Sunday, September 8, 2013

Crown of Midnight by Sarah Maas (Throne of Glass book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read Throne of Glass, Stop! I don't want to ruin my absolute favorite series of all time for you. Seriously, you really use read the first book.

Two months have passed since Celaena Sardothien was named the king's champion. In that time, he has sent her out to kill four men for him. She knows the lives of her friends, especially the king's captain, Choal Westfall, are in danger if she refuses. Determined to carry out her orders, Celaena Is unable to follow through the first time when she sees how kind her hit is and realizing the king's agenda. She gave each of her four targets the same choice; die or fake their death and disappear, never to be heard from again. Each man chose to help Celaena deceive the king and stage their deaths. So far, the king and everyone else believe that she is following orders. Dorian is having a hard time looking at her, wondering if he really knows the true Celaena.

The king gives Celaena her next assignment; to ferret out those behind the rebel movement in Rifthold to remove him from his throne and thaw his plans for the empire. She struggles to keep her game face while her mind spins with questions, not having heard of such a movement in the capital. He will give her one name at a time because he knows his palace is full of spies. When she sees the first name he gives her, Celaena knows who Archer Finn is. A popular courtesan who sought training at the Assassins' Keep to defend him from jealous clients and their husbands, Celaena doesn't think Archer is capable of rebellion, even though she hasn't seen him for several years. Giving her one month to get past Archer's well guarded defenses, Celaena needs to figure out if he is truly a rebel and traitor or who is setting him up for a fall. If the king were to ever figure out the truth about Celaena, he would destroy her.

Can Celaena keep her deceptions from the king, especially now that he wants men dispatched so close to the castle? Is there a rebel movement in Rifthold and what is their purpose? What are the king's plans and why is he having Celaena kill all of those men? Was Celaena deceiving Dorian about her true nature? Does she uncover any clues about how her life tragically changed over a year and a half ago?  Will Celaena be able to find happiness and maybe love? Can she ever stop being the king's assassin.

Throne of Glass was my absolute top read of 2012 and it successor is even better. Crown of Midnight left me as speechless as Chaol with the stunning reveal on the last page. The summer of 2014 and book three of Celaena's story will be heartbreaking wait.

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