Monday, August 5, 2013

Prodigy by Marie Lu (Legend book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first book in the series, Legend, Stop! I don't want to ruin one of my favorite series for you.

Thirty-five days have passed since Metias’ death and nine since Day and June escaped Los Angeles and the Republic. They have stowed away in a railcar bound for Las Vegas. Day is set on finding the Patriots. He is looking for information on his little brother Eden and to make sure his friend Tess is alright. June is hoping they can help the worsening gunshot wound to Day’s leg. She knows the Patriots will not help them without some sort of payment. Now wanted criminals by the Republic, the two are short on funds.

Las Vegas is a military city, full of soldiers and the worse possible place for the two of them to go. Disguised from the Republic soldiers but marked to find the Patriots, Day is barely able to walk with his wounded leg. The Jumbo Tron screens lining the Vegas strip are displaying a notice that June is missing and a reward is being offered. No mention is made of her being a criminal. When the image of the Elector Primo is displayed and the national pledge begins playing, Day and June must stop and recite the pledge to keep up pretenses. When the broadcast unexpectedly pauses, June and Day notice the surrounding soldiers are holding their rifles as if they are expecting a reaction. Soon, the Elector’s portrait is replaced with a younger version that June recognizes as his son’s, Anden Staviopoulos. They realize that the Elector Primo has died and his son has replaced him. The strip soon returns to business as usual. It is like nothing has happened. Day collapses. His leg has given out.

When questioned by a corporal, they continue to play the drunken soldier and prostitute roles. Wanting to take Day to the hospital, June knows their covers will be blown. Soon a female soldier comes up and plays along with their story. It is Kade, the Patriot who helped Day escape his execution. The corporal leaves them alone and Kade is not happy to see them but takes them back to her barracks. The Patriot headquarters are located inside one of the largest military barracks in Vegas. In fact, the apartment they are using is for high-ranking Republic officers. There, Day is reunited with Tess. Soon Razor, the head of the Patriots, joins them. He has June very convincingly prove her identity. Razor wants to know why Day is there asking for help when he has declined to join them several times in the past. Mo longer needed for his skills, Razor gives them another way to pay the Patriots for what he needs. The Republic is vulnerable and it is the perfect time to spark a revolution. With Day and June’s reputations, they are the perfect for the job he has in mind. They will find Day’s brother, fix his bad leg and help the two of them to escape to the Colonies for one act. Both agree. All they must do is assassinate the new Elector Primo.

Will Day and June agree to the Patriots’ plan? Can June kill the new Elector that she admired at the ball? What happens when Day learns that June has met the Elector before? How will Day and June’s relationship survive when their choices lead them on separate paths? In the end, just who can June and Day really trust?

Day and June’s story will conclude on November 5, 2013 with Champion.

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