Monday, September 16, 2013

Imposter by Jill Hathaway (Slide book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book Slide, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the series for you.

“What if a killer were in control of you?”

Six months have passed since Vee Bell's first love Zane was killed in a car accident while his crazy mother was driving. Vee is able to slide into others when she touches something of theirs that they have left a strong emotional imprint on. Now she is having nightmares of the accident that she witnessed while in Zane’s mind but now she is in the place of Zane. Her sister Mattie knows of Zane's death and nothing of her sliding ability. Only her best friend Rollins knows the truth about Vee. She has even gained some of control of her abilities in which she can slide into someone she chooses.

While listening to Rollins' radio debut one night, sleep wins out. Unfortunately Vee wakes up in not another dream about Zane's car crash but a real car crash in which she was driving her father's car. Five miles out of town and without her phone, she starts to walk towards home. The first car she encounters is her nemesis, Scott “Scotch” Becker and her former best friend Samantha is drunk in the back seat. Scott offers her a ride but she runs off. He leaves. The next car that comes along is driven by an older woman and Vee accepts her offer of a ride. She wakes up in her driveway bewildered because she doesn't recall telling the woman where she lives. Her father is furious that she snuck out of the house with his car. She explains that she was “sleep driving” and woke up when she wrecked the car. Reassuring her father that she is fine, Vee goes to her room and calls Rollins. He is furious at first but listens when she tells him that she thinks someone slid into her, forcing her to drive the car. She also tells him about the woman who drove her home. Rollins suggests that maybe she didn't remember telling the woman where she lives. They hang up and it's a long time before Vee falls asleep.

The next morning, Vee and Mattie catch a ride to school with Rollins. He talks about his radio show and mentions a girl named Anna. She meets up with Rollins at his locker and Vee is suddenly jealous. Anna looks much more like Rollins' type and they seem friendly. In class, Vee cannot help but notice Samantha’s disheveled appearance. She tries to be friendly in an attempt to see if she can find out what happened between her and Scott the night before. Samantha isn't buying into Vee's sudden concern. Deciding to slide into Scott to see if she can find out anything, she is shocked that he is talking about running into her on the side of the road and she was begging for him. Angry, Vee talks control of Scott's body and makes him say humiliating things about himself. At the end of school, Rollins confronts her about why she did it. After telling him, Rollins lets her know that he'll defend her honor if he ever catches Scott talking about her. Inviting him over for their usual Friday movie night, he vaguely tells her he has other things to do first. Vee is a bit disappointed.

During movie night, Vee works up the courage to try and finally admit her feelings for Rollins hoping that he still feels the same way about her. Leaning in her a kiss, Rollins wants to know what she is doing. Nothing she says and he makes an excuse to leave. Devastated, she goes to the bathroom to cry. The doorbell rings and she pulls herself together thinking that Rollins has come back. Instead, Vee is shocked to see a woman resembling her dead mother standing at the door. It turns out that her mother's long lost sister has come for a visit. Mattie is thrilled to meet her aunt for the first time and her father is going to let her stay for a few weeks. After settling down for the night, Vee wakes up to loud crashing coming from the living room. She is shocked to find her father smashing picture frames. She calls out to him and he turns towards her with a dazed expression on his face. It reminds her of when it felt like someone else had slid into her body and taken control. His expression clears and he asks Vee what is going on. He doesn't remember what he was doing. Vee begins to think someone is sliding into her and her father and that someone just may be the person who showed up on their doorstep that night, her aunt Lydia.

Vee and Samantha enlist the help of Mattie and her friend Regina to extract a little revenge on Scotch. The plan is to get him at a popular overlook and leave him stranded without any clothes. Vee plan is to slide into Scotch's body to get him to strip naked. When Vee is in Scotch's body, she sees herself and someone has slid into her own body. Close to the edge of the drop off, Vee as Scotch tries to keep herself from falling. She blacks out as she tries to take control of her own body. When Vee wakes up, she is horrified to see Scotch's body on the rocks below the cliff.

Who really killed Scotch and why? Will Vee be blamed for his death? Who is sliding into Vee and her father? What are they hoping to accomplish? Why has Lydia suddenly appeared at the Bell's doorstep? Who is the strange woman who drove Vee home the night she wrecked her father's car? Will Vee ever tell Rollins her true feelings, even if it means risking their friendship?

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