Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rise by Anna Carey (Eve book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first two books in the Eve trilogy, Stop! I don’t want to ruin a fantastic story for you.

“How far will you go when you have nothing left to lose?”
Two and a half months have passed since that fateful night when Eve and Caleb were discovered by the New America forces. Caleb was shot and taken prisoner while Eve was returned to her father, The King. He later informed Eve that Caleb dies in custody. Reginald, Head of the Press and leader of the rebel forces encouraged her to go through with her wedding to Charles, Head of Development. That way she can continue to be close to the King and carry out the rebellion’s assassination plans. In a loveless marriage, Charles keeps up the pretense to protect Eve, who he really loves.
With the rebellion growing, the King has the girl schools relocated to the old hospital in the city. Hoping to find her old friends Pip, Ruby and Arden, she and Charles go to look for them. Locating her former school, she finds that her friends escaped several weeks earlier. She wonders why her father has kept this news from her. Reginald comes the next morning to finalize Eve’s assassination plans for her father. Feeling a bit queasy over her role in the plot, Eve becomes physically ill and passes out. Her father is worried about the reemergence of the plague but the doctor assures them it’s not. Eve is pregnant. The King is overjoyed and insists that he accompany Eve right then to tell Charles at the construction site.
Knowing that the gig is up (Caleb not Charles is the father), Eve is filled with dread. To her surprise, Charles goes along and plays to role of ecstatic father. Later she asks why he didn’t rat her out, Charles lets her know that he still has hope that something more will develop between them. Feeling guilty, Eve begins to wonder if she can leave Charles behind to die.
After putting the assassination plot into motion, Eve begins to feel at fault about hurting her father. Clara confronts her and tells Eve she is her only true friend and has always kept Eve’s secrets. Eve begins to feel guilty about leaving Clara behind as well. She must find Reginald to ensure the safety of Charles and Clara after she departs. The rebel siege happens earlier than expected and is quickly squashed when the outlying colonies don’t join the rebellion. Eve hastily makes plans to leave. Gathering the necessary items for her escape, Eve is caught before she can leave. Taken to her father, she sees that Reginald has been detained as well. The King questions which one of them was poisoning him but he believes it to be Eve. Trapped, the two attempt to escape. Reginald is shot. He dies in the elevator with Eve. She makes it to the streets but Clara is determined to leave the city with her.
In what way was the rebellion thawed? How will Eve escape the City of Sand? What happens to Charles and Clara? Can Eve reunite with the rebellion? Is the King of New America overthrown? Will Eve be able to locate her friends? And what happens to the rest of her life?

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