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Infinityglass by Myra McEntire (Hourglass book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first two books in the hourglass trilogy, Hourglass and Timepiece, Stop! I don’t want to ruin one of my favorite series for you.
“The dead have come back to life. Time has been rewritten. The space time continuum has been damaged. Anyone with the basic time gene could see ripples; imprints of people from the past, which had turned into entire scenes, streets full of people, even buildings. These rips were getting worse.”
The Hourglass will need to locate the legendary Infinityglass if it has any chance of fixing the space time continuum. Jack Landers is still on the loose and now Teague, the supposed head of Chronos, is looking for it as well but for her own purposes. When Lily, who has the ability to locate things, senses the Infinityglass, the member of the Hourglass are stunned. Always believed to be an object, it turns out that it is actually a person, seventeen year old Hallie Girard of New Orleans. She is the daughter of Paul Girard, a dealer of special artifacts on the black market. He uses time travelers to retrieve objects. Hallie would describe her father as a “magical mafia boss”, but never to his face. Girard Industries has many businesses under their umbrella, including Chronos. Paul is the true head of Chronos and Teague is his estranged wife. She has pretty much abandoned her family.
Liam Ballard has sent Dune Ta’ala to New Orleans to further his research on the Infinityglass. Meeting with Paul Girard, he will pose as Hallie’s bodyguard in order to stay close to her. Dune is not happy to find out that he will be staying with Poe Sharpe. Liam reassures him that Poe believed that he was working for Chronos when in actuality Teague was lying to him. Jack Landers also manipulated Poe’s memories. When he realizes the truth, Jack stabbed him. Dune needs to remember that a gravely injured Poe rescued Michael and Emerson from the rip. Liam tells Dune that Poe can be trusted. Dune asks Poe to tell him what Hallie is like. A genius he says who takes college courses on line and dances seriously. Hallie is like her father, you are better if to stay on her good side. Poe warns him to be prepared; Hallie has a sexy way about her and uses it to get what she wants. Poe asks him not to tell Hallie is in back in town. Dune asks if the two of them are together, No, just friends now but the less Hallie knows the better. Teague has lied about everything.
Hallie is not happy to learn that Dune is her new bodyguard, especially since he will have unprecedented access to her. Pulling one of her old stunts, she climbs out of her window and goes to an old bar in the French Quarter. Sipping her drink, she is surprised when Dune comes to retrieve her. The attraction between the two of them is mutual and Hallie attempts to use it to her advantage. She is tired of her father keeping her in an ivory tower and just wants to get out and have a little fun. Dune is worried about keeping his job after her father finds out she left home. Trying to get her out the door, he makes comment about how she could slip past him by changing her appearance. She demands to know what her father has told him. Only that she has “an uncanny knack for appearances.” Suddenly, Hallie morphs her facial features back to their original form. Dune doesn’t react and Hallie is furious. She wants to know exactly who he is. Just then, multiple time rips appear in the bar and Hallie realizes that Dune can see them. They step out of the bar and into the courtyard to escape the noise and talk.
Once outside, Hallie is cold. Dune takes off his jacket and wraps it around her shoulders to keep her warm. She notices that he isn’t carrying a weapon and his flimsy excuses aren’t working on her. Scrambling for answers and a way to get her back home, he confesses to knowing about her transmutation ability. She pushes him for more answers and he reluctantly reveals that he also has time related abilities. She asks if he works for Chronos. No he says and then she remembers hearing her father talking about the Hourglass. He tells her that he is the only person capable of helping her and that he was hired by her father. Being her bodyguard is just his cover. He is like a historian and the Infinityglass is his area of expertise. Dune admits that she is in fact the Infinityglass and he is there to help her. Not knowing enough about her abilities, she doesn’t immediately accept his offer of help. She turns to leave and accidentally walks into a rip. Once inside, her body merges with a man inside. His memories become a part of her. All Dune can do is stand back and watch. Finally, she pushes herself out and the rip closes. Dune catches her before she can fall when she reemerges. Hallie is ready to accept Dune’s help and learn what being the Infinityglass is about.
What powers does the Infinityglass possess and what is their purpose? Will Hallie and Dune be able to figure them out? Do the two of them act on their mutual attraction? How did Hallie become the Infinityglass? What secrets is Teague keeping? How will Teague attempt to use her daughter? Can Dune keep Hallie safe? Will she be able to mend the space time continuum to right the wrongs of Jack Landers?

Even though each book of the Hourglass series is told from two alternating POVs that change with each installment, fans will be glad to know that all six main characters are reunited in this book.
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