Monday, March 10, 2014

Perfect Lies by Kiersten White (Mind Games book 2)

"Two sisters who will do anything to protect each other."

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first book in the duology, Mind Games, Stop! I don't want to ruin Annie and Fia's story for you.

Fia told Annie to play dead; it was part of the plan. She is lying on the ground when a man checks her pulse and asks if she is okay. She whispers that she is pretending to play dead. He picks her up and tells the onlookers that his sister had an epileptic seizure. He carries her to a building and snaps at her when she asks about the plan. He seems as clueless as her. Fia's cell phone rings in Annie's pocket and she answers. She immediately recognizes the voice as Adam's. Trusting Fia's perfect instincts, Annie tells him who she is. Adam assumes that she is with Fia and promises to come pick the two of them up. The man who carried her takes the phone and talks. Annie cannot hear what the two of them say. The conversation ends and he tells Annie that Fia is not coming for her and that he is not helping Fia either. He has been following Fia and he thought she had murdered Annie and he didn't stop her. Adam and a woman rush in to Annie and ask where Fia is. Annie tells them she had a plan, don't they know what it is. No one knows what Fia will do next.

Now with the Lerner group, Annie is in hiding with them. Never staying in one place long, Annie has a vision of Fia looking fondly at a sleeping James Keane. She realizes that Fia sacrificed her freedom for Annie's and that she isn't coming back for her. Fia and James are playing a dangerous game with his father. While Annie is working with the Lerner group for a way to bring down the Keane Foundation, Fia and James are attempting to do the same thing from the inside. James is the only person she feels that she can trust. Unfortunately, Fia is given an assignment; see if the new girl is really trustworthy. Soon, Fia finds that she is willing to protect Pixie at all costs; even though she knows Fia's darkest secret.

Can the Keane Foundation be stopped? Will Annie and Fia find their way back to each other? Who is Pixie? Can Fia trust James? Will both girls find happiness and a life worth living?

Told in alternating viewpoints from both Annie, weeks leading to the big event to Fia, just hours, reader will get a glimpse that brings the sisters to a meeting with Destiny.

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