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Everbound by Brodi Ashton (Everneath book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first book in the series, Everneath, Stop! I don't want to ruin the story for you.

Nikki Beckett is desperate to save her boyfriend Jack Caputo. Two months ago, he forfeited his life to the Tunnels in the Everneath to save her. He kept her alive during the Feed by dreaming of her every night. Now, she is fighting to do the same for him. Jack has some good nights where he remembers and bad when he struggles to remember their love for one another.
Willing to risk everything to free Jack from the Tunnels, Nikki knows the only way she can enter is with the help of an Everliving. Cole Stockton and his Dead Elvis band mates are the only ones she knows. With his DNA, she can enter by herself but only with his guidance will she be able to navigate. Cole has disappeared from Park City, Colorado and Nikki is trying to track him through the impromptu appearances of the Dead Elvises.
Against her father’s better judgment, Nikki goes to Jack’s graduation ceremony because she feels like one of them should be there. She runs in to Jack’s older brother Will who knows the truth about his disappearance. They offer each other words of support on a difficult day before Mrs. Caputo sees them. After the ceremony, Nikki isn’t able to escape unseen. Mrs. Caputo believes that she is keeping information back about her missing son. She wants to know why Nikki is avoiding her but Nikki is at a loss. She had no idea Mrs. Caputo had been trying to speak with her. As she drives off, Nikki is floored to see Cole standing behind her.
Cole tells her to give up on Jack. He will eventually die. Cole is willing to wait for his death so that Nikki can be with him. Never, she states. She will rescue Jack form the Tunnels of the Everneath or die trying. Cole tells her that she is crazy. Before he can react, Nikki yanks out some of his hair. She runs to the Stop n Go and swallows the strands. She finds herself falling to the Everneath.
There she finds herself in a commons area. She spies the Queen as the Shades impale their first sacrifice. Horrified, she is soon spotted. Just at that moment, Cole appears and is able to get her back to the Surface. He is furious that she wants to throw her life away for a dead guy. Jack is her true love and she will not abandon him. They are at a standoff.
Nikki will never give up on Jack. She enlists Will’s help to trick Cole into taking her back. Laying their trap, Cole falls for it but Max, a band mate, knew she was lying. Finally, he relents and agrees to take her to the Everneath. Max is going to accompany them to make sure Cole doesn’t do something stupid.
Can Nikki go to the Everneath undetected? Will she, Cole and Max be able to find Jack less rescue him from the Tunnels? Can she return to the surface before her father notices that she is missing? What will happen when the Queens learns that she survived the Feed? Will Cole ever give up on Nikki becoming his? And will Jack and Nikki ever have a happily ever after?
The is told in flashbacks to important events in Nikki and Jack's relationship. Readers will not see the ending coming and will be eagerly awaiting awaiting the conclusion with Evertrue in January 2014.
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Neverfall - book 1.5

An enovella about Cole and his deterination to discover how Nikki survived the feed and discovering his true intentions towards her. New information can be found here that isn't repeated in Everneath.

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