Thursday, February 27, 2014

Infinite by Jodi Meadows (Incarnate book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first two books in the Newsoul trilogy, Incarnate and Asunder, Stop! I don't want to ruin the series for you.

"The Year of Souls began with a thunderous crash and rumble from deep within the earth."

Ana has been exiled from Heart by the ruling Council and Sam has chosen to join her. The next day, an earthquake strikes and it is followed by several hydrothermal eruptions. Sam has only seen two such eruptions in his various lifetimes and it was a long time ago. Before they can leave town, Mat, one of Deborl's friends, comes to Sam's house with the intent of killing Ana. He believes that she and all of the new souls are abominations and must be stopped. Ana is able to throw some bathroom cleaner into his face and they are able to flee the house. They go to Stef's house and send her a message to meet them at the library with the mothers of some of the newsouls. When more than forty people show up, Ana is surprised that so many would join their cause. Stef explains that the number if earthquakes and eruptions has been increasing. The caldera is unstable and will erupt soon. Ana surprises everyone by saying she knows it will happen on Soul Night. On the night of Templedark, Meuric told her that "something would happen on Soul Night that nothing would matter after it." Ana believes that he meant the eruption and that Janan will ascend. Ana tells them that Janan is real but he is not what they have been led to believe. She doesn't know how or why or what will happen but Janan will return on Soul Night and a cataclysmic event much worse than an earthquake or eruption will occur. There is no way to stop the caldera but they can stop Janan. Right now, all of the newsouls and their supporters are no longer safe in Heart. And the further away they can get from the caldera, the better their chances of survival.

The night of their escape doesn't go smoothly. They are unable to find the key at the Councilhouse. Sam, Ana and Stef go to meet the others at the vehicles that they will use for their escape. Before they can do anything, Deborl and some of his followers ambush them. A fight ensues inside the guardhouse. Deborl finds Ana and they fight. He shoots her in the arm but she knocks him to the ground. As he gets up, Ana sees that he has the key inside of his coat. With her gun trained on him, she is unable to bring herself to shoot him. Sam is able to retrieve the key during their fight. Deborl is able to slip away with his followers. Several of those going with Sam and Ana are injured, but no one is killed. The group is able to drive away from Heart.

Where do Ana and Sam's group go? What information or other people do they discovered? What happened in Heart five thousand years ago to cause all of the souls to be reincarnated? Does Sam survive this lifetime without being killed by a dragon? What are the sylphs? Can Ana and her friends stop Janan before it is too late? Why is Janan trying to ascend after all of this time? Will the citizens of Heart be convinced give up their chance to be reincarnated?

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