Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lady Thief by A. C. Gaughen

"Even secrets can be stolen....."

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first book in the series, Scarlet, Stop! I don't want to ruin the story for you.

Even though Scarlet is in love with Robin Hood, she was forced to marry Lord Gisbourne. Prince John has compelled all of the able bodied men from the towns to rebuild the castle that Scarlet and the boys damaged in the explosion that killed the sheriff. Rob, Scarlet, John and Much are teaching the women and children how to defend themselves from all of the knights overseeing the repair of the castle. Rob is suffering from terrible nightmares that are keeping him awake and he refuses to divulge them to Scarlet. Everyone is waiting to see who is named the new sheriff of Nottingham. Soon news arrives that Lord Gisbourne is back and he leaves word with Tuck at the tavern that he wants to meet with Robin Hood. After being gone for months, they can all agree that he is back because of Scarlet.

Since his marriage to Scarlet, Gisbourne has assumed the land and title her father promised him in their contract. He wants her to be living under his roof as his wife when Prince John comes to name him as the new sheriff. He is willing to make as Scarlet a deal; live with him as his dutiful wife and he will give her an annulment after the Prince leaves, because if she doesn't, he will never end their marriage.

It is evident that Robin was tortured as his nightmares get increasing worse. When he nearly beats Scarlet to within an inch of her life, he decides that she and the boys must leave. Scarlet refuses but Robin says it's either her or him. He no longer trusts himself and it is her safety and his sanity. Beaten and broken, John takes Scarlet to stay at Tuck's. They talk and he tells her that she must make a choice; if she loves Robin as much as she claims to, an annulment to Gisbourne would free Robin's troubled mind. Take Gisbourne up on his offer but beware, just because she wants their marriage annulled doesn't mean that Gisbourne really does. She must be extremely careful around him. When Scarlet finds out that her hand is broken and she won't be able to use a knife to defend herself, she decides not to let Robin know. He would never let her take Gisbourne up on his offer if he knew the extent of her injuries. She decides not to see Robin one last time before she goes to Gisbourne.

Who will Prince John name as the new sheriff of Nottingham? What are the real reasons behind Gisbourne's offer to Scarlet? Can she protect herself from Gisbourne? Will Robin be able to get past his torturous nightmares and no longer be a threat to Scarlet? Does Gisbourne keep his word and give Scarlet an annulment? What secrets have been kept from Scarlet? Will Scarlet and Robin find a way to finally be together?

Fans will be eagerly waiting for book three.
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