also discovered that she was a Partial. For now, only Samm and Dr. Morgan know her secret. She hasn’t even told her best friend/boyfriend Marcus the truth about herself. Kira may be a Partial but she ages like humans do. Also she isn’t able to link up with other Partials and lacks certain traits. Kira is on a quest for answers about herself.
Working from a photograph of herself as a young child, Kira is shown as a young child with her father and her guardian, Nandita, in front of a ParaGen building. Having lived with Nandita for the past twelve years, Kira wonders how much she really knew about her origins. Dr. Morgan was horrified when she found out what Kira was. She decides to travel to Manhattan to search the ParaGen office for answers. On her second day there, she discovers that Nandita was on the payroll with one of the largest salaries. The following day, Kira searches the second floor where she finds mostly cubicles. She sees evidence that two computers have been removed sometime after the Break. Kira also notices a few offices along one wall. One has been emptied of everything and recently. The office door is labeled Afa Demoux, IT. Kira wonders who Afa is and why his office was emptied.
Madison’s baby is the only newborn in twelve years to survive RM. Kira figured out that the Partials carried the cure. Time is running out and infants are once again dying. Marcus and the other medical research teams have repeatedly failed to replicate the cure. Now there is talk of kidnapping a Partial to extract more of the cure. On the other hand, Partials only “live” for twenty years and they are now “dying off.” They believe humans are the key to survival. War once again between humans and Partials seems imminent. Feeling the weight of human existence on his shoulders, Marcus heads outside. Heron, a Partial, reveals herself and asks Marcus to keep quiet. She shows him a photograph (the same one Kira has) and he immediately recognizes Nandita. Heron tells him to look at the child she is with. Marcus realizes that it is Kira. Heron asks him if he knows where they are and he doesn’t. She tells him that Dr. Morgan believes Kira and Nandita are vital to solving to solving the problem of the Partial expiration date. She warns Marcus that things will get interesting if they aren’t found.
Kira scavenges an abandoned electronics store. She notices that someone recently took a generator and a HAM radio from the shelves. Kira realizes that someone else is looking for the same information that she is and they are one step ahead of her. Marcus is at another Senate meeting. Humanity’s situation is growing direr. Word arrives that the Partials have come ashore and war may be closer than anyone thought. Marcus knows their only hope is to stall the Senate until he hears something from Kira.
When Kira finds Afa Demoux, he is more than she bargained for. Alone for the past twelve years, Afa believes that he is the last human on Earth. He has brief moments of lucidity. At these times, he is a wealth of information, having collected newspaper articles and every email message sent through the ParaGen server. Filed in hundreds of boxes that make sense only to Afa, Kira is a bit disappointed that he knows nothing about the Trust. Afa does have radios set up to monitor Partial communications and Kira is shocked to hear her friends are being attacked back home by Partial forces. Finding a microphone, Kira is able to radio a warning to Marcus. Two Partials find Afa’s hideout and enter. When his defense systems fail to stop them, Afa leaves for another safe house. Kira is left alone to stop them. She is surprised to find that the intruders are Samm and Heron. They heard her radio transmissions and they came to find her before Dr. Morgan does.
Realizing she was wrong about the Trust and needing to find out what she is before Dr. Morgan locates her again, Kira decides she needs to get to the ParaGen server to find the information she needs before anyone else beats her to it. With Afa’s computer expertise and Heron and Samm’s military skills, the four set out for Chicago where the server was kept.
Who and what is Kira? What secrets did Nandita keep from her? What information does she discover in Chicago? Why is Dr. Morgan looking for her? What is so important about Kira to warrant a Partial invasion? Can Marcus and the others survive until Kira comes back? Will the cure for RM and the partial expiration date be found? What is the Trust and can Nandita be found?
The Partials Sequence will be continued with book three.

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