Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mind Games by Kiersten White

“They stole her past. She won’t let them take her future.”

Annabelle and Sofia were orphaned when their parents died in a car accident. Blind, Annie had her first vision that night of the crash. Hysterical, the babysitter calls their parents to come home. They never made it. Left with an uncaring aunt, their lives change dramatically two years later when Annie is offered a full scholarship to attend an elite private school by the Keane Foundation. Thrilled by the promise of a customized one-on-one education and career preparation, Annie will also receive medical help in an attempt to reverse her blindness. Fia realizes that something about the situation isn’t right. Fia is allowed to stay at the school with Annie. Annie sees visions of the future but Fia has perfect intuition and both girls are about to be used by the Keane Foundation.
Five years have passed and Fia has been sent out on a hit. Fia knows that Annie’s life is on the line. When she first sees her mark, he is helping a puppy and her resolve to kill him is immediately shattered. Looking at him, Fia knows she has put all three of their lives in jeopardy. The mark introduces himself as Adam and is pleased to learn that Fia is only seventeen. He is nineteen and studying to be a doctor. Trying to get him to safety, Fia realizes that they are being followed by three men. Leading Adam into an alley, they follow and Fia quickly assesses the situation. She is able to subdue them but not before getting shot in the arm.
Making a call to James, the son of Mr. Keane, she lets him know that the mark is dead but that she ran into trouble. The men are incapacitated and to cover their tracks, they will dispose of the body. She was shot in the arm but is fine. She can get back home by herself. Fia lets Adam bandage her arm and she stuns the driver of the men’s getaway car. Thinking through plans for Adam while she is driving, the pain in her arm becomes too much. She pulls over to let Adam drive and he gives her something for the pain. She falls asleep.
Waking up, the past several hours come rushing back. Adam apologizes for giving her too much pain medication but lets her know that he now believes her story. Between rifling through her purse and asking her questions that she mumbled answers to, he figures out what is going on. Both feeling slightly embarrassed, Adam lets her know that he is actually a doctor, not studying to become one. He finished school early and really is only nineteen. Adam is currently working in a research project studying brain scans. His aunt claimed to be psychic and her MRI results showed differences from a “normal” scan. He wants to expand his study and Fia and Annie sound like the perfect subjects. Fia tells him she has no special abilities.
Heading into Chicago, Fia makes plans for Adam to disappear. Throwing away his phone and wallet, she gives him all of her cash. She tells him to find a motel room and get an email account that they both can access to communicate with one another. Stay hidden. Fia heads back to school and hopes that she can keep her thoughts to herself so no one will learn of her deception.
Who or what is the Keane Foundation? What is their purpose? Why do they want Adam dead? What are they using Fia and Annie for? Who were the three men looking for; Fia or Adam? Will Fia be able to keep her secrets hidden? What happens when someone discovers that Adam isn’t dead? Will Fia and Annie ever be able to escape from the Keane Foundation?
Told in both Annie and Fia’s points of view, alternating between the present and the past, Fia slowly discovers that Annie hasn’t been completely truthful with her. The second book in the Mind Games series comes out in 2014.

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